Home is where I want to be

Gee but it’s great to be back home
Home is where I want to be.

So, after a day-late flute lesson, where I duly murdered Mozart, plus an NHS appointment, I went to see everyone.

Delia is fine – I do need to brush her.


Storm is less fine – he has a pale-and-interesting cough.  Just one cough, nothing exotic but a cough, nonetheless. I am considering taking him to the vet or waiting a few more days and putting it down to “a viral infection” (said with an Australian accent).

But Storm looks fine, and is 100% in every other way so I don’t know.


Tiddles seems to have got fatter and he needs a good brush too.


Lyra was very pleased to see me and followed me everywhere.  She has changed so much these past few months.


Darling Hjalti has grown (yes, in four days).  He is a wonderful boy.  So like his mother to look at with his father’s wonderful temperament.


It was a hot afternoon and the dogs had a paddle while I was checking on everyone.


BeAnne is furious with me and has become The World’s Worst Dog.  We are both sulking at each other.


I visited Fat Camp and, I have to say, everyone is looking so much better.


It is good to see.


I will stop worrying about these four guys now.


At home, Brá is a happy mother.


Hetja is a very good god-mother too.


Efstur is still wonderful.  All legs and a darling boy.


This is where I belong.  Not south, not with people, but in Shetland, with my animals.  This is home.  I hope it always will be.


3 thoughts on “Home is where I want to be

  1. Carol Wood

    Oh Frances!!! How I feel for you!!! When I go south from Lincolnshire to see “Them down South” it’s a hike!!! And there is nothing to compare with home!!!!

  2. Sam

    Sometimes it takes a trip away for one to know what makes home home. Welcome back! BeAnne will get over her snit fit.


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