So Much Rain

It has Rained – with a capital R.  The fields are totally waterlogged.

The sheeple have taken refuge in the “old goat shed” – an old knackered shed that has refused to blow down despite looking like it is about to go for many years.

Anywho, the sheep and hens love this shed – and there is straw down on a peat floor, a feed bucket plus silage in there, (but no wifi – sorry Lambie!)

The boys came out to say hello and then quickly went back in again.  I don’t blame them.  I don’t want to be out in this rain but we have to.  Chores to be done.

Daisy and I went over to Leradale, distributed carrots and fed Delia.

Their field is not much better though it is dry on the hilly side bits.

You can see just how miserable it all is and we are!

After feeding Delia, I put a headcollar on her and we moved everyone safely to the other side of the flooding and fast-running burn (stream).  They all managed to jump over and we showed them (again) the better grass.

As we were already soaking, it made sense to keep going, so we got Taktur and Efstur in for their buckets of food.

Efstur has moved on to Delia’s bigger and thicker rug.  It fits him perfectly.  Delia never liked it much.  She couldn’t move in it and today she happily jumped that flooded burn like a youthful stag.

Efstur is evidently a bucket-player.

I am sorry for the quality of the photos but there is no way I am taking any halfway decent camera out in this.

Anyone remember summer?

1 thought on “So Much Rain

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Goodness, I really feel for you and all the animals. It’s seriously miserable! I hope you have lots of spare waterproofs – it must take a while to dry everything out when you get so very wet. Will keep fingers crossed for a dry spell for you.


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