Trial #2

Here are a few more pictures from the other day.  More foals and some mares – how I suffer.

I sat down outside, while Bjørn, the owner of Bergli Stud, was getting the other Shetland ponies ready for their photos and I didn’t have to wait very long.

The little “peoples” came up to talk to me almost immediately.

Being me, of course I had to take some photos even though they were not needed.

Yes, there were a few nose-kisseys.  This is an important part of foal education and the least I can do!

I think this was mother and she watched her baby make a new friend out of me.

This little spud was divine. Enchantment.

I loved the beard.

And so, while I waited, I took a few snaps of the other ladies who were around, peacefully munching on the Shetland Autumn grass.

It was all very peaceful.  For actual therapy, I don’t think there is any better sound than listening to ponies eat grass while you sit hugging foals.  It has got to be at the top somewhere for me.

I do suffer for my photos, you know.

Life is Tough

Life is tough.

Really tough. I was asked to photograph little ponies running around.

Oof, I think it is the eyelashes or is it the silly frilly or the little flared nostrils?

Who knows, but this miniature Shetland pony foal is beyond scrumptious.

And she ran about for us.

Did a little dressage.

Had a quick prance.

Got her flashy moves on.

She is truly scrummy.

The very definition.

She has a little swishy tail.

And she has a friend too.

Another little miniature Shetland pony, a colt this time.

Another pocket rocket.

They ran around together, happily making faces, getting in each other’s way.

And trying to out do each other.

I think I am in love.

The palomino is Bergli Alexis (Out of Alex V D Voshoek (071136533) by Blackstonefolly Jessie (AQ2047/M07-454)

(she is for sale – Lerwick Shetland Pony Sales 2017)

No, I will not be going.

The little chestnut chap is Bergli Lucky – and yes, he is for sale, hence the photos for the Lerwick Shetland Pony Sales.

Ok, I probably will attend but I will not take my wallet, my horse van or my hands.  I will not register to buy and I will not come home with anyone!


Sunday Morning Nibbling

I went into the big field this morning in need of some hugging.

I found a rock (drier than the ground at the moment), sat down on it and waited.

Not for very long, mind.

The babies approached.

I was fair game and I was asking for company.

There is nothing better than a Sunday morning chat.

No one actually bites – they just like to reciprocate grooming if you are stroking or scratching them.  It is called mutual grooming.

I am so proud of my two littlest boys.

They are both dudes who are very affectionate and well-mannered.  They have come a long way and are very much part of their herd and family.

Lots of tickling.

Obviously lots of nose-kisseys.  That goes without saying.

Efstur and Hjalti happily joined in.

They are all growing up so fast – sniff.

My little boys.

The Poisonous Carrots

Over the past few days, I have been trying to teach the foals to eat carrots.

First up was Dreki.

He wanted to like carrots.  He really did.  But his answer was yuck, no thank you.

He was not a fan of carrots.

Now Lilja totally gets it.  She loves her carrot slices (her mother’s daughter).  It didn’t take long to teach her.  She had the best role model.

Dreki came back to try again.

Ten out of ten for effort.

Zero for the actual eating, though.

Meanwhile, Lilja was happily eating all my supplies.

The foals are doing very well – developing and growing nicely.

They wanted to “play with” (read chase) BeAnne who knows how to stay out of their way as their intentions are not always honourable.  The foals don’t chase the sheep who wander in and out of their field, though, which is good.  I hate horses that kill sheep just for fun.  It has been known.

Dreki is still very much a Mummy’s Boy.

Obviously, both foals are still nursing.  They won’t be weaned until next year.

Lilja is much more independent than Dreki.  She followed me around the field as I was the one with those nice little edible orange pieces.

They are both very gorgeous, carrots or no carrots.

Bribery is always a useful tool to have in one’s arsenal and one I full intend to use and exploit!

A Shetland Autumn

Shetland in Autumn is special.

It is my favourite season.

So, this morning, after a lovely ride on Haakon accompanied by my two daughters on their Icelandic horses, I went out to collect a prescription from my doctor.  Afterwards I decided to go for a little drive about with my camera.

I didn’t go very far.  Just around the block, so to speak.

The rain was coming in too.

I saw many things I have never noticed before.

If the rain was not on its way, I would’ve stayed out for longer.

I enjoy driving around, watching the world or being watched – whichever.

I see these views most days but, as the light changes, so do the colours.

Driving through the scattald (open hill) is always an adventure.

This landscape is a mixture of sandstone and granite.

Foula was looking mysterious today.

Enjoy the views.  I always do.