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Roll Call

Flossie and I made our way over to see the Minions.  En route I saw, and therefore had to stop and photograph, a tiny sailing boat just passing Foula.

We were duly meeted and greeted by all the Minions.

So, here is the Minion Roll Call.

We’ll go by size, I think.

Smallest first, obviously!







Plus the old ladies


And, lastly, Vitamin

Lilja was around but she is just a temporary “Minion”.

We spent a peaceful morning with Silver picking on Flossie’s coat – all zips must be destroyed.

Here at Thordale we have certain standards and we think it is important to colour co-ordinate ponies grazing.  An absolute fashion must-have.

Little Newt and Flossie were having Peace Talks after the great Hoof-Trimming War of last week.

Storm and Silver had a little play or annoy.  Storm seems to have chunked out.  He is a solid little gentleman.

I can see a diet coming up in his future.

Lots of diets going on at the moment.

Sorry chaps!

Rain – Woohoo!

I went on my usual walk this morning.

The clouds were gathering and there was definitely a rainy smell in the air.

I passed the day with some crofting neighbours and we all sucked our teeth and nodded our heads in agreement that we desperately needed this rain.

While I walked some big drops started falling and, for once, I didn’t mind.

This is the view from my window as I type.  We have three days of rain ahead and I couldn’t be more pleased to see it.

Meanwhile, I bought on Fleabay at a very cheap price (slightly used) a “wee nook” for Monster.

We sprinkled some catnip in his new abode to entice him in but he refuses point blank to use it.  I shall probably sell the bed on again.  Monster is a bit cross with me as I have just put him on a slimming diet – supper consisted of BeAnne’s cabbage and chicken.  I now have one unimpressed fat cat but Monster is beginning to wheeze and I think his immense weight might have something to do with it.  When it stops raining, I plan to dig out Her Maj’s car harness, put it around His Vastness and attempt to take him on my walks.

Attempt, mind.

Please send all flowers and gifts to our local hospital where I may be residing.


Teatime Smiles

Lambie was very depressed this morning.  He hates the flies – they are everywhere outside at the moment and driving him mad.  He follows me around with his head on the ground becoming increasingly agitated.

I hate seeing Lambie like this so, once OH has left for work, I let Lambie indoors to get some peace and quiet.

He was very tired.  We had also been for our usual walk and he ran all the way home.  He slept for a long time.

After lunch the breeze increased a little and the flies were less bothersome so we all sat outside.


Not a bad view from our picnic table.

We had some visitors and I duly showed them around introducing them to everyone here at Thordale and then onto the Minion’s summer fields where they were duly mugged and loved.

When we got home, I suggested a nice cup of tea and some freshly baked banana and chocolate chip bread.  Flossie, our Star Baker, had been working hard in our absence.

Darling Lambie was still mooching around by himself but, once he spotted the banana bread, he got out his Extra, if slightly scarey now I look at the photo, Winning Smile.  The one he saves when there is chocolate around!

Lambie was very good and only went round the table begging and smiling.  I gave him three ginger biccies but no cake.  That was reserved for our visitors.  They had earned it.

It was good to see Lambie forget his misery and “work the field”!  His depression had lifted and afterwards I went  and found him ‘Ster to keep him company. I left them happily grazing together.

He does have a lovely smile!  Very toofy! Good cake too.



A Walk on the Beach

I have put myself on 24 hour vague bed-rest so that the steroids can concentrate on their job.  I also didn’t sleep very well last night so am still feeling rather knocked out.  Tomorrow will be better.

So these are the last of the photos from when we had a visitor (a rare sight these days).  After her Minion mauling, we took Willow, the black labrador, to the beach to say sorry.

Willow didn’t seem too scarred by her Shetland pony experience.

She loved the sea and had brought a bally-ball with her.

Being a labrador, she has all the right training for retreiving and she loves water.

We walked along the empty sandy beach enjoying the view.  The haar (cold sea fog) was lurking.

There seem to be much fewer seabirds around this year.

We found a lovely beach sculpture too.  Very clever.

And then home for a well-earned cup of tea.

The Boyzens (‘Bert was with a couple of tarty rogue hill ewes who have got in) were very intrigued by Willow.

I would almost go as far as to say their eyes were on stalks.

I love the way Lambie is utterly bemused.  I forget that they are just used to our little family.   I take it for granted that everyone will just be peaceful.

In the end the horrid flies drove us indoors and Willow was put back in the car in case Monster decided to attack, which has been known. He is not a fan of dogs.

My nursing staff today.  He is like a coiled spring – apparently!


My Day

This has predominantly been my view today – my cubicle in the Day Surgery while I wait to go into theatre for my spinal steroid epidural procedure.

It could not come a day too soon – I woke up this morning and could barely walk.  My left leg had given up and I was in agony, the kind of agony where there is no good position to be in.  I only just managed to hobble outside to feed the sheep and hens.  I had no words.

And this is my cup of tea and digestive biccies post-procedure.  All went very well and my left leg came home with me feeling much better so fingers crossed the steroids do their stuff and I can get back to what I consider is a normal life.

While under the needle, I kept myself going by thinking of yesterday – when we took our visitor to meet The Minions.  She did request this. It wasn’t by force.

Our visitor brought her lovely black lab, Willow, into the field with the promise from me that my lot were used to dogs.

Albie was very curious, perhaps too curious, but Willow’s behaviour was exemplary.

So, for Willow’s safety, she was taken out and tied up next to the field.

It was probably for the best.

God alone knows what the Minions would’ve taught a nice young lady.

They might’ve corrupted her innocent soul with their evil ways.

As ever, the Minions were very sweet.

The old ladies watched on.

And we escaped unscathed ready to do battle for another day.

(This afternoon, while I stayed in bed resting, they’ve all had their feet trimmed.  Apparently Newt was the utter worst – 26 whole inches of awful!)

At home, nursing staff are on duty 24/7.