The Shetland Klibber

A klibber is a traditional wooden pack saddle worn by the Shetland pony to carry either kishies (willow or docken baskets) or meshies (nets).

They were used to carry the peats home.

Here is a young Fivla wearing one with two kishies and two terriers, Jack-et Potato and BeAnne Duvet when she was a puppy.

Many moons ago, we used to make klibbers complete with straps and girth and but haven’t done for a while.

A few weeks ago I received an email from someone asking if we made klibbers.  My OH, who did the original woodwork constructing bit, agreed to make a few.

So, the Shetland klibber is back in production again just minus the straps.

They are incredibly useful and can be easily kitted out by the purchaser.  Any reputable leatherworker could attach some straps to go with a girth.

Once made, we carefully wrap the klibber and post it out, minus Monster, the cat!

Cost?  £60.00 plus postage which was £13.14 to an address in the UK.   We are happy to post abroad if you are happy to pay the postage.

So let me know if you are interested.  Klibbers are incredible useful for a number of tasks that a Shetland pony, or any equine for that matter, is willing to carry.  They can be made in different sizes too – bigger or smaller.

Look, look, a young Daisy too (she is going to kill me!)

Gone Forever

I will be honest, I am not feeling the love for much today.

Despite exhaustive (and expensive) efforts, I never found the lost photo.  I doubt I ever will. I just have to let it go or go mad in the process.

Today we are “between weathers”. There was a filthy gale last night and another one is looming.  Much rain tonight and then the wind arrives tomorrow morning.

I took these photos a few days back when the sun was shining – hence the bright orange light thing in the sky rarely seen at the moment.

When I check on the Minions I like to get them to move into their other adjoining field so they remember they have it.

There is more grass but takes a bit of effort to get there.

The Minions tend to come when they are called in the hope we have a calorific reward with us.

Newt struggled with the mud. As he is the smallest, for him it is the hardest work.

But the carrots made it worth all the effort.

We always have a daily Roll Call:-








And Newt.  Never forget Newt.

After distributing the carrots very fairly (so important), Flossie played “The Silver”.  A new silent musical instrument which involves nose tickling.  It was very sweet to watch.   They both enjoyed themselves.

When Norman Thelwell wrote his wonderful books all those years ago, I am sure this is what he meant when he said “A leg at each corner”.

When I see just how fat the Minions are, I refuse to worry about them.

The Lost Photo

A day of frustration.  I am writing today’s blog on my iPad.

Last night I changed my remembrance poppy photo Facebook banner to a photo of Newt, Waffle and Storm playing that I had found in my FB photo pile.

The picture received many “Likes” and much admiration.  Apparently it should be for sale.

Well, it could, if I had the original!

Bugger, bugger, bugger.

I deleted it a few months back when I had a panic attack on how little space there was on my laptop.  How could I be so stupid?  I am never throwing anything away ever again.

So, I have spent the day searching for the photo. I know where it appears on the blog so I know vaguely when I took it.

Can I find it?  No.  I have spent the whole day looking for it.

I have now resorted to buying a photo recovery scanning software which resulted in some chap somewhere (hopefully their legit customer service) having to remote access my hard disk to create and save a disk image.  Once done then I will then scan that. And maybe, just maybe, find the illusive photo.

Meanwhile, while I am searching, here is some music.  Of course I know want this photo more than anything.

Watching the Sun go down

Yesterday afternoon was beautiful.  Cold but beautiful.  BeAnne and I went into the horses’ field and sat down on a comfortable  bum-shaped rock.

Then the boys came over to talk.

First there was Efstur

And his best friend, Dreki.  These days they are a couple.

Kappi came over for a chat too.

Hjalti preferred to look over my shoulder.

And that is Klaengur’s red nosey on the left.  So I was definitely surrounded.

It was one of those special calm moments when everyone just stood and chatted nicely.

This was because BeAnne, my loyal stalwart, remained en guarde by my feet.  She let everyone know what behaviour was acceptable in her eyes.  A few noseys were bounced at.  The boys know the rules.

The sun was setting and the fantastic light was fading fast.  It was also getting fairly nippy too.

I shall remember that afternoon.  It was perfect – watching the sun go down with my friends.

All in the Lighting

When you are all having a rest and no one is judging.

Your feeling fat and pregnant (except for Lilja).

And your daughter looks like a super-model.

But you manage a close-up and making sure you have a fat friend standing behind but in shot.

And you know it is all really in the lighting.

Some of us are unimpressed especially at being called The Fat Friend.

Really?  Fat?

Ha ha ha.

Girlfriend, you should look in the mirror.

Just because she thinks she is boss. I’ll show her.

Did you just stick your tongue out behind my back?  Did you? I know you did. Don’t think I don’t.

Those old wimmin are funny.