Backwards and Forwards

Here we are again.  Back with the bucket, hot water, Epsom Salts, painkillers, etc.  Plus a course of antibiotics which should hopefully knock anything lurking on the head.

A few day’s ago Haakon’s hoof was pared right back and which opened up the abcess’ route as well as showing another one in the frog.  But everything has drained/is draining and this is (please God) the last of it. It has been a very long haul and sadly Haakon is struggling again – tucked up and footy, but not lame.  I am not surprised.  It was a drastic but necessary trim.

I have discovered one thing, however, that if you stick Haakon’s head in a manger full of food, he won’t fidget and kick over his bucket.  He will stand there forever eating fibre and painkillers.

Afterwards I spray the sole of the hoof and it all comes out the top of the coronary band.  Yuk.

So that’s how the old man is doing.  In a way I feel we have gone back to square one but realistically I know this was inevitable.

In other worlds, today I rode Iacs to accompany Daisy on Hjalti.

It was a lovely afternoon.  Perfect weather for going out on a young horse exploring with the Silly-Frilly!

We met a lamb who had woken up as we trotted past and decided we could be his new mothers.  Hjalti stood like a rock while I made my mother-sheep-lamb noises and guided him back to his ignorant didn’t-give-a-damn parent.  Then there were cars and Hjalti again stood rock-like unphased.

He even took the lead up the hill into unknown territory (for him), totally confident and interested.

This is a panorama shot (the frilled has been slimmed in the shot!)

So, really the bad and the good today.



Not a Wasted Journey

I had to go to Lerwick for a medical appointment.  Half way, while on our travels, I was phoned and it was cancelled (something about missing or cancelled flight up).  Anywho, Floss and I made the decision to continue with our trip to Lerwick.  We had a delivery to make.

Earlier in the week, I had an order from Jamiesons of Shetland’s shop on Commercial Street for four more sheep (they had sold them on Day 1, which was wonderful) but I took a few extra just in case…..

When I reached the shop, I saw that the little field was looking rather empty.  Six sheep had sold. That’s in one week.  Yay!

Polite introductions were made and the new boys swiftly moved in.  The curly-wurlies will be added later to the herd as they might prove popular.

While in Lerwick, we also checked on the state of the puffins too.  Sadly none had sold and I am bit down about that.  Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas if they don’t sell?

So that was that.  Chips for lunch and then home.

Now to make more sheep!

Little Lambies Everywhere

Lambing is in full swing now.  Everywhere there are little lambs and they are all divine.

Now that the Minions are in their summer field, I drive over daily to check everyone is ok.  The field is a bit further away but at least I don’t have to lug water anymore, so that’s a plus.  Every cloud and all that.

Anyway, the drive is beautiful.  This is the longer route, but via the shop (for necessities *** cough *** wine)

Hardly a chore, though.

Everywhere there are little lambs with their Mums.

They lie in the sunshine while their mothers eat as much as possible.

The car makes an ideal “hide” and I drive slowly with the windows down, stopping everytime I see a very pretty little lamb.  I let other cars go past too.  It is a slow pastime and my secret treat.

It does worry me that the sheep are on the road but that is the way and we just have to be very careful.

I have this terrible urge to kidnap.

I have been told that I can’t (I can however make the special Lambie Mum bleat that makes all babies want to follow me home).

The lambies answer me!

To date, I have not done this.

As Lambie would take a very dim view if I brought someone home more cuter tham him (and I think my family might have something to say about it too as well as the crofter whose sheep they are!)

But they’re so darn cute!


Moving Day

Today, no matter what, was the day we moved the Minions to their Summer field.

The weather was exceedinly unhelpful.

We devised A Cunning Plan – first up would be Albie, Silver and Newt and yes, that is snow.

I had Newt – nuff said.

Silver’s excited face at the new field.

The new field all fresh and ready for the Minions.

And off they jolly well went.

Then we drove back to collect the next three.

Storm (another of my short straws), Waffle and Tiddles.

Delivered, dispatched and off they galloped to join the others.

Vitamin and Fivla were last.  We left them waiting at the gate when we departed with Waffle, et al.

And they were still there when we returned. Fivla whiffled with relief when she saw us.

Dodging the deluges we took the girls to rejoin everyone else.

I love how everyone is thrilled they are here too.

It was as if they had been parted forever.

So that’s that then.  The ponies can stay there for a while now and Leradale can grow again.

And through all the toing and froing we had lovely blue skies and sunshine, sleet, snow, hail and general filth thrown at us from the heavens.

But the ponies behaved impeccably – they were caught, led (even Newt), loaded and unloaded like little professionals.  It does save time and energy if no one is messing about.

(Each trip was 10 miles and the whole thing, to move 8 ponies, took 2 1/2 hours in total – D & F were brilliant xx)



Hjalti Training

Hjalti is coming along nicely.  Daisy rides him both in and outside.  Inside is for training and listening, outside is to get him used to The Big Bad World, as well as some more listening as he is easily distracted.  He has the mind of a butterfly when he is out and about.

So today was about working inside.  Hjalti has learned to wait nicely when tied up and is tacked up with no problems.  Fidgeting is not encouraged and he understands that nice things happen to good boys.

Before Daisy gets on, she walks Hjalti once round the school to show him that the boggarts have been evicted and all is well.  Then he will stand still while she mounts from the ground but expects a carrot as his reward. Fair do’s.

Once on, Daisy and Hjalti work on his listening skills, transitions between halt, walk and trot.

Hjalti has a lovely square halt and listens to Daisy’s seat as an important aid.  What a good chap.

Daisy doesn’t ask much and she doesn’t ride Hjalti for long either.  On both reins, Hjalti walks and trots with bending round the cones, figures of eight, turn on the forehand (which he has mastered beautifully but I manage to miss filming the best one) and stepping backwards.

I am really pleased with how his training is going.  Hjalti’s happy little face waiting at the gate ready to volunteer and the relationship he has with Daisy says it all really.

Here are a few films from today.