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Change of Plan

The vet phoned this morning to ask if they could change the day for Efstur’s planned castration to today as they had a visiting student who could help.

So, thinking of preserving my back, we quickly changed our plans and agreed.

The girls caught the three boys who always “travel together”.

Obviously Efstur is a lovely boy but he is not destined to be a stallion.  He will make a much better gelding.

The pre-med went in.  Efstur went wobbly.

And then down, with a sheet over his head to protect his eyes.

Daisy was multi-tasking – kneeling on Efstur’s neck while holding the rope on his leg too.  From the sidelines, Hjalti was offered encouragement.

Castration is obviously a spectator sport.

The operation was quick and after the important bit done, the vet left us to it.

Eventually Efstur woke up and was a sensible gelding.

Instead of thrashing about, he sat for ages gathering his thoughts.

Dreki and Hjalti looked on in a supportive way.

Hjalti even nodded off with his nose on the gate!

Eventually, with a huge sigh, Efstur stood up.

We put down shavings, a little haylage and a bucket of water and we left Efstur to recover.  Hjalti and Dreki were in the bigger stable with food and water too.

A few hours later, the three boys are all in the small paddock where there’s loads of uneaten grass.

I think it all went very smoothly.  So a different day to what we expected but I am glad it is done.

Patchy Way Forward

The good news is that since I publicly declared I would probably sell “Wee Nook”, Monster has taken to his man cave.

I secretly knew he would.

Meanwhile outside, the rain it keeps raining for a few more hours and you can feel the ground breathing a huge sigh of happiness and relief.

Hopefully the grass will grow properly now.

The garden is trying again after the thrashing it got from a devastating storm (we were south at the British Championships) a few weeks ago.

That cheers up my OH who loves his garden, even if the sheep and I are evicted.

I crept round it this afternoon in the rain with my camera taking these photos getting wet.

Today, I have been prescribed, and started, buprenorphine transdermal patches for my spinal pain.  This is a whole new ball game and I hope, at last, I have found something that works with my body and therefore my endless miserable pain.  I will admit I have been struggling these past few weeks and it is all getting a bit much.

So everything crossed, meanwhile onwards and upwards.  Once the rain has stopped I will go for a walk.  I must keep as mobile as possible.  That is really the only way forwards for me.

I will go back to riding in a few weeks if at all possible.

Roll Call

Flossie and I made our way over to see the Minions.  En route I saw, and therefore had to stop and photograph, a tiny sailing boat just passing Foula.

We were duly meeted and greeted by all the Minions.

So, here is the Minion Roll Call.

We’ll go by size, I think.

Smallest first, obviously!







Plus the old ladies


And, lastly, Vitamin

Lilja was around but she is just a temporary “Minion”.

We spent a peaceful morning with Silver picking on Flossie’s coat – all zips must be destroyed.

Here at Thordale we have certain standards and we think it is important to colour co-ordinate ponies grazing.  An absolute fashion must-have.

Little Newt and Flossie were having Peace Talks after the great Hoof-Trimming War of last week.

Storm and Silver had a little play or annoy.  Storm seems to have chunked out.  He is a solid little gentleman.

I can see a diet coming up in his future.

Lots of diets going on at the moment.

Sorry chaps!

Rain – Woohoo!

I went on my usual walk this morning.

The clouds were gathering and there was definitely a rainy smell in the air.

I passed the day with some crofting neighbours and we all sucked our teeth and nodded our heads in agreement that we desperately needed this rain.

While I walked some big drops started falling and, for once, I didn’t mind.

This is the view from my window as I type.  We have three days of rain ahead and I couldn’t be more pleased to see it.

Meanwhile, I bought on Fleabay at a very cheap price (slightly used) a “wee nook” for Monster.

We sprinkled some catnip in his new abode to entice him in but he refuses point blank to use it.  I shall probably sell the bed on again.  Monster is a bit cross with me as I have just put him on a slimming diet – supper consisted of BeAnne’s cabbage and chicken.  I now have one unimpressed fat cat but Monster is beginning to wheeze and I think his immense weight might have something to do with it.  When it stops raining, I plan to dig out Her Maj’s car harness, put it around His Vastness and attempt to take him on my walks.

Attempt, mind.

Please send all flowers and gifts to our local hospital where I may be residing.


Teatime Smiles

Lambie was very depressed this morning.  He hates the flies – they are everywhere outside at the moment and driving him mad.  He follows me around with his head on the ground becoming increasingly agitated.

I hate seeing Lambie like this so, once OH has left for work, I let Lambie indoors to get some peace and quiet.

He was very tired.  We had also been for our usual walk and he ran all the way home.  He slept for a long time.

After lunch the breeze increased a little and the flies were less bothersome so we all sat outside.


Not a bad view from our picnic table.

We had some visitors and I duly showed them around introducing them to everyone here at Thordale and then onto the Minion’s summer fields where they were duly mugged and loved.

When we got home, I suggested a nice cup of tea and some freshly baked banana and chocolate chip bread.  Flossie, our Star Baker, had been working hard in our absence.

Darling Lambie was still mooching around by himself but, once he spotted the banana bread, he got out his Extra, if slightly scarey now I look at the photo, Winning Smile.  The one he saves when there is chocolate around!

Lambie was very good and only went round the table begging and smiling.  I gave him three ginger biccies but no cake.  That was reserved for our visitors.  They had earned it.

It was good to see Lambie forget his misery and “work the field”!  His depression had lifted and afterwards I went  and found him ‘Ster to keep him company. I left them happily grazing together.

He does have a lovely smile!  Very toofy! Good cake too.