Never Too Old

Huzzah – the snow has almost all gone so everyone went down to the bottom field after filling their bellies with silage.

It was lovely watching them gallop down to the hill to the stream.  This is a favourite field.

Iacs and Efstur started to play.

It was sweet to watch.

Efstur, who is our 2 year old colt, wanted to play with Iacs, who is 23 years old this May.

May 10th is International Bimble Day – we will celebrate with cake, cake and possibly even more cake.

So, while those two were having the best fun, Hjalti decided he wanted his own little friend – someone to make their life a living torture.

And who better to jump on but the herd leader, Haakon.

So now we have Hjalti, a 3 year old gelding, playing with Haakon, a 24 year grumpy old man.

They all happily pranced about like foals.  All happily initiating the games.  No one bullied or trying to run away or feeling picked on.

And I shall look at these photos whenever I think Haakon or Iacs are looking old because they certainly doesn’t act their age.

These young whippersnappers have to be kept in their place by the old guys.

It does my heart good to see this.

5 thoughts on “Never Too Old

  1. Linda

    Looks like Spring is in the air!

    (P.S. How could you not love a holiday that involves, cake, cake, and more cake…)

  2. Sam

    In spite of your snow and ours, these dudes know that Spring is in the air. Just taking it’s own sweet time to arrive. Looking at Nor’Easter #3 in 3 weeks on Monday….grump.

  3. Liz Reid

    Love seeing my old boy racing about with the youngsters too, initiating play time as well, though he isn’t as old as your two, he is getting up to 19 this year.
    Love watching play time, regardless of how old or young they are

  4. Margaret Robinson

    This is just sooooo perfect!

    Okay – Is “bimble” a reference to walking, or have I missed the concept completely?


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