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The Little Boys

I am busy doing feet at the minute.  Two or three ponies a day, depending on how my back stands up to the bending and rasping. The Painpod is a god-send.  It really is and I wack it up to full volume and can keep on top of the hooves at the moment.

(Not helping for a photo – thank you, Storm)

(Still not helping – aww, good boys, Albie and Newt)

And now, we’re three good little boys!

After rasping the hooves, I take what’s left of my farrier bag and use it to keep my bottom dry while I sit down in the field for a while.  I wait to see who wants to chat.

It is always a bit of a guessing game as to who comes up to talk.

Every day is different and I don’t make anyone if they don’t want.  That would be rude.  Newt took his time but ended in my face!

Albie, of course, wanted me to himself.

To be loved by a Minion is a truly wondrous gift.

Ladies Who Lunch

As the three ladies are at Leradale – about 2 miles away – we visit them daily. I hate my horses being away from home but sadly it is a necessity.

At the moment, we are bringing a very small amount of food as part of Sóley’s early foundation training (and also we have a bag of Mare and Foal to finish).

Sóley has to have a headcollar put on (sorry, no photos) in the field, which is a big training step and one we don’t usually try to achieve so early.  She will be having her hooves trimmed shortly and I need to catch her in the field without fuss or worry.

Sóley is a good girl and, with the help of bowl of calories, very amenable to this part of her learning.

Hetja is also very keen on the food we bring, though she does not need it.  She has her own small bowl of “Mare and Foal” which she quickly hoovers up, not even coming up for breath, and then moves quickly onto her daughter’s bowl to polish it off.

Having filled up their water buckets (which Lilja insists on dancing dance about in) and kissed their collective noseys, we leave our beautiful Icelandic ladies to their field full of grass.  There is also other water about but I just think a nursing mother needs all the fresh water she can get.  I remember what it was like.

So all is good in their world.

Cake and Foals

This afternoon Daisy and I drove over to the east side of the island. She had not met Festus and Ulysses, my friend’s miniature Shetland pony foals, found by me and bought a few weeks’ back  –

Naturally Daisy was enchanted.

I mean what is not to love?  Best kissing on the east side (Tiddles is on the west side).

Little Shetland pony foals coming over to chat is possibly the best way to spend an afternoon…… ever.

I am so glad they have such a loving and perfect home.  No Shetland pony could ask for more.  I know eight that would move in like a shot given half a chance.

And I also know that these two will grow into fine little chaps as they have the world.  So many don’t and that is a sad fact of life.

Anywho, after attending the Miniature Shetland Pony Appreciation Society, of which I am a fully paid up member, we went inside to eat a lovely homemade lemon polenta cake with a cup of tea.

I ate it to be polite.

The struggle is real.

My idea of a perfect afternoon, really.  It don’t get no better than this.


Rugs is Drugs

After Haakon’s awful hoof abscesses earlier in the year (here is the latest bit trimmed), he is still struggling up the metaphorical slope to recovery.  He is in for the long haul and I worry.  As the weather deteriorates into the usual harsh Shetland winter, I can see it takes a great deal of effort.

So I bought him a rug for when it rains.  A rainsheet, as it is known in equine circles.  Haakon has never had his own (always borrowed) and he is not a rug fan as he finds them very restrictive so I bought one with a front leg pleat allowing him to move more easily.  Last night the forecast was for a good few inches of rain so I unpacked the new rug and plonked it on him.  I think red suits Haakon.

Of course, Efstur had to come and take a look.  In fact I would go so far as to say that he was actually a bit obssessed with this new wardrobe addition.

Of course we had words and I waggled my finger at Efstur to say “don’t you dare.  Don’t even think about it!” hopefully in an effective fashion.

And then I made this……


I left the field saying “That rug had better be like new when I see it again!  Just sayin’, Efstur.  Like new.  Or else…….”

In the Fog

We had a little bit of fog today and outside it was very eerie.

From the left:  Kappi, Iacs (top half), Taktur and Dreki (legs only) and Efstur standing in a manly way!  A leg in each corner.

A background Klængur with Kappi looking rather masterful.

Dreki and his father, Taktur with a shrunken Iacs.  Magic or perspective.

Father and son combo, again.  They spend much time together.

Klængur having a solitary thought.  I love his shape – the tummy is rotund.

Taktur and Dreki (again).

The old men – Haakon and Iacs.  Always near each other. Always friends.

Dreki looking slightly soggy.

Efstur – he is growing up fast.

And then I noticed the fog was lifting.  The boys went to sleep.  It’s hard work being photographed.  Any supermodel will tell you.