In Town This Afternoon

Daisy and I spent the afternoon in Lerwick (or the Big L, as we like to call it).


Lerwick is the main port of Shetland.


There is some great architecture – I am very partial to turrets with crow-stepped gable ends.


Small pedestrian lanes radiate outwards from the main street.


Commercial Street, although looking rather empty today, is very busy when the large cruise-liners dock (as well as Saturdays).


The bunting is out to meet and greet our summer visitors.


You never know who you will meet in “da Street:…


or what you will see.


All the shops make a huge  effort and, I, for one, appreciate that. This is not a high street full of the usual names but somewhere that individual shops do their very best for their customers.


The sailing dinghies are moored, ready for the next sailing competition.


And then I saw the Dim Riv – their website


It is a replica Viking longship built in Shetland in 1980 and run by a group of volunteers. They operate trips around Lerwick harbour from May – September.

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Not bad for a day in town!

3 thoughts on “In Town This Afternoon

  1. Terri

    Thanks for giving us a little tour of Lerwick — pretty town! Someone really should pay you for your PR work (and great photos) on behalf of Shetland. (just sayin’)

  2. Rebecca Final

    Oh how lovely! I bet you don’t even realize how charming and beautiful your little town is. Here in the US, everything is WAY too new. There is no history to speak of and buildings have no warmth. I don’t suppose I will get to ever visit Shetland, but I’d sure love to. Thank you for sharing so much of your island.

  3. Sam

    I agree with Terri – you should be getting a stipend for all the lovely pictures show casing The Shetlands. This blog is why Scotland and The Shetlands has moved up the “Must Visit Now” list to the #2 spot. #1 is still New Mexico.


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