Force 10 Coming

Tonight, and tomorrow are not going to be pleasant.  Rain and gusting Force 10 so this morning, Floss and I prepared for the onslaught and then got ready to batten down the hatches.

The Minions are fine living all fatly in a friend’s field with long ungrazed grass and a good range of buildings for shelter.

So I am not worried about them.

Ditto the rather well-built ladies at Leradale.  They too have lots of long grass and the old house to hide behind if they want.  Brá is happy where she is, too.

So it is just the boys at home.  They are split into two groups.  Taktur and the younger ones are now in the lower field which has shelter from three sides and I have been saving it for just this kind of weather.

Then there are the two oldies, Haakon and Iacs.  As the sun was disappearing, I let them into the big stable and they didn’t need asking twice.

I have prepared haybags for the sheeple and they can do their own thing.  It is not that cold but as I type, the rain is now hurling itself at the windows.

It was such a pretty evening, too, but we have been expecting this filthy weather so we know what to do.  The front door is bolted (it can blow in) and there are lamps and candles ready if there is a powercut.  Unfortunately, we ran out of oil last night so we have no heating or hot water but we do have a gas stove to cook on and a multi-fuel stove in the sitting room which has a kettle sitting on it.

Hopefully it won’t be too bad tonight.

Sludging with my Sledge

After my chores of the horsey and pony variety, I went off to town to try and knock my Christmas shopping on the head.  I tell myself that this year I will be organised.  So I tidied myself up into clean clothes because apparently I can’t go in my wellies, old jeans and smell of horses!

This Christmas, I hae decided to buy local as much as I can.  I don’t want to support Amazon.

I went in to town before the Christmas rush started. I think I did that fairly successfully today.

The light was appalling. The sun didn’t actually appeared today but shop I did, in a very determined fashion and I enjoyed myself passing the time of day with various local shop-keepers.

Eventually I trudged home with my sleigh pretty full of local lovely things which I will wrap up and distribute accordingly.

Mostly, it is mission accomplished.  Just a few more little things to get and that’s me, feeling smug until the usual last minute panic!

Mountain(s) comes to Mohammed

This dreich Shetland afternoon saw me taking Efstur and Kappi to the vet for their injections.

Well, that was the theory.

A certain small orange thing, yes thing, decided he had never seen the horse-van before and certainly wasn’t going in it for anything.

Luckily, I had some assistance, in the form of my neighbour, Peter, and if it had been just left to me, I would’ve given up.  After one failed attempt with me on Efstur’s lead-rope cajoling and offering tiny bits of carrot plus a lovely bucket of grub, we swapped places and Peter took over.  He had the front end while I grabbed a dressage whip and together we convinced Efstur that the tapping on his bottom would stop if he walked up the ramp.  So he did. Huzzah!

Kappi, of course, loaded like the professional he is and I asked our vet to give them their injections without anyone having to unload from the horsevan.

So that’s Kappi up-to-date (he had a booster) and Efstur now starts his lifetime course.  We have to go return in a month so from henceforth Efstur will be fed his daily smidgen of hard feed in, (guess where?), the van!  We are not playing that game again.  No way.

The annoying thing is that this time a few years back Efstur was happily hopping in and out of the van without a care.  He has obviously forgotten.  Brain of a pea!

Quiet Day

Today has been a quiet day. My back was struggling last night and I was stiff as a board when I woke up this morning so I haven’t done much energetic. Just pootled about doing the necessary winter chores. The horses at home are now all being fed hay in the morning and hard food for those that need it for various reasons.  The gutter (Shetland mud) is getting deeper – possibly even welly-boot losing.  An inevitable part of winter life.

I still make my sheeple most evenings.

And the diaries of my Great Great Aunt Kate are going along well.  They have a dog called Conis.

And I have a dog called BeAnne. They could be twins though I discovered Conis is a boy which was not what I expected. For all these years, I thought Conis was a girl.  And now I know, thanks to the diaries.

Anyway, I need help.  The writing is so small, in pencil and sometimes very blurred.  So here goes.  Please give it your best shot.  All suggestions welcome.  Think in Victorian English about the Victorian way of life in Bournemouth.

 “German and French. Stummed/stunned/Shunned?”

“Miss Morison ?***? our music lessons. Netted.”

“Mother read “Let xc”. Ida did her blue dress.” (though could be “Set xc”) and what is it?

Last two lines – give it your best shot. I haven’t a clue!

“they came back for a m**?”

“Nice Mother and I to ?S****?. We all sang songs.” (I checked there is no such place as Simhole unless it is someone’s house)

“Read “Roman ?**?” – is that Ides?

“Then they took us and ?***? to Christchurch for a drive.”

“?B****? croquet. To supper at Dodd’s”

“Mother signed agreement let this house. Hedgehog. Lejeune”. What on earth is Hedgehog. Lejeune? Anyone? Please?

“I read to Alys “Nothing ?to dress?” – Is that it? Can anyone find this book. I can’t.

Last line -Mother and I to Vernon’s to tea. Miss Boodle. An ?***? night.”

“After supper we walked to Con’Cum to seek Con”. What is Con’Cum? Somewhere in Bournemouth.

“Saw conjurors ? ? ? ?” – is this etc, etc, etc or x x x x?

“Saw Box (family cat) ? ?. Slept at….” What is the symbol? Does it stand for etc, etc, etc or x x x x?

So there you are.  Any help, like I say, greatly needed and appreciated.  I am skunnered with this writing, at times.

Saw Something

The weather is deteriorating again but ,before it did, I went for a great ride this morning on Klængur.  “Most efficacious in every way.”  All my city cobwebs have gone!

After lunch, I did my afternoon round of checks.  First up was to see the ladies at Leradale.

I fed them a handful of food (apparently it is not enough) and then Lilja suddenly decided she saw something.

And off she went to have a good look.

Hetja followed while little Herself danced around me refusing to let me take her photo (*** sigh ***)

I have no idea what Lilja was looking at but she gave it her full attention.

The girls live in a glaciated valley with a view that goes for miles so it could’ve been anything.  Probably a sheep moved or had an original thought.  Who knows.

Whatever it was everyone had a lovely time galloping about snorting.

At one stage, I called them over to me and Lilja cantered up to tell me all about whatever she saw.

And doesn’t she look like her Daddy?  (I love how Hetja, having expended a whole calorie of effort, can now no longer be arsed to move!)

Dear not-so-little-anymore Sóley-the-Foalie was easily led and bounced happily around too with absolutely no idea why.

Lilja was last seen heading round to the other side of the field.

With Sóley in hot pursuit!