Rosie and Cinnamon

Nick here again – Frances is incapacitated!

Down here in Watford we’ve been lucky to escape the worst of the flooding, however our garden is still very muddy. Hence when it’s time to feed the chickens, aka Rosie and Cinnamon, drastic measures are called for.


The food goes down very quickly, and has to be kept away from the slugs, who love it.




That’s Rosie – her comb is slightly smaller than Cinnamon’s. We can’t leave them outside unattended as there are cats and foxes about, so we let them have a bit of free-range time when we can.


They are remarkably endearing, and getting much tamer as they approach 1 year old.


And to think they used to look like this…


They grow up so quickly! We get an egg a day from each of them now, so are never short of omelettes, poached eggs, or american pancakes.

Speaking of growing up quickly, look who’s worn out after a morning playing with his chums…


Happy pancake day!


2 thoughts on “Rosie and Cinnamon

  1. John Davies

    Thanks for the slice of your life Nick! I admit that I’m kind of freaked out by close up’s of chickens. My grand uncle used to run a hatchery and I was set upon once by a bantam rooster who dug into my leg a good bit!

    1. Nick Post author

      They have the oddest faces don’t they – something of the dinosaur about them! But these two are lovely birds, always happy to see us in the morning and don’t mind being handled at all. I’m not surprised you’re freaked out though especially after your incident!


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