Viking Show 2017

I am dead in a heap.

07:30 start.  Floss and I worked hard – she did the preparing. I did the numbers.  Others did the leading and handling.  We all worked as a team having got it down to a fine art now (our third show).

Home now.  Gin in one hand, supper in the other.  These are the best of the photos.  More later. Everyone did well.  Bergli Stud won Reserve Overall Champion of the whole show. So not a bad result everything considered.

Everyone was very friendly. I had some lovely chats with folk I haven’t seen for an age. All good.

So now shower, then bed.  Tomorrow I will get out of bed to hug Minions only with occasional Lambie chats.   Apparently he fell in a hole in the hill and is sporting an earthy look with a huge sulk.  Go Lambie!  His therapy is the Rich Tea biscuit tin – and yes, he is milking it for every biscuit.

Also tomorrow, I might actually manage coherent sentences apart from “hold” (to complete strangers to look after whatever I needed held, while I tie on a number in brisk wind) and “is that pony clean?” to the next handler (I may have been a tad bossy but it is Show Day so all is forgiven).

God, I am tired.  That is me for another year.  Wake me when you need me.  I am now Closed for Business.


2017 Walls & District Agricultural Show (and my birthday)

The second show – So here we are – up early.

The usual routine – brushing.

Making friends.

Pushing them out into the show ring.

Waiting in line to be next.


Watching everyone do their very best.

More brushing.

More friends.

Getting dressed, ready to go in.

Making sure everything is just right.

In the ring and hope you impress the judge.

Having a bit of a lie down.

Picking the right bit of tack for the right pony and its handler.

Making friends.

Running up and down.

Looking beautiful.

Going round and round with a foal in tow.

All together.


Mother and daughter.

Watching on the sidelines.

The photographers.

The winners.

So it was all worth it – very worth it.  Floss never stopped.  She worked so hard getting everyone ready.  Me, again, on numbers and general bossing everyone around.

All worth it.

Exhausted. Drinking gin. My birthday x


A Day in Lerwick

The weather has not been brilliant today – rain and wind so we gave the horses and ponies a day off from us and headed off into Lerwick.

Summer in Shetland brings the huge cruise ships.  They moor in the harbour and their small boats ferry in many visitors to Shetland.  The summer bunting is out.

Today was a bit quieter than usual (no visiting ships) so we enjoyed our leisurely day, looking at the shops and having a nice celebratory lunch – one birthday, one university entrance (Masters) and one degree achieved.  Success all round.

This is the old part of Lerwick – the picturesque south end of our capital – the Lodberries where there is a hotel and some houses built into the sea.  Lodberries are piers, developed as warehouses, where goods could be directly loaded and unloaded from boats (thank you Shetland Visitor for this information – I did not know).

Apparently it is Shetland Boat Week too and even I noticed there were boats everywhere – a celebration of Shetland’s close relationship with the sea.

This anchor is a new piece of artwork in Lerwick, arriving earlier this year.

It marks 20 years of work from The Friends of Anchor (Aberdeen and North Centre for Haematology, Oncology and Radiotherapy) charity.  There are 20 anchors situate all over Scotland.

Ours is entitled “The Parting Song” by artist Lindsay Allardyce and will be on display until October when it will be auctioned off to raise funds to go towards a project to establish a world-class oncology research unit in Aberdeen.

There is a saying originating from the 19th century that states, “a Shetlander is a fisherman with a croft, while an Orcadian is a farmer with a boat.”

It was a nice celebratory day in town.  Shows on Saturday and Sunday so hard work ahead.

More Photos from the Cunningsburgh Show

I am still exhausted from yesterday.  I suppose I had forgotten just how much work there is to be done behind the scenes at a Show.

So, again, I am going to take the easy option and just plaster the blog with photos that didn’t quite make the grade yesterday!

Floss and I were helping Bergli Stud.

Throughout the day, they did very well.

It is always good to be part of a winning team.

Yesterday’s Show results are as follows:

Bergli Hera – 1st – Mare with foal at foot.

Bergli Gloria 1st  – 1 year old filly
Bergli Dimma 1st – 3 years old filly
Bergli Pandora 1st – 3 yrs old miniature filly and best broken colour – she won a  trophy.
Bergli Holy – 2nd – yield mare
Bergli Tia – 2nd – 1 yr old mini filly
Bergli Gilda – 3rd – 2 year old mini filly
Hedelunds Puk 2nd –  mini mares

So well done everyone.

Today, I cleaned the house (visitors on Saturday staying for two weeks) and then went to work packing vegetables for Transition Turriefield.  BeAnne came with me and it was nice but everything then catches up with me and by now, I just don’t have the strength to write much.  Sorry for the recycling. I think it is really off to bed and catch up on Game of Thrones.

Saturday – Walls Show
Sunday – Viking Show

So I am trying to conserve my strength.  My back is a bit tetchy at the moment and I am trying hard not to resort to analgesia.  I tell myself that at least I don’t have to run around the Show ring!


The Cunningsburgh Show 2017

It has been a long day so I will let the photos do most of the talking.

Lots of ponies – Flossie and I had 15 to get in and out of the two show rings (standards and miniatures) for their handlers with the correct numbers on.

The showing started early – 08:30 – with the ridden classes.

While the ridden classes were on, the ponies had their final brush and polish.  Each one had had a full bath in the last few days.

I had the easy job – in charge of numbers and which pony was going where, while Floss was poo-picking pens, and getting the ponies ready.

When there was a brief respite, I wandered about to take photos.

And then it was our turn to go into the show rings.

Everyone worked very hard.

There was time for chatting.

A “loose horse”.

Beautiful ponies.

Nose Kisseys.


Brushing – this was a spectator who picked up a brush and started to brush one of the ponies (?huh? – like you do).

Waiting to see who was in next.

Watching to see who was in the ring.

Everyone was involved.

There was a good crowd, too.

The weather threatened us on and off but mostly it stayed midge-free and not too cold.  The odd rain shower, but nothing serious.

Once the Championships and trophies were all handed out, Floss and I went to see the other exhibits.


My favouritist class of the whole show – inspired and imaginative art work.

Best chicken hairdo ever!

Yes, there really is class for 5 potatoes on a dish!

I was particularly taken with the fairy grotto in front of the German E-boat model – a surreal moment.

We met the usual reprobates loafing around.

It was a good day. We are exhausted.  Supper, shower and bed, I think.