Shoes Back On

The day after the farrier left us, having trimmed Klængur’s hooves, I began to wish that I had asked him to put his front horseshoes back on so I could start riding again.  And then of course Klængur looked wonky for a while as well so there wasn’t much I could do anyway.

So, as another farrier was visiting the island, I asked him to come and put fronts back on Klængur, having “trotted” (or whatever gait) him up first.

Still not wearing my brave pants and I am never good riding in the indoor school (I spook before the horse does), I asked Daisy to ride my horse to see how sound he was under saddle and with his new shoes.

(the statutory carrot for standing still while mounting)

Daisy took it slowly to start with, riding Klængur on a long rein.

Once she felt confident Klængur felt sound, she took up the reins and it was very nice to see Klængur relax happily back into work.

Then she changed gear and they tölted merrily around the school together.

Reward = a nice stretch.

And then a quick tölt on the other rein.

Nothing too strenuous and Klængur obviously enjoyed being ridden. Daisy said he felt happy and relaxed so really there is nothing stopping me now.

I don’t know how I’ve managed to talk myself out of riding.  I will put my brave pants on tomorrow.

Brushing and Training

Today was a brushing day.  I have decided to brush one pony a day.  Nothing huge – just manes and tails plus anything that offends.

We could only find one useful brush, so while I was doing this, I asked Floss to talk to Sóley and see what sort of mood she was in.  We haven’t done anything with Little Miss Sulky (Sóley not Flossie!) since the great loading battle a few weeks ago.

Brushing out the winter tangles of Fivla’s mane, I looked behind me to see that not only had Floss been talking to Sóley, but she had put a headcollar on and they were going off for a walk around the field.  Progress, I thought.

Of course with Lilja in tow.

This was a huge achievement and well done Flossie.  I went back to my brushing.

Eventually they came back.

All smiles.

As Albie was in the queue hopping up and down to be brushed, I asked Floss to go around the field again. So they did.

This is Albie’s queueing face –  “Me, pick me, do me next!”

After Albie, Floss and I both had a go at Newt who was also hanging around.

So that was a good morning’s work.  I am very pleased with the progress Flossie made with Little Miss Sulky Sóley and Fivla looked beautiful again.

The Biccie Routine

The Routine.  We have routine.  In fact, it’s all we have.  Routine and we all love a routine.

Today was no exception.

(excuse the rug but heavy rain was diagnosed and excuse the wooden structure too – that’s my anti sheep wrecking fence – patent pending!)

The morning routine is TurmerAid for those that need, so that would be Haakon (old and stiff) and Klængur (wonky back leg) in this field, plus Kappi (was unenthusiastic) and the all the sheep (Lambie = arthritis, ‘Bert and ‘Ster = prone to lameness, Edna = old bat, Madge = because she’s there and had a bad time this winter).

And then everyone gets a biccie – today it was Nice bicscuits as they are not nice except if you are Iacs who loves them and they were going cheap and need finishing.

The sheep got wind of the biccies and put in their request.

They love a biccie, but not Nice ones – they like gingernuts ***sigh ***.

This is ‘Bert’s Winning Smile.  How can I resist?

And so I dish out the right biscuit to the right animal because I am a mug.

And this is Iacs’ version of his Winning Smile.  And, again, how can I resist?

I don’t and now the biscuit tin is empty!  How did that happen?

So Very Handsome

Taktur frá Velli II IS2009180242

Our beautiful black Icelandic stallion.

Did you know, he is 11 years old?  He came all the way from Iceland, travelling with Hetja, Esja and Klængur.  A long journey.

Taktur has been with us since he was 3 years old.

You can pick him out in his field in Iceland.

We know him very well.

Ever the gentleman.

Ok, he is a stallion and he has stallion thoughts (today he had Klængur in his sights – ever hopeful, I guess).

But he is easy-going and usually easily distracted.

As I said, the perfect gentleman really!