Me – “Guys, do you want to go into another field where there is a bit more grass?”

Icelandic Horses – “Yes please, yes, most definitely.”

A jump for joy from Kappi to whom food is his life’s pursuit.

And they were off, well some of them were.  Kappi and Klaengur galloped down to the bottom of the hill.

Meanwhile the two old men, Iacs and Haakon, were immediately “heads down and eat”.

On the other side of the fence Hjalti, Efstur and Dreki were following so Kappi and Klaengur ran up and down the hill for fun.

Meanwhile, the two old men kept eating.

More galloping with happiness.  It’s an orange thing, I suppose!

The youngsters on the other side of the fence were caught up in the moment too.

So we asked them if they would like to move fields too and join the others.

They didn’t need asking twice.

And again, much galloping everywhere with happiness.

Eventually Dreki caught up – he could not work out the open gate situation.  To him, it was complicated.

And still the old men ate oblivious to everything going on around them. They never lifted their heads.

More shenanigans.

Having fun with the others.

It was lovely to watch.

Everyone will be fine in this field.

Even the two old boys if they ever look up!

4 thoughts on “Shenanigans

  1. Sam

    I have never sen more joyful horses! Such prancing and galloping! And then there were the two old gents -refusing to budge or notice such silly shenanigans when there was yummy grass to be had. Could it be the warm sunny days that caused such gleeful romping?


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