Horsey Day

It was a lovely calm day so this morning I went out for a ride on Klængur with my new riding companion on his Icelandic mare.  Speed seemed to be our “mot du jour” and so we clattered, Icelandic-horse-stylee, up and down the road like demons.  So that was the cobwebs blown away.  Well and truly.

By the way, that’s not sweat – that’s rain from the night before and I do think Klængur might have slimmed down a bit.

While we were out, a-clattering, I had a delivery from Shetland Organic Pony Treats.

Seeing an advert on Facebook, I had purchased three packets of Pony Treats to share between everyone.

Ingredients: 100% Organic – Carrot, Apple, Oats, Molasses, Flour, Vegetable Oil

Made by Merran, who is 12 years old, these treats are beautifully packed, all the same size and best of all……

…. loved by everyone.

The old men, Haakon and Iacs, tried them first (for science, of course) and then proceded to follow me everywhere asking for more.  Apparently one treat is not enough.

Next stop, the Minions. I had started the eternal hoof rasping with Albie and Newt.  Both behaved admirably so yes the treats were dished out, and to the others as well.  I strongly believe in reward where reward is due.  Fair’s fair.

So I shall definitely be buying more treats for my chaps and chapesses. And yes, Lambie and ‘Ster thought they were very nice too. ‘Bert was busy being pale and interesting and had a gingernut instead so then Lambie and ‘Ster had to have a gingernut and we went on like that for a bit!  I feel like a School Dinner Lady at the moment.

Minion Time

Winter is always an odd one here. It starts getting dark at about 2pm and it is tempting to think “Well, that’s my day over”.  Taking any halfway decent photos in the afternoon is difficult too.  No light.

But everyone still needs to be checked whether it is daylight or not.  Heads and legs to be counted as well as noseys to be kissed.

The Minions are currently being usefully employed for their eating skills and are residing in a friend’s field, eating it down for her. This is what they do best.

It is a big field so everyone tends to split up.  Various factions.

They  immediately came over when I announced our arrival, plus with waved a bag of carrots.

Carrots are a huge incentive for conversation.

Floss was today’s School Carrot Monitor (is there a badge for this, like Milk Monitor?)

And afterwards, she went round to talk to each pony because that’s what she likes to do.

It is very important that everyone is said hello to.

(Typical Storm!)

Albie loves having his bum scratched.  He asked very politely.

No one was missed out – I may just have not managed to capture a photo.  The light was quickly disappearing and my camera focus kept dropping out.

Anyway, it was nice to say hello to my dear little Minions.

So that’s how you check on a Minion.  You have to go into the field, shovel a carrot in and kiss a nosey! Job done.

To Town

Today was a day in town so off Floss and I went to Lerwick to “do our messages” – This is Scottish for shopping!

We didn’t have much to get, just drop off more woolly sheep and obviously go to the Chocolate shop, Merrie Dancers amongst other places.

If you want a pony, they can be found here!

And yes, we sampled. It would be rude not to.

With just over four weeks until Christmas, the street (Commercial Street) was in a very sad state. Just about empty.  Not good. Not good at all.  This year, I am going to do my very best to buy local.

Everything achieved, (bar the food shop), so now lunch!  We took our freshly cooked fish and chips (oooh, the smell when it is all wrapped in the paper and in the car) and chose our lunch spot carefully. Today’s view was at the top of Knab Road, Lerwick and we sat in the car watching the world go by, seagull-style.

How’s that for a view?


We were all alone.  Not a soul in sight.  The perfect lunch spot.


Farrier Visited

We had our new farrier visit today so I got into the stable those that needed to see him – Haakon, (Iacs along for “the ride” so to speak) Klaengur, Taktur and Kappi.  We also ended up adding Efstur and Dreki to the mix as Efstur jumped over the fence and was running up and down the fence shouting that he had been abandoned (grrrr – bloody horse)!

First up was Klængur who was having a trim and new fronts put on.  Apart from locking his knees and refusing to bend them or help, he was fine.

Yup, then the Boyzenberries arrived on the scene.  Lambie cast his expert eye.

He has always taken an interest.

‘Bert was keener on standing on the bench and eating the hi-viz buckles. We had words. ‘Ster decided he was feral.

Next up was Taktur who was, of course, a gentleman…..

….though, there was a bit of pervy sniffing (I was shocked!).  Taktur and Kappi are having their shoes off, a slight trim and are now officially on their holidays for a while. Daisy is away.

And lastly, it was Haakon’s turn.  His abscesses are nearly out now and his hooves are starting to look normal in shape and, best of all, healthy.

So that was us.  A normal day. Perhaps not such a normal day for the farrier but that’s how we roll in our Shire!


My Heart Melts

I was pottering around in my kitchen this morning – making the traditional spagetti bolognaise for Floss’ return (she’s been away south).

Guess who appeared at the kitchen door?

Aww, my little boy, Lambie, complete with his lovely Winning Smile.

While I cooked the bolognaise, Lambie entertained himself by wandering around the house.

I don’t think Monster was too impressed.

He had been having a lovely uninterrupted morning snooze in one of his many beds.

Then ‘Ster got wind of Lambie’s travels and wanted into the house too.  Now ‘Ster is never allowed in the house. I know, I know… rule for Lambie and another for everyone else but that’s how it goes as Lambie is sort of vaguely housetrained (only a Muzzah knows).

So I said “All sheep have to go outside!” and went back to my cooking.  A while later, I popped my head outside to see a pathetic sight and of course my granite heart instantly melted.  (BeAnne can easily squoze herself backwards and forwards through the gate.)

So Lambie had a Secret Biccie instead!

He is a very special little sheep and he does ask so very nicely.

It is mind control.  Lambie looks at me and I am forced to open the biscuit tin.  A little known fact, certain sheeple now love Oreo’s!