Checking the Foals

I dragged Daisy over to Leradale as I am worried about Brá.  She has lost a bit of weight during the recent cold spell.  Nothing huge but we just need to tweak her hard feed and Daisy is the resident expert.

This chap is the main reason for Brá‘s weightloss.  The heffalump on the left – Dreki, my dragon.

He is a lovely not-so-little dragon of weird proportions – his age.

At the moment, Dreki’s role is to annoy his sister, Lilja, at every available opportunity.

I think Lilja gives as good as she gets.  Both are rather chewed around their faces and necks.

Lilja is beginning to “come out” now.  I can talk to her at a reasonable distance and she secretly likes attention but it is all on her terms.  She is a huge drama queen.

Lilja is going through a gawky giraffe phase at the moment.

She has her father’s head, eyes and expression but is not nearly as laid back as he is.

Lilja – ever the Princess (you can see the chewed fur).

She is looking good, though.  They both are.

So Brá’s feed has been upped and she is very happy.  Brá likes her food and waits by the gate for her daily bucket tapping her imaginary watch if we are late.

Hetja remains very generous about the fact that she can’t have anything but three carrots.  She doesn’t even try to be a bag about it and would be well within her rights as everyone is eating around her.

I just stay with her, kiss her nosey and tell her she is a beautiful lady.

Hetja is still feeding Lilja but the weight is just not dropping off.

I understand her pain.  I have yet to get my pre-baby body back, 25 years on!

3 thoughts on “Checking the Foals

  1. Sam

    Nice to hear you and Bra have reached a sort of detente. And Hetja is the definition of Lady. Love those pictures showing off her winter coat.

  2. Linda

    Could we call these the “Primadonna Ponies”?
    I love all the different personalities and “peccadillos” 😉

  3. diane in northern wis

    You take such good care of your horses Frances, and they are so beautiful. Fun to see the young ones growing up. Hope you’re doing better by the day, yourself!


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