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Love, Hugs and Kisses

We had a slight lull in the unspeakable Shetland weather this morning so I took myself and my camera down to see my Minions. Some friends turned up too, so I dragged them down to the field.  The Minions always love seeing new people.

To start with, these three were a bit aloof with me as I haven’t seen them for a while – Flossie has been doing the checking and carrot distribution, while I stay up the top of the hill and top-up water buckets and feed Hetja, Lilja and Sóley-the-Foalie.

But the chaps soon remembered that people are the best for love….

hugs …..

…and kisses!

So, in the freezing wind, we had a lovely time chatting to the ponies and yes, Floss had a piece of carrot each to give out.

I have missed my little ones but Leradale is not the easiest of fields to traverse in this extreme weather (and Flossie always sweetly offers!)

But I am glad I made the effort this morning.  It was good to see everyone looking happy, fat and healthy.

Even the old ladies are doing very well this winter, and that is always a huge relief.

Once the weather ceases and desists, I will go and sit on a rock and wait to see who comes up for a chat.

There’s Always One

(Note: These photos were taken on the day last week when the wind didn’t blow a hoolie. Sadly, we cannot remember what that was like anymore.  Today, having finished the morning feed routine in the stable, Floss said “Well, that wasnt too bad” which actually meant “I think we’ve stopped noticing just how awful the weather is”.)

Anywho, the four Icelandic boys – Kappi, Dreki, Taktur and Efstur are a happy little colour matching herd – two blacks and two ginger-ninjas.

It is so important to colour co-ordinate in life.

They do everything together. They think as one unit…..

All except Efstur.  He has to be different.

When they all stand together facing one way, note the bright orange bottom that has turned around.

It’s always Efstur.  I have no idea why. It just is.  He has an independent spirit.  It is not to be encouraged. It only gets him into trouble.

When we call them up from their field in the morning, to lead them into the stable for hay, one is on a headcollar, while the rest are expected to follow. This mostly works. They all know the routine ….. all except Efstur. He over-shoots the stable door, goes for a bijoux wander by himself, realises no one is with him, has a panic attack and then runs in mad circles around the outside of the stable shouting.  Only Efstur.  And so one of us has to go out and talk him down from his ledge of insanity  (*** sigh ***), grab him by his orange chin-hairs and lead him into the stable.  This is becoming the norm now so now we forget about the herd leader dynamics and just lead Efstur in while the others follow.

A little known fact – Efstur and Dreki’s new names are Pinky and the Brain!

Hair There Everywhere

Gusty today.  You can tell by the hair – ( I have just noticed that this is not the best camera angle for Hejta – she looks like a heffalump but she is not, truly. She is a working mother).

Anyway, the hair is all over everywhere.

Everyone is doing fine – all packed full of fibre or whatever they need to stoke their central heating boilers to keep them going through this endless Shetland winter.

I love how Hetja is just not going to budge.  Her food has to be brought to her when she feels like it.  I am just the waiter.  That’s my job in winter.

Lilja is a constant sweetheart.  She is becoming the nicest of ladies.

Kind, gentle and easy to work with – a delight to have around.

I am hoping she is teaching all she knows to her little sister, Sóley-the-Foalie.  As siblings, they are very close.

She is watching everything, taking it all in.

I always enjoy visiting Les Grandes Dames.  They are very well organised by Hetja.



The Art of Playing or Annoying

These two are very close.  Best buddies, in fact.

And they have perfected the Art of Annoying each other.  It is a great sport.

It’s a two way thing.

No one horse starts it.

They take it in turns to annoy each other.  All is very fair.

(I love this picture with Dreki’s ears all pointy!)

To be honest I am surprised either of them have any fur left.

Efstur and Dreki are very similar in so many ways – tongues out for the camera when I shout “oi!” – I have just remembered they share the same Mum, Brá.  Nuff said then.

And suddenly butter wouldn’t melt.

And off they go again!

Life is seldom dull with these two around.