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Wonderful Home

Fourteen hours of Hell on the boat (ok, it got slightly better after the Orkney stop) and now we are home, safe and well. I mostly slept which might have something to do with the triple brandy and ginger ale/promethazine cocktail.

Once home, we all changed into our work clothes (ie back into the thermals) and I went outside to see what needed doing.

Little Her Maj was thrilled to see us and has followed me everywhere ever since claiming starvation and neglect.

Ditto Lambie, though he was on the scattald (open hill) when I came home along with his friends, ‘Bert and ‘Ster.  I shouted while I shut the gate and they galloped home to breakfast.

I have missed everyone very much and it is funny to think “this time yesterday” all through the day remembering all the things we did and saw.  City life is an entirely different life and one I would not like to go back to, ever again. I lived in London for many years so I know what it is all about.

The boys are looking well.  I am not sure if Haakon actually ever let Iacs into ‘his’ shed but I lured them out with hay and a carrot.

I did the rounds, kissing the noseys, feeding those that needed food (apparently everyone!) and am at home thinking I don’t want to leave home again for a very long time. I’ve promised BeAnne that I won’t.

Addendum: It is funny, but I have really missed reading and transcribing the diaries so now I am back, I will keep going. I am trying to do a month a day, and I am now up to May 1895.  I need help as there are parts I can’t read so any assistance and/or ideas are gratefully received.



On the Boat home

We’re now on the boat having had a difficult train journey back to Aberdeen.

A broken ankle at Waverley with over an hour wait for the ambulance. Luckily not for us.

No time , therefore for shopping and browsing, a quick lunch, a speedy gallop around M&S and then onto the boat.

Apparently we are in for a very rough 14 hour crossing so I am preparing with a brandy and ginger or two….


What a lovely wonderful Proud Family day we have had.

Getting ready

At the McEwan Hall after a Reception. Daisy received her Dissertation Prize.

And yet again (we did this first at St Andrews), the Graduates get hit on the head with a piece of John Knox’s breeches.  Interestingly enough, both Universities claim ownership of the original pair.

Sorry, I’m on my iPad and I can’t figure out how to rotate these photos.

The Hall was beautiful. We took our seats up “in the Gods”  with a superb view of everyone. The pomp and ceremony was excellent.

Filling up with proud Mum tears, I even managed to totally embarrass Daisy with my very loud enthusiastic whistle (a two fingers in the mouth, taxi hailing whistle) with added whooping as well, when she went up to be hit on the head.

So that’s that. Well done Daisy Taylor BSc. Hons. MSc. Dist.

We are all very proud of you. ❤️ 🏆🍾🐴👏🏻


We had the “trip from Hell”. The boat bounced (ugh!) it’s way to Aberdeen and then we took the train to Edinburgh. Well, that was the plan. Due to a sinkhole opening up at Leuchars, we took the scenic route with three trains (via Dundee and Stirling) to Waverley Station.

Edinburgh is looking wonderful, all beautifully lit up for Christmas.

That was last night. Today, we hit the shops. It rained all day but we managed to go into every shop. There is probably nothing left in Edinburgh now and I shall be making sheep until the day I die.

Merry Go Round

The Christmas market was excellent and I am now exhausted.



On Boat

So here we are, Flossie and I, on the MV Hjaltland (ferry from Lerwick to Aberdeen) going south to Edinburgh for Daisy’s graduation.

We left OH in charge with BeAnne supervising and yes, I did write a list of specific feeding instructions for everyone which I then emailed to OH so he knows all that is required.

It has been a filthy day so I moved everyone to better fields and am hoping they are still alive upon our return on Friday morning.

Haakon and Iacs were moved to an uneaten down paddock with the gate open into the hill field.

There is a lovely useful shed and Haakon promptly took up residence refusing to ever let Iacs inside.

He is such a meanie and I told him so, but Iacs is happy enough as there is grass.

The Boyzenberries are on strict instructions not to leave to go and live in the hill. To be perfectly honest, I am not hopeful on this score but they are fat so if they go, they go and I’ll fetch them back upon my return.

So that’s us. Ready to hit Edinburgh and maybe the odd shop. Apparently there is a Christmas Market.