Feeling Rather Chuffed

Every day, I try to do a little bit of training with Lilja and Dreki, my Icelandic horse yearlings.

Dreki is an easy-going boy who has matured in his head so much these past few winter months.  He is always easily caught (mostly because he is in my face wanting nose kisseys) and wears a headcollar happily.

We have even started leading though he is not very good at it but, still, it is a start.

Lilja on the other hoof, ever since we moved her to this field with her mother, has always been difficult.  She took huge umbrage at the time and has refused to get over herself enjoying her “issues”.  She is a diva and I have had to back off on any thought of training or getting her used to Mr Headcollar as I couldn’t get very near her.

But this past week, we have had a breakthrough – Lilja has been more open to discussion and, with careful body language, I can now put a headcollar on her in the field.

I have managed this on three consecutive days and yes, the headcollar is huge as it is used for her mother, but the general being-able-to-wear-it is an achievement.

Once on, I tell Lilja that no one, to my knowledge, has actually died from having to wear a headcollar.  This is Big Girl stuff.

Lilja is not certain that she believes me, but this is progress from the hysterical little Miss who was convinced she had a note from her Mum saying she was exempt from anything she wanted not to do, which was basically everything!

There is lots of being told what a clever girl she is.

I am pleased we have finally moved forwards.  I was beginning to worry!

Asleep in the Sun

The sun decided to make an appearance and I found my old friend, Haakon, having a little bit of sit in the sunshine and almost-warmth.

In the distance, Iacs (aka Mr Bimble) was on watch and even prepared to kill any potential tigers, but only if it required minimum effort.

Haakon is getting old and everything seems to have sunk.  Once he has shoes back on, we will see if he wants to be ridden.  I will know when and if he wants to retire.  Tbh I dread that day but I don’t think it has arrived.  Once he is fitter, he will have a better bottom.

Kappi, as ever, was looking for grass.  It is still a bit early but there is stuff about and if anyone can find it, Kappi can.  He is a food magnet.

I took off little Efstur’s rug and he was enjoying the sun on his back.

He was fast a-bye-byes – probably snoring quietly to himself.

There were a few who were not asleep.  Hjalti was mooching about, ever hopeful.

As were Taktur and Klaengur, in the background.

Even Albie and Newt were having a little bit of a sit in the field opposite.

I love it when they take time off to enjoy the first early Spring sunshine.

A Hard Day’s Washing

I have spent the day washing.  I have three carts I want to sell so I got them out of storage and washed them all down.

Up first was Floss’ little red cart that she used to drive Fivla in.

This is Fivla and Floss in their youth.  Cute or what?

While I was washing, there was help.  Natural fibres could make a lovely buffer cloth.

Then, having also washed myself, I brought out the next cart – a wheelchair access 2-wheeled vehicle.

Note BeAnne on the right – the Face of Resentment – I had just told her off for getting in the way.

Now totally soaked, I moved onto my last cart which is my pride and joy and going to be for sale.  An original 1906 spindle back gig restored by Barry Wheelwright.  It was found in a big house in Warwickshire.

Possibly the most beautiful little cart ever.

I am sad to sell it but needs must.

The driving days are over.  It will probably go to auction.

And so, with three carts washed and cleaned, we took photos and measurements and then put them back inside and went indoors ourselves.

Yes, OH is away in town.  Can you tell?

We all worked very hard today.  My back is testament to that (it hurts) as well as my soaked clothes.

Happy Mother’s Day

Today, it is Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday (held on the fourth Sunday of Lent).

I read on t’net that “An important part of Mothering Sunday is giving cards and gifts. Common Mother’s Day gifts are cakes, flowers, chocolates, jewelry, and luxurious clothing. Some people do not give a physical gift, but choose to treat their mother or grandmother to a special meal, beauty treatment or fun outing.”

You can guess what I was given!

Daughter No 1 – A large bottle of Gin, tonic and a lemon plus a box of swanky chocolates
Daughter No 2 – A selection of something nice (Nuxe) – sadly still en route to me plus ,as I type, she is cooking supper – an authentic Szechuan meal.  Cookery is the latest talent – write da feem toon, sing da feem toon“.

Lambie refused to spend his pocket money on his Muzzah.  He sulked all day because I made him be a proper sheep and go in a field.  He was triggered.

I wonder if he will bother for Puzzah’s Day?

Gin?  Did someone mention gin?

I am a very happy mother.  All my major food groups are covered.

Meanwhile, yesterday I rode this horse – Mr Bimble – here he is happily asleep on the gate.

I don’t ride Haakon at the moment, so Bimble is a good substitute though his trot is a killer on my back.  I do not encourage this and I am suffering today.

Anywho, Happy Mothering Sunday to all mothers.   It was a good day – I even cleaned my tack and mended a rug.  Does that count as luxurious clothing?

Off to drink my therapeutic gin.

Minion Overload

We went to see my little herd of Minions today.  They were miles away, up in the hills.

But they spied us and came over to chat.

Fivla has finally lost weight.  She is looking almost svelte and that is very pleasing, as well as a huge relief.

Look, she has contours – bits that go in!

She looks normal standing next to others, ie Storm who is wider than he is tall.  What I like most is that Fivla is happy.  She loves being with the Minions.  They make her smile and she has friends her own size.

Silver is on great form – such a handsome chap and soon he will be as “grey”/white as Fivla.  It is inevitable.

Every year his coat changes colour.

Silver, too, has wintered very well – oh look, Storm again being a best friend.  He gets about.

Storm – well, what can I say?  Storm is always the same.  Funny, cheeky and spikey.

He has maintained his winter weight.  He is solid.

Waffle resembles a barrel.  We have decided that every time someone says his name, he somehow absorbs the calorific equivalent.   In his spare time, he could be a table.  The only pony to travel nearly 2000 miles and not lose a pound (when he went south with Kappi).  The only pony to winter in a field with nearly nothing and if it is possible, look fatter!

Still, he is very, very loving.

And a true friend to everyone.

Talking of friends.  This is the beginning of a typical Thordale nose-kissey.

Tiddles does the best.  100% full-on with commitment and no biting.  You’ve gotta love Tiddles.

Vitamin continues to Rule Her World.

So, as you can see, everyone is doing very well.  Perhaps a bit too well.

I love my Minions.  Therapy in a field.