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Product Placement

Today, we made a discovery.

For breakfast, Lambie likes Vegemite on buttered toast.

(look at his wonderful Winning Smile!)

He does not like Marmite on toast!  Who knew?

So, as Lambie was in the house and making himself rather comfortable, we decided that maybe a good way forward for this blog, while totally selling-out and getting freebies, is to do some Product Placement.

We went for the high end of the market, choosing luxury brands.  No cheap crap for us, please.

So, first up was Jo Malone – someone had given me a spray for the house (we may need it later!) I to work on perspective.  Not moral, just camera!

Then there was Apple – Lambie’s image suits ALL Apple products.  Just say the word, and I will fly him to Cupertino!  They may have lost Steve Jobs, but they could gain Lambie.  He would be so up for it!

Getting into my stride now…..

Marc Jacobs’ Daisy……

Lambie was now perfecting his modelling skills.

I love this photo!

And I think this is the best ever.   They are made for each other.  Kaia Gerber move over, please!  Lambie is channelling his inner Garbo.

and, for the working sheep, there is nothing more useful than a vintage Mulberry handbag!

So, we’ve just missed London Fashion Week but, quite frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t make the runway next year.  Karma’s revenge for Anna Wintour’s faux pas this year (wearing her sunglasses while sitting next to Her Maj – so rude).

Just feed Lambie Vegemite, not Marmite.   Essential knowledge.


Haakon and Iacs are cousins.

Haakon’s grandmother, Jarpur, had two daughters and they are the mothers of Haakon and Iacs – so I think that makes them cousins of some description.  Different fathers, though.  1st cousins or 2nd – can you work it out because I can’t.

Anywho, Haakon is a year older, so he is the boss!

These boys have lived together for the last 20 years.  When they were first reunited, having not met for a few years, they instantly recognised each other, which was very sweet.

Haakon sees himself as Iacs’ minder or carer.

What I love best is that they still, after all these years, play together.

They are both old men – in their twenties!

Iacs, or Bimble, is remains the Master of the Silly-Frilly.

He is wintering well.

I have moved the two old men up to Clothie because Haakon is lame –  it is drier and quieter there.

Further up the hill, there are dry parts of the field – so they stand mostly in the boggy bit.

If you have ever wondered why you don’t see that many Icelandic horses on the show-jumping circuit, this is why. They don’t jump if they can either walk/climb over the obstacle or go round!

I mean, why would you?

I visit the two old men every day, bringing carrots in case they are starving.

I think not but I don’t want them to feel they are forgotten.

Gallopy Gallopy

We have been in town all day and got home this afternoon, later than usual.  Daisy and I fed the chaps that have hard feed (Efstur, Kappi and Taktur) and then Daisy herded them out of their field down to their night-time field.

I stood at the bottom of the hill and tried to take photos of the herd galloping down the hill towards me.

Only Taktur and Kappi moved in anything more than a trot.

And, apart from Kappi, it wasn’t really the impressive photoshoot I had imagined.

Darling little Hjalti gave it his best, though.

But then he saw me in his field…..

And wanted a close-up!  He is a very people-“person”.

Daddy, once at the bottom of the hill, just stood looking handsome, which was not the look I wanted. I was after galloping, speed and excitement.

But all I got was Kappi trying to play with his best friend, Taktur.

I suppose it was later in the day than usual.  Maybe another time.

A House Guest

Every day this winter the morning routine has been the same.  I get up, get dressed and go out, feed the hens and then the sheep.  The sheep all follow me and my bucket to their little paddock where I dish out three portions of food which everyone eats except for Lambie who skips back out, I shut the gate and feed him separately.

I don’t worry about Lambie trying to escape as he is easily occupied with his own breakfast and then trying to steal the hens’.

Then, once the horses have their silage and the big outside gate is shut, I can let the sheep out of their paddock to follow me and my bucket (like well trained sheep ever hopeful for seconds), to Albie and Newt’s field.  They then all happily spend the day grazing.

But Lambie has gone on strike. He refuses to go into the field and wants to stay at home all day.

He hovers around with anyone who is outside and today, because OH had gone into town (how did you guess?), I let him in the house.

Of course, we are all very pleased to see him and I put on the radio for him.

He had a quick recce to see what he could filch.

He particularly loves my bin and handbag!

We had words and the bin ended up sitting on my desk out of reach.

A drink of water out of the dog’s water bowl.


And then I told Lambie to sit down and stop being annoying.

He does know how to behave in the house.  The minute he stands up, though, he is out of the front door.  That is the way we avoid accidents.  Lambie is like a puppy and Muzzah mostly knows the pee-look!

Driving Around Abit

The weather has been good but I can’t ride because I promised the anaesthetist I would wait at least a week, and Haakon is lame so I thought I would take my camera out and enjoy the scenery while on my daily travels.

This was yesterday afternoon after dropping Floss off – rather than turn round and go straight back home, I went via the “scenic route”.

Pot o’ gold, anyone?

Haakon enjoying his time off from lugging my fat arse everywhere.  He blends well with his environment.

Today, I drove over to Sandgarth croft – it is situated on the east side of the island.

From their Facebook page – Sandgarth Trees and Birds

“This area of woodland is found at the head of Dales Voe, Delting. A major attraction of Shetland is the opportunity to spot wildlife, especially migrating birds which drop in here to rest and feed.”

I was trying out a new lens that was being offered for sale.

So, I walked around the Shetland croft snapping away at the residents.

Look, look, look – more evidence of Spring.  A lovely and very welcome sight.

It was very peaceful afternoon and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

A cup of tea, a natter and then I drove home to a beautiful sunset.

Can you tell that I am desperate for Spring to make an appearance?