Portraiture, Chasing Geese and Egg Shop

From Daisy, this afternoon via email (thank you very much x)

“More photos coming your way……..

(the story behind them)”

“Everyone was out out grazing…… except for Lambie.”

Today, Daisy “decided to experiment with Sheep Portraiture.”

(I had left my big camera behind, all set up for her to play with)

I think she caught Lambie’s best side.  He is, indeed, a noble beast.

“It’s harder than it looks.” wrote Daisy.

“It needed biscuits, too” (well, we’ve all had to resort to bribery!)

Everyone likes biscuits – Rich Tea, to be precise.  We have a supply in a tin by the front door for those that like them!

“Also, Dreki has discovered that he likes chasing geese.”

(good boy, Dreki – we hate the greylag geese – they poop every 12 minutes and are everywhere.)

Aha! The Thordale egg shop is now open.  If you want fresh free-range eggs from happy hens that can roam anywhere they want, please come to the end of our track, by the road – Thordale, Mid Walls, Shetland ZE2 9PE.

Honesty is the best policy!

(I miss home!)

3 thoughts on “Portraiture, Chasing Geese and Egg Shop

  1. Nancy

    I love the photos!! Lovely portraits of the sheepies!!
    And Dreki with the geese! hee hee!
    Keep them coming, Daisy!!

  2. Terri

    I’m sorry for your loss, Frances. Stay as long as you need, but come back soon. In the meantime, Daisy is doing a great job! Would love to live close enough to buy Thordale eggs — but we get fresh ones from a local friend with similar happy hens — so delicious! Take care.


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