Our Day

Today there has been nothing but rain which is good for the grass and also myself.

The rain made me stay inside and try to sort out my new-to-me computer.  Yesterday I stupidly managed to erase the entire hard drive – perhaps not my best moment.

Having struggled a bit this morning with trying to reinstall an entire operating system that took all night to download, I wanted to do something more than just sit indoors.  So we decided to clear all the mess out that we had acquired over the winter months. I drove the van into the indoor school and we started sorting and clearing.

The family helped.

Everyone cleared the school and the stable.

I cleared out the container.

We filled the van.

And tomorrow we will go off to the Recycling Centre in Lerwick to unload the van.  I think we deserve chips for this effort.

Our glamorous life!

It felt very good to do this clear-up.  It has been on my to-do list for a while.

Now, with the help of painkillers, I am back at my computer trying to make it like the old one was before it died.


Lilja Learning Leading

It is time.

Lilja has to learn to lead nicely in a headcollar.

We have mastered the wearing of “Mr Headcollar” but anything else is just not happening.

So, two days ago, with the help of Fivla as a bottom to follow, I tried to teach Lilja to lead nicely.

I failed.  Lilja was not her most cooperative.  She would only move forward by rearing over me or suddenly pulling away but we did achieve two circuits of the haypark eventually.  My back was not happy afterwards and I felt very disillusioned.  Lilja is a wilful young lady and the right approach is essential.

Today was different.  I brought Daisy along and we changed the set-up with Daisy/Fivla behind while Lilja and I were in the front.  Daisy told me what to do – pressure, release, reward – et voilà, Lilja quickly got it.  Daisy with Fivla were behind reminding me while we walked in both directions around the “school”.

Soon we were standing, walking off with absolutely no kangaroo petrol, rearing or pulling me around.

I was relieved and so was my back which was not keen on the method that Lilja had previously favoured.

So, now we have work to do – regularly.

This is the beginning of Lilja’s education.

So today was a huge improvement.  With the help of Daisy reminding me how best to read the situation and how to teach Lilja properly, we will teach this little Princess the foundations she needs to know.

A Computer Day

A few days ago, my computer died, never to go again.  It had given me seven years of loyal service and then it fell off its perch.

I saw the warning signs and for once I was organised and had backed up all my work (huzzah!)

Since I last purchased a laptop, prices seem to have shot up and so I put out feelers that I was looking to buy a replacement and if anyone had anything in Shetland to please contact me.

Today, I drove over to Brae (about 45 minutes away) and bought a two year old laptop, which will be perfect for the job.

Now I am facing the problem of trying to put back my work in bits and pieces because the new hard drive, although better, is smaller.  On the original were loads of photographs that I could not bring myself to go through because they included ones of Loki and Wu.

But I have them, and that is the main thing.

So, having spent many hours trying to get into my backup to transfer what I need before it vanishes, I decided to go for a much-needed walk with BeAnne to get some fresh air and exercise.


It was just what I needed.

So, now back to the grindstone.

My Little Boys

It was a lovely afternoon, the Minions were on flying form, so I went to sit with them in their new field as a reward for all my previous hard work.

They all came to chat and obviously I was investigated.  We had run out of carrots.

I sat on a small bank that runs along the side of a little stream – Newt and Waffle stood behind me and I lay back and just chilled.

Silver, Albie and Storm were by my feet.

Tiddles was snoozing a bit a way.

It was lovely.  I felt very safe.  I often sit down with them and they are used to it.

(Darling little Albie is so happy with his friends – he is finally One of the Boys)

Tiddles woke up later and we had a secret chat (aww, the relaxed bottom lip of snooziness)

I love my little boys.  You have no idea how my heart warms seeing them giggling and living together as a happy little herd.

Rescuing animals, especially in a small island community, is never easy but it is definitely worth it.

I love my little boys.  They have changed my life.

*** sniff *** – I am feeling all emotional now!


Spring is Doing its Thing

These two new “friends” are getting on fine now which is a huge relief.

Every spring I use a Mars Coat King rake on BeAnne to strip off her heavy winter coat.   It makes life easier for her and she is much happier too, once it is quickly done.  I bought it years ago for our Bernese Mountain dog, Lotte, and nearly 20 years later it is still doing the job.  A good investment.

Before (the creature from the deep)


(BeAnne has lost quite a lot of weight in the past few months.  Eating is still an argument. I seem to have turned her into a “fussy feeder” and an old lady by indulging all her whims.)

I might do a bit more with the grooming rake as it gets hotter.

Meanwhile Monster sat outside and was glad it wasn’t him.

I spend most of my afternoons driving around the countryside checking the horses and ponies who are now located in two different places – about 8 miles apart.

I always notice the hill sheep as I drive past and they are busy producing beautiful little lambs.

I am trying hard not to fall in love with the darling pieces of wool.

This one is a very unusual tri-colour.

If I see a pretty lamb on my travels, I usually end up reversing the car and hanging out of the window to take a photo praying they won’t then move off.

Those (humans now) that have a peat bank in the hill are digging and meticulously stacking the peat bricks so they will dry in the spring sunshine and almost constant wind.

And this is how you do it.

En route to my next field, I saw a wonderful hillside of wild primroses.

It looks like scrambled egg from a distance.

So, while the earth is slowly warming up, nature is galloping along making up for lost time.  I love this time of year.