Abscess – Huzzah!

Last night, while putting Haakon to bed (new haynet, clean water, a quick muck out of dirty bedding and his kiss nunight), my waters churned so I ran my hand down his right front leg et voilà, a very nasty pungent smell!  An abscess had burst open on the coronet band of his hoof. He was much happier, though.

This morning, feeling ready to do battle, I boiled up many kettles and stuck Haakon’s hoof in a bucket of as-hot-as-he-could-bear-it water and Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate).

Iacs was in attendance to generally get in the way and annoy.

After a good long soak, I sprayed an antibiotic (turquoise) spray onto the offending area feeling very happy that, at long last, we had found a reason for the lameness.

So I have a much happier horse today.

And a much happier me, to boot.

Now for the regular soaking and spraying and hopefully Haakon will come right.  It is a little early but I am feeling much relieved.  My old boy and I can go on forever.

As for my crafting life, I have been working hard on my film (to be continued….. ) and needle-felting in the long dark hours.

The blue (type) bird is sweet if stern.
The penguin started life as a robin but was the wrong shape and was quickly made into a penguin.
The robin looks very fierce – a bit military.

The sheep, however, are finding their own unique look.

The one on the right is my first sheep – made under expert tuition.
The other one, with the ringlets, is all my own.  There was a moment in his creation when it was touch and go as to whether he would actually be a polar bear.  He also has ears like Dobby, the house elf.

So, onwards!


The day started ominously – I took this photo when I was coming back in from feeding Haakon his breakfast.  It did not bode well.

But brighten up, it did so I took myself and my camera out into the garden to see what was putting in appearance.

I felt encouraged.  Monster arrived to “help” or show me around his realm.  He is a very handsome lad.  We decided he is even more beautiful in real life.  He takes a bad photo.  I can’t capture his character or expression which is strange as he is always communicating.

As it had turned into such a nice day, Daisy very kindly offered me Iacs while she rode Taktur and we went out for ride.  We set off in the dry (see the dry road) and came home soaked, frozen and miserable.  We had been sleeted on. I think my ears actually froze.

But it was fun to get out and Iacs was a gentleman while I was his passenger. He tacked across the road, managed to get in a few sneaky canters and it felt strange sort of seeing Haakon in front of me, but knowing it wasn’t.  I am always like that when I ride Iacs. He is so similar to Haakon to look at and then very obviously isn’t.

So we got home, put the horses away with more food, changed and had a hot chocolate to warm up.

A Minion Break

My turn for the Minions today.  Never a chore, always a pleasure.

I had a bag of carrots with me and I used it to lure them away from the dividing fence and into the hill where the grass grows.

Waffle was very keen.

Silver was interested.

And Storm?  Well, in fact, I could feel his little nosey on my hand while I walked (or it could be teefs!)

I ❤️ my little Shetland pony herd.

They give me strength.

And I need them.

Anyway, Newt and his Nuncle Storm were having a little chat.

I guess Newt said something rude like “you smell” so Storm stuck his tongue out.

And then Storm tore him off a strip!  Another one for Newt’s (now published in two volumes) Big Book of Revenge.

I walked and they followed with the odd snack stop, even though I had long since fairly distributed my carrots.

I hopped over a prehistoric wall and the herd duly followed.

And then, suddenly, with the wind in their tails, they all galloped off leaving me thinking “why do I bother?”

And they were gone.

I walked back to the car and when I looked back, I could see two little Minions watching me from a distance at the top of the hill.

They do me good. I need my Minions.



Hjalti’s Heducation

Hjalti and Daisy are doing brilliantly.  Daisy is gently teaching this youngster how to walk around the school while learning to listen to her aids and then respond appropriately.  Daisy is focussed, Hjalti is listening and then he learns or remembers what is required.

There was a slight blip last training session about putting a bit in but going over and over this again and again with Daisy and a little bit of carrot, Hjalti now just accepts it perfectly with no evasion.

Best of all, Hjalti loves the praise and attention that goes with his success.  He is a clever little horse who enjoys his training.  We are always keeping it simple and setting him up to succeed so through positive encouragement, he will learn all the good bits about being ridden.

Meanwhile, it has not been a very good day for Haakon today.  He is much stiffer than yesterday.  I have been told I should expect highs and lows so am trying to put it down to that.

My poor boy has been lying down a lot.

And indoors, Monster has recovered and is back to his “normal” little self – but I use the term normal on his terms and not mine.  That cat is not normal at all but he is our cat and so he fits right in.

Muddling Along

Well, we are muddling along as best we can.

Today Haakon’s blood tests came back negative and very normal so we don’t know what is causing the laminitis, which is my new worry now.  We discussed everything with the vet and have decided to wait a week and then do a different blood test that involves injections and fasting. I cannot believe that the deceptive “Fool’s Spring” that we have had recently has caused this horrible disease.

Haakon is more alert today and tried to play with his grooming brush, is neighing a bit (a horse that I can count on one hand how often I have ever heard him neigh in his entire life) and generally getting stroppy (read inpatient) for food.  He paws the floor and kicks the door when he sees me getting his bucket of food ready.

He has always been a rather aloof and non-huggy/nose-kissey chap who now has all the attention in the world.  Apparently we are similar.  However, I don’t see it.

Iacs was in for the afternoon’s Haakon-sitting session.

He was on fine scrounging form.

This is his Father Dougal McGuire face!  Now they are similar.

The other horses are not neglected.  At the moment they are looked after mostly by Flossie, Daisy and OH.  I could not do any of this without them.

Their continual generous support and help has been invaluable.

Onwards and upwards then.