Complete Chaos

Waffle and Taktur were not the BFF’s I thought they would be.  This morning, we found Waffle in another field and Kappi had lost a shoe.  All not good.

Watching Taktur with Waffle, made us realise that Taktur could not go back out with Efstur (a colt he had spent the winter with) or Dreki (his gelded son).

So we put the old boys into their field instead – Klængur, Iacs and Haakon.

We moved them there because Waffle was being a right royal pain-in-the-arse annoying anyone he could find.

We needed a diversion.

Efstur (lovely trot) went bouncing up to see his old friends.

More beautiful trotting from Hjalti.

Even Dreki was doing it and he is never supposed to trot, if he wants to stay here and be my next horse.  I am depressed muchly.

I fear he may be up for sale – *** sigh *** – it is a beautiful trot too.

So the re-introductions began again, because they hadn’t seen each other for a month or so.

None of them had met Dreki, either.

On the whole, it went well.

Iacs is very good with youngsters.

Things were going swimmingly until Efstur remembered his Uncle Haakon liked a game.

Haakon told him to bugger off.

He told him quite a lot actually.

There was muchos galloping about trying to decide whether to talk to Waffle, who had now dragged Albie and Newt along for the ride.  The electric fence was on and zapping away freely.

Decisions, decisions….

The Three Amigos.

Meanwhile, in the distance, Taktur stood trying to look like a Handsome Prince in pigtails!

So much for my great idea.  Waffle has gone home now to Leradale after his injections and peace vaguely reigneths.

3 thoughts on “Complete Chaos

  1. Sam

    Could it be the pigtails that so annoyed Waffle? That last picture is a hoot.
    Sorry that Drekki is mimicking the trotting about. And Efstur has taken the role of the annoying chap rather to heart.

  2. Terri

    Great action shots! Does Dreki know he’s not supposed to trot (or else)? The Handsome Prince in Piggytails looks rather undignified — he must be totally embarrassed. Good thing he’s not trying to impress the ladies.


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