BeAnne & Best Medicine For Us

This is our sitting room (newly decorated).  It was tasteful and a vision of loveliness.  Now we have a single mattress, BeAnne’s bed (with statutory Icelandic lopapeysa) and my commotion.

(When I was a nurse many eons ago, a patient shouted “Nurse, I want the commotion”, so the commode has always been known in this house as The Commotion!)

Perhaps not a thing of great beauty but “the commotion” is a necessity as BeAnne would try and follow me to the bathroom in the night and that would mean stairs.  There is no polite way to disguise it.

So we had a vet appointment this morning and BeAnne was referred to Broadleys Veterinary Hospital for an immediate scan and possibly surgery.

I am currently waiting for the vet to phone back to confirm the time and date.  I have booked a cabin on the boat tomorrow night (easily changed if necessary). A hotel is also booked for 3 nights (they take dogs) and and we will take it from there.

We all agree that this is the only way forward for BeAnne.  Whatever it takes.  She was there for me when I was ill, so now we are all there for her.

UPDATE ON THE UPDATE:  Broadleys have just phoned to say Wednesday, 12:00.  So glad I booked everything ahead.  They were lovely.


We all feel a bit more relaxed about BeAnne’s condition.

Still, it is very stressful for us humans.  Daisy, Flossie and I went out for a ride, taking Loki with us.

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This was the best therapy for us. I wish we had taken BeAnne.  She would’ve loved it.  One day, I hope.

12 thoughts on “BeAnne & Best Medicine For Us

  1. Terri

    BeAnne looks so at home on your mattress — and as for The Commotion — well, “needs must”!
    Best of luck for a positive outcome this week for your darling pup. Glad you had a nice ride, always refreshing!

  2. Vivienne

    Wishing BeAnne a speedy recovery and I hope she is soon back to her normal characterful little self….normal is always good…especially when it means there is no commotion!

  3. Susan

    Hope this helps, had a cardigan welsh corgi who fractured L4 & L5. Began with his rear totally paralyzed. Slowly he recovered as in day 4 his foot would flinch when pinched. To six months later walking happily with my horse and I thru the woods. If he decided to take a quick turn while running his back end would list to the side. He’d just pick it up and off he’d go. He was so bad I had to catheterize him the first week. If they’ve got the will, they can

  4. Mairead

    I’ll be thinking of you all for the journey there and also on Wednesday. Positive healing vibes heading north for you from the south coast.

  5. Cathy

    Will be thinking of you tonight and tomorrow. I hope she travels comfortably and you get some better news from the scan.
    Precious BeAnne, you have so much to live for and above all I hope to see you swimming and running again at Thordale. ( and riding the ponies if you are allowed! )

  6. Sam

    Hoping the trip on Wednesday is without problems and BeAnne gets good news. As for the commotion, one does what one must for one’s animal family members. Glad you got a nice pony ride before your trip.

  7. Linda

    Thoughts and prayers for BeAnn. As someone said above, where there’s a will, there’s a way – dogs have a special inner strength.
    And good for you, taking that beautiful ride; take care of yourself so you can take care of BeAnn.

    P.S. Back in my youth, I lived in a trailer (caravan) one Summer, and I had my very own “commotion”…


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