All Minions Brushed

Well that’s all the Minions brushed and looking beautiful ready for their winter coats to fall out.

Surprisingly, everyone behaved very well.  They can have their moments.

This time I took a headcollar that only really fitted Vitamin because some can be tricky.

Storm managed to escape the headcollar but didn’t go anywhere.  He just wanted me to know he could if he wanted to.  Albie was happy hanging onto the rope, helping.

Silver was a bit silly but once he realised I was not giving up and his forelock would be brushed no matter what, he gave in gracefully.

And then we looked at the ones I had prettified a few days ago.  They were revolting.  So we brushed them all over again.

Having groomed eight little grubby ponies, Flossie and I rewarded ourselves with a little sit down.

We were “attacked” from all sides, which made us laugh.

Back home, after discussing Haakon’s continuing progress with the vet, we let him go into the bigger stable for a few hours to see Iacs, who is missing him hugely in the herd.  Haakon enjoyed seeing his friend and I hope they groomed each other and had a good chat.

Once we have established that a harder surface won’t hurt Haakon’s feet, then he can go outside for a few hours.  But it cannot be when it is raining as he will melt.

New Skills

I said I would do it so I did.

Today, Flossie and I turned this……

(an old Stokke kneeling chair that has sat unloved in a shed for a few years)

Into this!

Ok, our upholstery is not brilliant but we got better at it as we went on.  The last kneeling pad of course is perfect and I realise that the rest has room for improvement but who sees the underneath, anyway.  Floss and I first watched a video about how to do the corners but we didn’t really understand it so we folded them like envelopes instead.

A job well done and it is an improvement, if only slightly.  At least you can’t see the mouse nibbles.

I shall enjoy my kneeling chair.  It is good for back pain because it evenly distributes the body’s weight between the spine, thighs and shins.  Anywho, it is nice to get the chair back into circulation rather than seeing it sat in the shed gathering dust.

Meanwhile, in the indoor school, Daisy was working hard teaching Hjalti his transitions on a lunge from walk to trot and back again without slamming on the brakes everytime someone said “good boy”.  Taktur, his dad, was exactly the same.  It must be a family thing.

(scuse the trailing lunge – I did tell her, but she was in the zone)

Hjalti has a lovely even trot. He holds himself nicely and every day of training we see a change in him.  He is very clever too and picks up everything very quickly.  A nice boy, so far, to train.  Very uncomplicated and he loves praise.  I am sure, however, there will be blips. There always are.

Brushing Obsession

Since Haakon is now in residence in his stable, I have become obssessed with brushing.

Because he lies down a lot, he is covered in wood shavings.

So Haakon has a quick brush three times a day.  He enjoys this and happily stands while I make him beautiful again.  So very beautiful.

My brushing obsession is now continuing onto other horses.  As Klængur was keeping Haakon company today, I gave him a swift preen.

He was less keen but he can’t spend his life covered in mud.

Armed with my brush and now some conditioning spray, I went to see the Minions.

As I had forgotten the headcollar, I chose only ponies that volunteered.  First up was Waffle. He adores being brushed and stood arranging himself so I could reach all the bits I wanted, though I was only brushing manes and tails.

Albie was desperate to be next and stood patiently in the queue offering his services as brush holder, anything, as long as he was next.

Then I noticed Newt wandering around my feet and thinking he would probably leave, I had a go at nonchalently brushing his mane.  Surprisingly, Newt stayed and I managed to include his forelock and tail as well.

I did notice Newt’s mane has been severely eaten, however.  Hmmmm….. My jury is out on finding the culprit.

So three done and one to go – I as only going to brush half the herd as my back was hurting.

Fivla was next.  I spent a long time making her look pretty.

Next time, I am taking the headcollar and on the next clear day, I will do battle with Storm (idiot), Silver (hates it), Vitamin (can be an idiot to catch) and Tiddles (hates his forelock being brushed).

Suddenly I ❤️ brushing.  Who knew?


Always There

Every morning, bright and early, we all get up to “do the horses”.

This is our winter routine.  OH packs seven haynets with silage and puts them out ready to be emptied out – that is the day’s silage ration.

Daisy puts out the silage, swaps another horse to keep Haakon company and then she mucks out.

Meanwhile, I feed the sheep, put them out into their field, give Haakon his food, change his water and put hay into nets to start the soaking rota.

Flossie lugs endless containers of water for the horses in the field.

So we all have something to do.

And Monster comes too, shouting all the way that he hates mud, water, outside, weather, grass….. the list is endless.

Today he ventured into the stables.

BeAnne told him The Rules.

Basically, no peeing in the silage – it makes everyone cross.

Monster gazed in awe at the Mighty Haakon.

Haakon’s might was slightly diminished because he was standing with his poorly hoof in a bucket of hot water and Epsom salts.

BeAnne and Haakon go way back. They are very old friends and where I go, BeAnne is generally under my feet.

Unlike the Minions and the younger Icelandics, BeAnne always feels safe around Haakon, and Iacs. They would never do anything scary to her and she trusts them.

After sorting out Haakon for the morning, I go and clear the build up of rainwater in the drains and today Monster duly came too, shouting.

Later, I raided the fridge for old food for the hens to finish off.  Monster, again, was ever present.

And, as my morning progressed, Monster changed his allegiance to OH, who he ultimately worships.  OH was cleaning out his car to get ready to sell.  Monster ‘helped’.

Great cat. ❤️ One of us.

Clever Little Horse

Hjalti is doing splendidly.  He is enjoying his training and I can see his little brain a-whirring all the time.  He tries his hardest.

We keep the training sessions short, trying to do something three times a week.  Hjalti is always first up volunteering and it is lovely to see that the penny has dropped – he has finally found his purpose in life.

First, we lunged – Daisy riding and me in the middle – on both reins.

Then, when we knew Hjalti was fine about trotting with a rider on (to which he batted no eyelids), Daisy rode him around the school in walk and trot, focussing on his listening and concentration skills while giving him the relevant aids.

Always a reward to say thank you and well done.  Hjalti likes our training methods very much.

Haakon’s hoof continues to suppurate (great word) revolting smelly gunk but he smiles, and is happy with his new indoor life.

Tonight Lambie discovered the “secret” hay stash.

While the other two helped themselves to the hay in the haynet that was soaking.

Really, Lambie?  You think I don’t know?  Your Muzzah always knows.