Random Recent Photos

Loki and Wussums’ bro-mance is still going well.

(I wish this photo had been better as Wu is smiling so sweetly at Loki)

One mile-long cat.

So, today the weather forecast was saying it was going to rain and rain and rain.

But Kappi needed his exercise (all part of his training) and Daisy wanted company.

I went along too on Klængur – aww, he is just so orange and he behaved beautifully.  He is very fun to ride.

It was a good fast training ride and we tölted forever.

Next up, was Taktur.  He is now back in work and so Daisy rode her dreamy black stallion.

I rode Haakon.  Again, it was a lovely ride out – different, though, mostly walk with a quick canter up the track to let off steam. Taktur was very happy to back in work again and to be going out past some ladies!  He looked very handsome.

The rain began, as promised, and so I have had a lazy Sunday afternoon playing with my camera.

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