The Wind Died Down (A Little)

The wind died down a little and the sun came out, if briefly, so I went for a nice drive.

This is the Foula that I see every day – the view from our track where it meets the road.  The weather was closing in again.

A planticrub in the hill.

Burga Water (I had to look the name up)

Shetland ponies with the sheep on the scattald (open hill).

I even drove down to our local beach to watch the waves. It was fierce.

Foula again from Dale beach.

The fields are fairly waterlogged now.  It is all a bit depressing and everyone is very fed up – animals and people.

I got home just as the weather was returning again. This was definitely “a survival suit” day.  February is my worst month.

Food Please

Today Floss and I felt like the security guards you get at large concerts.   The ones with their backs to the stage who are there to stop the crowds climbing onto the stage.

We were feeding Kappi, Dreki, Taktur and Efstur their feed before going out into the wild outdoors.

Everyone has different dietary needs so each has to stick to their own bucket.

It is a spectator sport.  Klængur and his friends, Iacs and Haakon, had eaten earlier.

But, still, food is food, whoever has it and memories are very short these days.

Anyway, the calories were dished out and then everyone went back out into the filthy weather with their internal furnaces restoked.  This is what keeps them warm.

Meanwhile, in Lambie-Land…..

I walked past this little cloud of misery.

Like many when feeling ill (think man-flu), Lambie has taken to his bed in a big way.  His only friend is a chicken.

And the struggle is real if you are Lambie.  Luckily, though, he has managed to live the day and to be fair, the weather is so vile, no one wants to be outside anyway.  I just love his little face poking out.  That’s Lambie’s spot, that is.

And yes, I posted a ginger biccie in the slot He cheered up after that!



Wrong Time, Wrong Place

As it was very windy this morning, we got the boys in for their hay, hard feed, rugs off and a rest.  We left the shed door open while we went to fetch them from the field –  we lead Efstur and the others all dutifully follow.  In the meantime Lambie went in to the shed to see what he could see…..

And a few minutes later four horses walk in and Lambie still doesn’t get the message. So Taktur bounced and kicked him out.

Lambie was appalled.  I went to find him and to check he was ok.  He had gone to bed.

Oh Lambie *** sigh ***.

I checked there was nothing broken and that he was ok all over. I also fed him some TurmerAid in case anything hurt. I brought a pocketful of barley rings which he managed to choke down.

And yes, I kissed him better (but not his bottom which is where he got kicked because that would’ve been wierd! I kissed him on the top of his head because that is a nice bit.)

And I have been checking Lambie all day to see he is a) still alive or b) alright.  He is a little subdued and enjoying the fuss – probably more shocked than actually hurt. Taktur pushed him out with his back legs rather than gave him both barrels.

The power of the ginger biscuit is also being put the to the test.  I feel very sorry for my little Lamb. He didn’t expect to be forcefully evicted from the stable. I do hope he has learned his lesson.  Never get in the way of four hungry Icelandic horses.

Sheep Naming and Training

The girls are beginning to learn our ways.   Manners is one thing I mind about.  I hate bad mannered animals.  They are getting better about this – like respecting my space, eating nicely and absolutely no barging or pushing. I have taught them the word “back, back” and, to some extent, they have learned I mean it.

They are absolutely not allowed in the feed shed.  Everyone must wait outside.  One foot on the door frame results in being growled at (by me) and two feet results in being flapped on the nose with my glove .  It is almost more than Edna (the old one) can do but she is learning.  However, she, and Madge, are obssessed with food.  It is their reason to live.  Nothing else. I guess if you have been starved, then it is inevitable and hopefully, as they realise there is food readily available if you don’t push, barge or nag, they will relax more into our routine.

This is patient waiting and this gets barley rings.

They are filling out nicely now.

Madge is still nervous but will walk towards me and take a biscuit.  She is thinking all the time and is a worrier.

I am hoping, as they get healthier and fatter, that the goob around their eyes, which is welded on (believe me, I have tried) will fall off.  It is a secretion from the infraorbital (preorbital) pouch.

The Boyzens are being nicer to them too. ‘Bert is best friends with the girls because he reckons where they are, food may also show up.  He also loves their mineral lick. Ever the blagger.

And as for names….. well at the moment they are Edna (as in Dame Edna Everage) and Madge (her silent sidekick, Madge Allsop), though this is not written in stone and all suggestions are appreciated and will be considered.

I am pleased with the girls. They are learning our ways and no longer walk into the house/feed shed (very little difference these days) unasked.

The power of the ginger biscuit is mighty!

Some pics

It was the calm before the storm (Storm Dennis) today so I took my big camera out and about – well, mainly to photograph the Minions who were on top form.








Fivla (asleep)

And then a few from the field.

Waffle thinking

Newt thinking

Waffle and Newt thinking

Albie looking for the place to cross the burn.

Newt on his way (I bet he was muttering).

Newt crossing the burn.

It was a slow process.  No one hurried.