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And Home, and Breathe

We are home now and I am just about getting back into my Shetland way of life again.

This is Daisy meeting Himself for the first time at the SSPCA Centre in Banchory.

Himself has been at the centre for a month.  As you can see, he didn’t mind.

We said yes and drove back into town to get some essential supplies.

And to laugh at the latest fashions.  I mean seriously – who, when, where would you ever wear that trouser suit?

We returned to collect the latest member of the family and back onto the boat for the return voyage.

Big Himself (oh fer cryin’ out is his name?) had BeAnne’s palace complete with litter tray, food and water.

We left him to his night in the back of the car. Thankfully, it was a calm crossing.  The night before had been a bit too bouncy.

Himself was a good car-traveller, saying the odd meow to himself but mostly quiet and calm in the car.

So we introduced Himself to his new home and toys (a catnip kickeroo which he adored)

BeAnne stayed close by but was cautious. We started off upstairs.

It didn’t take long before Himself came down to join the family.

He likes to explore.

And he is very affectionate with us.

BeAnne, however, is work-in-progress.

Himself is fine with her unless they meet face to face and then he attacks.  We have had words.

He has quickly made himself at home with us.

We are all a bit smitten, to be honest.

I had to turn my laptop off as it was starting to acquire artificial intelligence due to some reprogramming with a very large cat!

Himself has now established himself a bed on a comfortable low Shetland chair with a very fetching Pendleton blanket!

Names, so far – The Great Woz, Titus, Nero…… to be continued, no doubt.

Meet the Man!

In the back of the car in his palace. We are waiting in the car queue for the boat.

So now we need to think of a name, again. x

ps. If Little Cattie decides to come home, she will also be made most welcome. We won’t give up on her.

Going on a Bear Hunt

Sorry about the radio silence but there was no Wifi signal on the ferry.

Yes, that’s right, Daisy and I were on the boat last night going south to Aberdeen.

Today will be spent looking at and hugging rescue cats in two cat shelters.

Wish us both luck. The roads are very scary but it is lovely (and soothing) having Classic FM in the car.

The photo is our breakfast view!

Two Old Men

Here are two old friends (24 and 23 years old) having a snooze in the so-called Shetland Spring (with-absolutely-no-evidence-of) sunshine.

They are sitting on dry grassy area outside the house, getting some rest and shut-eye.

Knowing these two, they are probably cogitating while putting the world to rights.

Our two dear old boys.  We love them very much.

These guys are similar in a we-are-family way and looks but also have very different views on life.

Haakon (on the left) is one year older than Iacs, so he gets to boss his cousin around.  He is a wise old bird who is fairly unflappable but has a huge amount of Icelandic horse “willingness”.  The day he stands still is the day he retires from being ridden.  Yesterday we did mad circles in the single-track passing places while the cars went past.  Having said that, I trust Haakon 100%.  He is my rock.

Iacs is calmer, more optimistic, a glass half-full kinda guy. They are both the best of friends and have not been apart for nearly 20 years.

So enjoy our view, as we open my front door.  We love these two boys – they are the best of friends.


Colour Coordinating Horses

Not a bad day for riding so Daisy and I decided to ride out, twice.

First up, for me, was Klængur, a small-ish ginger ninja who enjoys a good fast tölt.

Daisy rode her competition horse, Kappi.

They managed to keep up with us!

Taktur was having a day off and we left him happily mooching around clearing up any dropped silage.

Kappi and Klængur had a good fast ride and once home, untacked and fed, we threw them out to eat around the shed and house with Taktur.  Daisy noticed this that even in our fields we colour coordinate – here we have six horses, three in each field comprising of two chestnut horses and one black.  Now that’s clever!

On, again, with our colour coordinated riding.  This time I took my old boy, Haakon.  He is a buckskin dun.

And so is Iacs, his 2nd cousin.  Daisy was riding him.

Iacs cantered along happily.  He was probably humming to himself too.  This second ride was meant to be slow – just two old men going for a little potter.  Nope.  We were riding happy hooligans who never stopped.

It was a grand ride.  We went right up into the hill.

This is the view on the way home.  Not bad, eh?

I ache a bit now.  It was totally worth it.