Minion Selfies

I try to keep up with modern trends.  Taking “selfies” and such. I am bang on-trend (*** shudders ***)

So I sat in the Minion field and reversed the camera on my phone for my Selfies.

Newt did his very best to help.  I love that little chap.  27″ of darling boy.

At one stage he just shoved his nose in my collar and stayed there.  There is something very special and wonderful about a warm Shetland pony nose.

We were content.

Tiddles also took his job very seriously.

Dear darling Tiddles. A very special boy. I told him.

He is the best kisser on the Westside – a well-known Shetland fact. I have always said this.

‘Scuse all my chins. I only share these photos because I know (or hope) you understand we are not all Kardashians.

I ❤️ my boys.

They bring my world immense joy.

Meanwhile, Flossie had her own problems or fan club, depending on your perspective.

Note that to fully partake of the Minion Experience you have to be covered in loose fur!

Life is good.  Very good.  Everyone else is missing out.


This is my Heaven

Yesterday was Norwegian Constitution Day.

We were invited over to Bergli Stud to celebrate this important day in Norway’s year by sitting outside in the evening sunshine with a few bottles of champagne.

It was a beautiful evening and one I will never forget.  Utter heaven.

You can see just how lovely it was.  Mares and foals everywhere.

I will let the photos do the talking.  Words don’t seem quite enough.


(the old water mill)

We could get very used to this.


This is my heaven.

I hope you enjoyed the pics as much as I enjoyed taking them.
So happy Norwegian Constitution Day – I think this should become an annual event in my calendar too. ❤️

Blimmin’ Hot Here

It is very hot here.  Yes, that is a phrase you don’t often see me write but it said 19º C in the car and I believe it.

The daily Minion visit (with added minibus tour) was hilarious.  Waffle had managed to get himself into a next door field (luckily, mine) and was looking a bit sheepish when Flossie kindly walked down to release him.  As we had visitors, we herded everyone up to the gate to meet n’ greet, whereupon they decided to congregate in the stream (the ponies, not the visitors) .  Yes, in.

And then Waffle got in to drink (fine), splosh around (he does that) and finally sit down (really?) in.  Sadly, I don’t have a photo of the sitting down as I was too busy trying to introduce us, get everyone safely into the field but it was very funny to watch.

Having finished up with the Minions, we went home to be met by BeAnne and Lambie, both desperate to go in my shed.  It is a popular venue.

The poor Boyzenberries are suffering hugely in this heat.  They are not fans and, as I type, Lambie is sitting puffing away listening to Handel’s Messiah.  I smiled to myself when it got to the bit about “All WE, like SHEEP“.  Oh, but we do, very much!

I am still chuckling about Waffle sitting down in the stream too. I just wished I had caught it on camera.  I expect he will do it again. He thought it was a very good idea.




Meet the Minions Official Tour

Well, today we had our first minibus tour come to visit the Minions and the ladies-what-wore -the-sweaters.

Before they arrived, Daisy and I set out our little horse and donations box.

OH had found me a perfect shaped tin (he keeps everything because you just never know) and painted it beautifully.

The tin then promptly fell off the fence so we placed everything on the ground, which worked very well too.

The ponies were looking their best as Flossie and I had spent the best part of yesterday afternoon brushing and brushing, with maybe a bit of hugging too.

And then we sat down with the ponies and waited for our visitors – in there is a Daisy.  Honestly, there is.

As always, the Minions were thrilled to see their girl.  They adore her.

Soon the minibus arrived and the visitors poured out.  This was our first Minion minibus tour of the season.

I really enjoyed it.  I always love introducing my ponies to folk and telling them their story.  Always a joy, never a chore.


New Field Anyone?

The boys have just about come to the end of their winter silage and the field they are in has little grass.  So, as we are nice, we letting them into the Maternity Suite to take “the top off”.

No one (sensible, that is) needed asking twice!

The majestic thundering of hooves was superb.

I positioned myself at the bottom of the field while Daisy and Flossie (my daughters) opened the adjoining gates, shouted and let the horses gallop through.

First up were Taktur and the three youngsters, Hjalti, Efstur and Dreki – or Cerberus as they are collectively known.

Haakon and Iacs are in the adjacent field while Haakon can’t tolerate the boisterous herd.  Which left Klængur and Kappi who managed to miss the gate (how, I mean how?), canter down the hill, stop, look wildly at everyone else now eating furiously, have a hissy fit and threaten to jump (our Icelandics are not natural jumpers – so I shouted at them), cross the stream and canter up the other side of the hill.

I don’t know why I bothered to shout.  As if they would take any notice of me.

Anyway, they realised their mistake and came back at full pelt gallop now.

(Personally, I hate galloping downhill)

And now I really hate it.  Ugh.

Kappi was giving it his all.  That grass had his name on it.

Perhaps it is a ginger thing.

The boys had a bit of investigating to do.

As well as some crucial annoying.  You can see why Haakon doesn’t want to live here.

And so we left them eating and very happy until Taktur sniffed girlies and then spent the evening pacing up and down the fence.  He is very tired today. I wonder why.