Dreki’s Turn

Today was Dreki’s turn. I don’t know why really. We don’t tend to do much with the youngsters, expecting them to lead nicely and have some good manners.  But as Efstur was coming in to be trained, I brought Dreki in too.

And then handed him over quickly over to Daisy!

These past few months Dreki Dragon has grown into himself and is standing tall and looking very like his dad, Taktur.

Daisy did some brushing and then took the little black dragon for a walk in a headcollar and lead-rope.

He has calmed down (matured) since we last did anything with him.

Both directions with walking nicely and standing still.

All good.

Then she handed me the lead rope and brought Efstur into the school to work with.  When the dividing wooden bar slid open, Dreki’s eyes were on stalks – it was the unexpected scraping noise, I think.

So we obviously had to go and investigate.

I like Dreki very much.  He is growing up.

Next up, I tied him up in our general waiting area and left him to work out how to stand quietly.

Once he realised he was arguing with only himself and no one else cared or wanted to get involved, he soon calmed down and just stood there watching Efstur being ridden.

He was fascinated by this activity.

So that was Dreki’s day.  I like watching his development.  He is a nice chap.

Sitting with Fivla

A lovely Shetland Summer’s day so Floss and I spent the morning with the Minions.  After doing a daily hoof rasp (Vitamin’s turn), I went and sat with Fivla.

I think she is looking fabulous.  A bit more winter coat to drop out and she will be in her Summer dresses.

I love the way she watches “her Flossie” brushing Sóley’s winter coat out.  Fivla has always been Flossie’s pony or is it the other way around?  Flossie has always been Fivla’s human.

While I sat with Fivla, Lilja was giving the mineral lick a good seeing to.  Note the two small wicked bottoms of Albie and Newt up to absolutely no good. You can hear the plotting and scheming.

See, I told you.  I knew it.

That was the hoof rasp got…

And then the hoof stand (ok, it’s an axle stand but it does the job, if badly).

Anyway, it was doomed.

Fivla and I watched on.

I relaxed in her company and tried to ignore the evil goings-on.


There was not a lot I could do except clear up the mess afterwards.  I am used to doing that.  Those two were in an evil mood.

*** sigh *** Never mind. The view was good.

And the flowers are beautiful.

Unhappy Lambie

My poor wee Lambie. He was having a moment yesterday so I let him out of his field and quickly found out what was wrong – the flies. He hates flies and it was a windless day so they were out in force.

I went for my walk and he said he would follow me, but didn’t leaving to go to a high part of the hill to get away from the beastly flies.

After my walk, I went up the hill to find Lambie and to check he was ok. Hard to miss – always different.

I sat down with him and we had a chat.

I even managed a small Winning Smile, which was lovely.

And then quickly back to “vanting to be alone”.

Poor Lamb-Lamb. He hates flies and really struggles.  When he eventually came home, he ran into the house so I sprayed him with a citronella mixture. He went back outside coughing and threatening to die.

I even thought about letting Lambie sleep in my shed – I have a camp bed so could keep an eye and could burn a few joss-sticks but the spray mixture seemed to work and he calmed down.  Today has been better. There is a breeze.

Last night was spent on Amazon buying anti-fly collars and a citronella dog tag as well.  I hope it comes quickly.  I hate it when he is so unhappy.  I worry.

A Momentous Day

Today was a momentous day.  A day to remember.

I have been mulling this over for a while now.

Whether to put shoes back on Haakon and try riding him again.

He hasn’t been ridden since the beginning of March 2019 – 16 lonely months – when he was lame and all those horrible hoof abscesses appeared.  I have missed riding my boy more than I can say and had decided to retire him as his body appeared to be giving up.  He is 26 years old.

Yes, I have Klængur to ride and that is lovely but…..

And Iacs has always been on offer from Daisy, but…..

I keep having this little niggling wonder whether if we put shoes on Haakon, would he want to be ridden.  So today, I put on his saddle and bridle, got on and we went out, accompanying Efstur. Haakon loved it.  Everything was completely normal and he was so very, very happy.  He did all his usual things – not stand still ever, not wait nicely for Efstur, he snatched the reins out of my hands, piggy-paced everywhere and I forgave him them all.  He was my Haakon again.  If we only have this summer and he is happy and healthy about being ridden, then we will gently get him back into shape and have some fun.  I was also happily surprised when we got home at just how fit Haakon was. No puffing with my fat arse on his back.  He had a spring in his step and his old familiar glint in his eye.

I have of course have a very cheesey grin now!

Training the Girlies

Some days we just go over to the Minion field, take the Icelandic girls out and train them by themselves.  They can see each other but they have to work and learn basic skills like leading nicely.

One each.  Daisy and Lilja.

Flossie and Sóley.

Meanwhile, I take photos of the flowers in the field.

And everyone else watches.  The metaphorical curtains twitch!

Daisy and Floss make good trainers – each understanding their horse very well.  I can definitely see a difference afterwards and am very grateful they are happy to do this.

For a non-rider, Flossie has a lovely relationship with Sóley. They trust each other.

So that’s what we do some days because foundation training matters. It really matters.