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More Snow Pics

These pictures are from yesterday around midday when the snow properly got going.

Deep and crisp and even.

We broke into a hay bale (the first of the year) and distributed it into old fish boxes tied to the fence so everyone could have a good eat.

There was even sharing, which is always heartwarming.  This herd is a happy bunch and there is little arguing or stress.  All good friends with no rattiness.

Rugs were on those that needed them.

For a short while the snow lay.  Everywhere was white and looking clean.

As I left the field to return to the house for lunch, I found this little urchin helping herself to the muck heap.  We had words while she was cross I had spotted her.  I chivvied Her Maj back into the house with a flea in her ear.  And then there was the sulking and I had to apologise to her for her bad behaviour.

The snow didn’t stay long.  It had all but gone by the late afternoon.

Apparently bad weather is forecast to return and now everyone is, after one day, in a routine of being fed hay.  Amazing!


Snow. Quick, Quick Snow!

It has been snowing on and off all day but, as I write this, the snow is now melting fast.

The scenery was pretty for a while, all clean and white, and we were amused to see how Monster would react, based on the theory that would be his first time (with us) when he could be potentially invisible.  At last his Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak (patent pending) was working!

Before the snow really got going, I popped over to Leradale.

I had broccoli stalks in a bag ergo Storm was my best friend.  He decided to just follow me everywhere in the hope there were more.  Everyone had their fair share but Storm was ever the optimist.

The others followed too so I took the opportunity of leading them to better grass.

Lilja is keeping the Minions in her thrall which means they don’t go and eat.

And then, released from her clutches, they remembered and all rushed off up the hill giggling and playing.

Last seen at the top.

Waffle and Newt (a new sidekick) had been holding out but soon gave up and cantered to quickly catch up with the others.

Waffle went past but Newt stopped for a quick nose kissey before he galloped off as well.

He looked like a baked bean being shot out of a canon.

Lilja’s power is mighty.

She watched the Minions far away and I could see her planning her next spell.




Life is Fragile

Not my best day, to be perfectly honest.  Nothing health-wise, but two (separate) dear friends in total misery which makes me feel very helpless.

🐾 ☘️ 💐 🐾 ☘️ 💐 🐾 ☘️ 💐 🐾 ☘️ 💐 🐾 ☘️ 💐 🐾 ☘️ 💐 🐾 ☘️

Bjørn wanted to go out for a ride so I tacked up Haakon, and we went out.  Our role was as the steady accompanying horse – who also wants to be at the front and haul the reins out of my hands.  So much for an old boy.  He was on splendid form and it made my heart sing.

Riding was very good for my soul.  I needed to be out in minus temperatures, with a hint of icy sleet, trying to feel responsible.  I came home with a smile on my face. The mark of a good ride in my book.

Yesterday, the washing machine decided to die, never to go again.  OH tried his best to mend it but to no avail so I put feelers out and luckily we were offered a washing machine.  I would rather lose the tv than than washing machine.  This afternoon we went to collect it, via the Nesting Scrap Store.  Only open on a Sunday afternoon, this Aladdin’s cave was truly wondrous.

We wandered around and OH bought some wellies (his have just cracked and were letting in water) while I bough a huge picture (2′ 4″ x 3′) for £2.00!  I love it.  I shall rename it “Gormless Boyzenberries” as opposed to “A Spring Morning”.  The frame needs some work but it will be perfect for my studio.

My “new-to-me” washing machine is now humming happily – first wash on from the mountain – and I am enjoying a glass of something winery to get over the stress of my day.  So life is vaguely getting back on track but it has made me realise just how fragile everything actually is and I don’t mean the washing machine breaking.

Lambie *** sigh ***

Lambie is being “an erse” as they say in Shetland.  He hates his new field.  He stands on a tiny concrete step all day refusing to move while telling me how much he hates it.  He looks at me reproachfully.

So today, instead of luring the Boyzens to their new hated field (loved in the summer, by the way), I let them loaf around outside the house where the long grass is, so they sulked about that because it is like living in your bedroom all day.

There is another field the Boyzens can go into if they brave a small amount of mud.  So armed with a box of Animal Crackers (kindly gifted), I showed them where to duck under the fence, though their specially made and often-used sheep hole.

It’s not difficult.

That would be all except Lambie.  Erse.

Rattling and distributing the crackers between ‘Bert and ‘Ster had no effect except for attracting the attention of the horses in the next door field.

They then got out their Winning Smiles so I had to go back to the house for carrots because it’s only fair.

(Dad and son – aww)

Best Winning (with added frilled) Smile Award ever goes to Iacs!

Most Unhelpful Sheep Award goes to Lambie.  Erse.

So, I gave up trying to show the sheep better fields and tomorrow I will revert to Plan B and they can all go and perch on the concrete step if they feel they must.

After these efforts, I went for a walk and the Boyenberries all came too, which was nice.

And then they buggered off into the hill so I had to rush to the feed container and rattle a bucket to lure them home.  All erses now.


Soggy Day

When I went out this morning, I could see that everyone was feeling a bit soggy.  The Icelandic herd of boys all looked a bit fed up, despite being in the last of the good fields, ie the only one with any grass which we have been saving for as long as we could.

This time of year grass is at a huge premium and we try to rotate fields so they don’t get churned up.  This is a new method for us.

BeAnne rushed up and down protecting the fences.  It is her important job.  She knows this.  A collie taught her.

Three of the boys had been brought in to eat their hard feed.  Currently, only Haakon (because he is old and lost weight last winter), Taktur (because he is a stallion in training and tends to drop weight at the slightest hint) and Efstur (because he has done some growing and appears to have lost weight) are fed and rugged if rain is forecast.  Today we rugged them up.  Rain will appear later.

So you know, Dreki remains a dear boy.  I ❤️ this little chap.  Him and his sister, Lilja – peas in a pod.

So, I have been pottering about all day, doing nothing strenuous and, as the weather brightened up this afternoon, I took BeAnne for a walk.

She went grudgingly and had to be put on a lead as she has a tendency to turn tail and go home if you are not noticing.

Upon my return home, I could see the boys had spread out and were now enjoying the grass.

Honestly you would think we were being cruel.

They are a fussy bunch.  Just because we refuse to open the silage or feed them hay yet does not mean anyone is starving.

Yes, Iacs.  Starving.