Missing My Minions

We were having supper a few nights’ back and look who I saw cozying up to each other?

‘Nuff said.  I think we have an Official Peace Treaty now.

Outside, on the hill Lambie was being “one of the boys”.

This is Lambie’s ultimate dream – to fit in. But, to me, Lambie just looks different.  A bit speshul.  Sort of only-a-mother-could-love-him type of sheep.

Daisy and I were working this afternoon over in Sandness, packing vegetables, so on our way we popped by the Shetland pony field.

We were spotted and everyone came rushing over to say hello.

Every time I look at Lilja she has changed.  Now she is huge.  Daisy says it is because she was standing on a hill, but I truly believe Lilja is a very tall lady.

Albie is a bit smitten with this glamorous girl.

I have missed my little boys (and girls).  Boy, have I missed them.  I need my regular Shetland pony nose-kiss.

So tomorrow, if I can find someone to drive me over, I am going to sit in their field for a while.

It is the best therapy – possibly on both sides.

(the two scruffs)

I have a feeling there are some in Sandness who are feeding the Minions their lunchtime sandwiches.  It is just a thought.  I could be wrong but somehow I doubt it!

3 thoughts on “Missing My Minions

  1. Sam

    Her Maj and His Handsomeness merely needed time to work out the details of the truce.
    You are not the only one who has missed The Minions, who are looking a wee bit rotund.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    I do hope you manage to make it for a little sit with the ponies and I hope Albie and Newt feature as star turns! I’ve missed them.


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