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One Mineral Lick

Most mornings in Shetland at the moment are pretty spectacular.  This is today’s offering.  Not bad.

A courier had arrived with some cut-price wormers (on the to-do list) plus a field mineral lick which I had bought for the girls.

As they are hopefully pregnant (Brá and Hetja) and/or growing (Lilja), I thought it was a good idea if they had a lick that was not chock-full of molasses but would be something they could munch on if they wanted to.

It was nice to see that Lilja is now allowed to be her mother’s daughter and not the social outcast she was when she first arrived.

The ladies were all very polite and took it in turns or at least Hetja generously let the others have a shot at the lick too.

After checking everyone was ok and no fights were breaking out, I climbed over my fence and walked down to another field to see the Minions.

I put my coat down on the damp ground and sat on it whereupon I was instantly surrounded.

I haven’t see my little ones for ages and I have missed them hugely.

I would like to secretly think they missed me too.

Or at least my coat, which is perhaps now not as lovely as it once was.

Back Again

So I went back to the Craft Fair in Lerwick, leaving the family at home with a list of all my chores I would have done today.  It seemed only fair.

Feeling absolutely no guilt, I arrived nice and early easily finding a parking space (yesterday a fight nearly broke out in the already stuffed-to-the-gunnels teensy tinsy car park).

I spent a lovely 3 hours wandering around with purpose. I did the outside edge stalls first and then the inner ones that were clustered together in islands, looking at everything. I was by myself and taking my time to look at everyone’s immense artistic and creative talents.

I bought some Christmas presents including a very nice seaglass ring for myself. I know I shouldn’t shop for myself just a few weeks from Christmas but my reasoning was that no one else was going to buy this for me, I really liked it and so I should have it!

I feel very smug now having done most of my Christmas shopping and I learned a few interesting things too like the meaning of the word “Knap”.

Someone asked yesterday why I don’t sell my photographs at the Craft Fair and the main reason is because everyone else does and are much better than me too.

Photography is very popular in Shetland.

As is all things wool.

I totally fell in love with this lampshade.

And these little chaps.

There was just so much to look at and take in or take home.


Once fully shopped out, I wearily drove my Christmas sleigh home.

The Christmas Craft Fair

So off we set en famille, having first counted Minions, ponies and horses, ridden a few (Daisy did), fed sheep and hens, to Lerwick to the Clickimin Leisure Complex, home of the 2018 Craft Fair organised by Shetland Arts & Crafts Association.

There were many varied stalls set out in two huge halls.

The official Shetland Craft’s blurb describes this annual event as “Inspired by Shetland’s dramatic scenery, heritage and culture, Shetland Arts and Crafts producers offer a unique range of woodcraft, knitwear and textiles, fancy goods, fashion and home accessories, gifts, and fine art, The diverse collection ranges from the islands’ traditional designs of knitwear and woodcrafts, which have been handed down through generations, to the more modern and highly original designs and craft items.”

Yup, that sums it up fairly well for me.

We all split up, just because we shop at different speeds and like looking at different things.

As well as having lots to look at, the Craft Fair is a great social event as well.

I saw old friends, met new ones and chatted with folk jealously admiring their creativity and ingenuity.


The makers of these wonderful crofthouse planters were in the news last year having been “ripped off” by the international fashion house, Alexander McQueen –

Anywho, I love the planters and I am saving up for one for my studio-she-shed.

The Craft Fair was very busy and I whizzed around both halls not doing half of the stalls justice so I have decided to go back tomorrow, with my Christmas sleigh, minus the family so I can buy local and support local crafts.  I have decided not to do my Christmas shopping with the non-tax paying big internet giants.

I saw this on Facebook and it’s message struck home.

I am looking forward to tomorrow. I get to look at this all over again.

Awww, Puzzah.

(I want and I bet it has gone by tomorrow).

Beautiful Shetland

It was a lovely morning going for a ride and then a great afternoon driving around Shetland.  I needed to go down to the south-end of the island and it was truly beautiful.  As I was early, I drove to Sumburgh Head for the spectacular scenery.

Sumburgh Head in the Shetland afternoon sun

It was one of those days where everyone you met made a comment on just how good the weather was and how they wished it would stay.

From Bigton looking west over Brow Loch


We all realise that weather like this is unusual this time of year but we should all make the most of it.

While I was out and about, I saw cars parked up and folk getting out to take a photos of the amazing sunset.

Looking down at Scalloway

Of course we would exchange the time of day and it was nice to know I wasn’t the only one finding a place to park and leaping out with a camera.

Scalloway in the sunset

Sights like this are not to be missed.

Scalloway Castle

When I meet folk south and they ask why I live in Shetland like I am mad, I should show them these photos and maybe they would understand.

Whiteness Voe




Shetland is a very beautiful place.  I am very lucky.

Whiteness Voe


Like the Old Days

Thursdays are always difficult.  If we want to ride out, we have to wait for the essie-kert (rubbish collection lorry) to go past otherwise things can get hairy but there is no set time for its arrival so sometimes we wait and wait and wait…..

So while we did this, I went down to collect Haakon.

I lead my old boy up the hill, out of his field and fed him his Turmeraid pellets along with a few conditioning cubes.  BeAnne and the hens lurked about hopefully but I doubt anything was dropped.  Haakon does not waste his food on others.

The essie-kert noisily came and went and we all breathed a collective sigh of relief.

It was a lovely day – perfect for going out.

Unusually BeAnne decided to come along too.

My two best friends and a glorious day.  What more could I ask for.

We even cantered up the track so Haakon must be feeling well.  The Turmeraid is making a positive difference for now Haakon as well as Lambie.

I am very pleased. I have got my old boy back.

BeAnne was going very well too.  She kept up beautifully and even had a good splash in a pool but the battery went on my phone so I didn’t capture her happiness.

I love days like these, like it was in the old days when we were all a bit younger.