Really, Really Ridiculously Good Looking

Hetja, Brá and Efstur are having a lovely time living with Taktur. BN2A5358

However, this may not be reciprocated.  Taktur is bored as no one actually wants him.


Efstur spends his life asking for attention from any passing human


According to Efstur, peoples are edible or kissable.  He is not sure which.


Meanwhile, Brá calmly looks on.  She is always grateful if anyone will look after (or take away) her son.


I can’t blame Brá as Efstur can be a bit of a handful and there are no other little ones for him to play with.  Once Taktur leaves the field, however, all this may change.


Taktur is a half-glass-full kind of guy,  Always hopeful someone wants him.


He prances about looking beautiful and optimistic only to find the mares are very bored of him.


But even when Taktur wanders off, feeling downcast and unloved, the herd still follows him.


This is because Brá knows that Efstur worships every blade of grass that Taktur walks on.


Brá realises that if Efstur follows Taktur everywhere, he will have the best role model any foal could possibly want.  This is the only way to learn perfection in manners and attitude – to watch Taktur at work.


If you want to be like anyone, you want to be like Taktur.


So Efstur is happily practising.


Brá and Tante Hetja duly spend their days diligently watching (ahem, not).


Some horses just can’t help being ridiculously good-looking.


Taktur is one of those – a horse everyone should look up to.


Even I would marry him!

3 thoughts on “Really, Really Ridiculously Good Looking

  1. Linda

    What burden for Taktur…at least he can enjoy “tutoring” his son! 😉

    (and yes, he is undoubtedly one hunk of a horse)

  2. Sam

    There are worse things than being such a Stud! And good for the ladies ignoring the beauty but making the little mind the manners. And yeah, Tatkur is one handsome boy!


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