Our Day

Someone who is compact, small and ginger has not been very nice to their owner.  They have been taking advantage and that is not a Good Thing.


So, we put our expert onto it.


She was given the task to sort him out, which she did.


No one likes being taken advantage of and more work will happen – from both Daisy and Flossie.


After a lovely ride out on Iacs, Klængur and Haakon,  Daisy free-lunged her competition horse, Kappi (with the chickens – this is Elvis flapping about!)


From the left – Wiggins, The Brown One, Elvis and the Cockerel – so you know.


Kappi enjoyed running around the school and, now, his competition training is about to start.


I left them all to it and went to Sandness to see Les Autres.  En route, I saw this wonderful sheep.  There was something about him.  I am not sure what, however.


Everyone was very happy in their new field (we moved them 2 days ago).


I sat down with them and they came up to chat, be scratched and hugged.  My idea of a perfect afternoon.


Thordale ponies do not really understand being patted or petted – they want you to be with them and do lots of hugging, even Lyra.


I went round each pony/horse testing their “nose-kissey” button. All for science.


Luckily, everyone’s worked. I know this.


Delia is looking good, for her years, and is also on very fine form.


I am so proud of Hjalti.  What a wonderful job Hetja has made of him.  He has the nicest temperament  (Hetja), and all the charm of his father (Taktur) and wow, can he move (Hetja and Taktur).


On the way home, I saw a “swimming” sheep.


I always think of Lambie when I see a swimming sheep.  Like them, he does daft things – I have to wonder if they are related.

4 thoughts on “Our Day

  1. Linda

    I can’t begin to imagine how heavy the sheep’s fleece is, after taking a swim…imagine the big brown one you photographed, sopping wet! Would he be able to stand up? Or perhaps the lanolin in their fleece helps keep them from being soaked to the skin?

    Hjalti looks like a teenager in his prime. What a beautiful boy.

    And glad to hear all nosy buttons are well and working. That’s important work you’re doing, Frances…

  2. Linda K

    Ditto. I hope the weight of his fleece has not rendered that sheep immobile.
    Hjalti is a Handsome Prince in the making, just like his Dad.

  3. Sam

    Handsome brown sheep with a fleece that would make a lovely sweater. Glad to know the ginger boy has gotten a new task master. And that all the Nosey Kisses Buttons work. Rather important those kisses.


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