You Ain’t Seen Nuffink, Right?!

The “old men” are in the field that surrounds our garden, or “the middle field” as it is known here.

Iacs was hanging over the gate looking hopeful.  I went inside to get my camera to capture his little optimistic face only to find Daisy had taken the Silly-Frilly out to let him EAT THE GARDEN!

Tell no one.  OH would have a conniption if he saw this!

Daisy had plans for Iacs so led him through the garden.

Another frowned upon activity in OH’s book but we do it as it is an easy short-cut.

I drew the line at Iacs looking at my herb bed and said so.

So he averted his gaze instead.

Meanwhile, the other two field-mates (Haakon and Klængur) had nodded off.

They don’t waste their energy running up and down the fence shouting for Iacs to return.  Why bother!

Nope, they relaxed and enjoyed the sunshine.

The other day, I decided to have Klængur shod (just fronts) but now he is lame/stiff/wonky on one of his backs and so is offishully resting until it is better – just when I wanted to start riding again ** sigh **.  Typical.

And of course Iacs joined the sleepy old men and happily adopted the position too!


Not Talking to Me

A certain small-ish orange Icelandic yearling filly is not really talking to us anymore.

Luckily the others are, so that’s good.

We have not been entirely sent to Coventry!

Today was windy so it was the windswept look.

Waffle looking particularly glamourous.

And Vitamin was majestic.

And being windy, there was a certain amount of shenanigans going around too.

Why does it always involve Storm? – a purely rhetorical question.

Little Sulky-Herself grabbed her carrot and then bounced off….

… with very much of a Not-Bovvered look about her.

She can just get on and inwardly digest yesterday’s events, learning from them.

Her sister, Lilja, of course was the very paragon of virtue.

The field seems much smaller with ten of them there but that’s how it is for the time-being.

I am sure they will find something to eat.

Anywho, a small furry someone was very pleased to see me when I came home.  Enthusiasm is always heartening when it feels like everyone hates you.


Sóley the Unhelpful Foalie

Sóley has a new name name now.  No longer Sóley-the-Foalie.  Henceforth, she will be known as Sóley-the-Unhelpful-Foalie.

Everyone was moved in the horse van from Leradale to their summer fields.

Everyone loaded beautifully.  Everyone except Sóley who refused point blank to ever walk up the ramp she has walked up before.  Half an hour later, she went in but it was not easy or pretty.  So none of us are talking to Brattage and all of us feel like we’ve been through the wringer.  We will be working on this speshul skill as I don’t want to see that behaviour again.

(I am putting up this photo to remind myself that Sóley does indeed know how to load)

Anywho, this afternoon I sat in the field recovering.

I had my two little “lambs”.

I feel a whole lot better now.

Lambie: Who is your little Lamb Muzzah?  Just who!


Little Missy

Weather-permitting, I spend some of my afternoon with Little Missy short for Miss-Chievous today.  She loves trying to eat anything she can.

Today it was my boot loop.

and then she moved onto my coat, plus the labels.

Everything was tested for edibility.

Having exhausted my wardrobe, she plopped herself down, just like her Mum always does.

(Edna on the day we rescued her off the hill – January 31st 2020.)

I felt like a modern day Medieval Knight on his tomb!

Missy is such a happy little lamb.

She has the loveliest eyelashes too.

And she smiles.  I luffs the smiling.

Of course, I am smitten.  Dammit.  I am.




Handsome Princes

These two make a lovely couple – Efstur and Dreki – half brothers.  They share the same mother – Brá frá Reykjavík.

Efstur’s father is Álfur frá Selfossi.  We remain ever optimistic.

As does Efstur!  He is such a sweetie and enjoying his training very much. Always up first, always volunteering.

Meanwhile Dreki Dragon has to wait another year before we look at him with a view to training. Like cheese, he needs to mature.

Dreki’s father is Taktur. I can only hope.

Anway, the little black dragon is busy learning from Efstur that if you hang around looking hopeful…

…. someone is bound to turn up with a carrot.

Dear boys.  It is always good to see them.  They brighten a dull day.