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Minions Together

It has long been my dream that all my little rescue Minions should live in peace and perfect harmony.

Last winter proved it was not possible as Vitamin (an old mare) decided she hated Albie and Newt so they spent their winter with the Icelandic horses.  They were fine and happy but it was not what I wanted.

So today we excuted Plan 43251(a) – to integrate Albie and Newt with the other Minions.

Much as I love Albie and Newt living at home with us – the hugging and nose-kisseys are wonderful – I knew really need to be with the other boys, having fun and learning to be proper Shetland ponies.

It is important and I must do this.

So today, we left the mares behind and put all the Minions boys together.

Two at a time, in with Albie and Newt, minus the troublesome girls.

Albie and Newt were thrilled.

There was muchos galloping.

And I think, much as I would love my little boys at home, that this is the best thing that can happen to them all.  After all, they are my rescue Minions and they should all be together.

Happy days ahead.


Pony Therapy

Do you ever get days when you just don’t feel like doing anything?

When you want to sit in the sun with your friends and enjoy your surroundings?

But you finally get off your butt and manage to take an interest in what’s going on around you.

Well, that was us yesterday.

We had all rather had enough of doing useful stuff all day – the house was vaguely clean, the horses had been ridden, fed, checked, etc, so we indulged ourselves and spent the afternoon in Taktur’s field.

Albie and Newt still live with Taktur and Kappi and, once we had been frisked for carrots (we had none), we were allowed to sit down with the little ones.

Bliss perfect bliss.

(for most of us)

This is possibly one of my most favourite views.

Lovely whiskery noseys arriving to be kissed.

The sheep came up to join us too.  In truth it was mostly ‘Ster.  He has attachment and attention seeking issues, especially around us.

Luckily none of my Shetland ponies or Icelandic horses are sheep chasers.  I have heard that some do and some even kill sheep.  The unacceptable horror!

So that was our afternoon therapy.  Sitting in a field in the Shetland sunshine enjoying being snuffled by the smallest of our Minions.

So, if you’re feeling blue, try painting yourself a different colour – or even go and hug a Shetland pony.

This is the best therapy ever.  Visitors, if you’re brave enough, are always welcome but please phone/message me first.



This time of year Her Maj is more often away than at home.  I am not pleased.  Those baby bunny rabbits call her.  She does stay on our land and she doesn’t roam far, but she is revolting when she comes home.  Usually filthy.

This morning BeAnne vanished for a while and appeared, only after I shouted myself purple, looking slightly shifty and wet – she had taken herself off for a swim knowing the only other option was a bath!

We are keeping an eye on her now and the doors are shut.

This afternoon, as it was so calm, we went down to the stream because it is so beautiful and peaceful.

The wild primroses (Primula vulgaris) are called “Mayflooer” in Shetland dialect.

They grow along the side of my burn (stream) and I love them.

This wall of primroses is amazing.

I know now that we are definitely through the Shetland winter.

It has been and gone but it was hard work.

The grass is also really growing.

The horses are very happy.

These flowers are called “Blugga” – Marsh Marigolds (Caltha palustris) or Kingcup.  Luckily Puzzah is very happy to eat them all, which is good.

While we were in the field, we had a quick chat with anyone who wanted to talk.

Of course, ‘Ster was first up.  He hates this heat in his enormous full fleece.

Poor lad.  They are all booked in for the first week of June to be shorn, sheared…… whatever.

Lambie pretends to be aloof when we go into his field.

Funnily enough he only likes his private time every morning when he gets his food.

I can’t think why!

The Morning After the Night Before

Last night was the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest – the highlight of my year – and, as usual, we as a family (except for OH who sat in the kitchen watching football or something) celebrated in true style.

I know it was a good evening because I don’t actually remember taking some of these photos!

We introduced Monster/Vlad to Eurovision and he thoroughly entered into the spirit of the evening by immediately sitting on the score sheets!

He wasn’t budging for anyone.

Apart from a rather irritating Norwegian flag!

Once extracated, the score sheets were quickly distributed and we all had one to complete as the evening progressed.

Floss had spent the afternoon creating sushi – the perfect accompaniment to the evening and one that has become a Thordale tradition.

There was much interest in the sushi – fish and vegetarian.  Clever Floss.

And I made The Cake!  Chocolate mousse between two Victoria sponges with a raspberry cream topping.

I think the evening went well. I don’t remember much!

Always Checking

We check our horses daily.

(Silver was flat out fast asleep, then woke up and saw us.  He immediately stood up – my three original Minions looking so well.  Always friends.  It makes my heart warm to see them together like this.)

The others were not very far away, mooching about and grazing.  We were surprised to see them in the hill park as the gates are open to the greener side.

Lilja looks like a supermodel compared to her new and obviously devoted admirer, Tiddles.

She is a very pretty girl with a gorgeous head and expression.

And yes, we’d brought carrots.

Tiddles is not very good with a whole carrot – he prefers them cut up into manageable sizes – and managed to drop his down the other side of the old drystone wall.  I saw him searching desperately so I fetched it out for him.  He was most grateful.

Then we sat on the rocks to chat with those that wanted to.  Despite being well into Spring now, there was a brisk wind taking all the warmth away.

Watch Waffle’s nosey making investigations worthy of an elephant’s trunk.

Lots of kisses bestowed.

I could sit all day with this herd.  It is always entertaining.

Anywho, they all seem fine and no one is missing the big mares at all.

Again, it is another case of mother, what mother?

So all is good here.