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All Quiet

Last night, on her way home a friend drove past the Minion field for me to check up on Lilja.  I was very disappointed to see that she was all on her own while the others huddled together ain the corner.  Not good. I was worried and started to think that tomorrow I would swap Lilja and Fivla into Waffle and Storm’s field, returning to the two bullies to the herd.

Photo by Karen Ashley

So, today before I went to work, I went to see how Lilja was getting on.

Much better.

I was very relieved to see she was considered to be now part of the herd.

They all seem very happy and settled.  No more arguments.

Waffle and Storm are in their Naughty Corner are having a merry old time running up and down trying to kill each other, which is fine as they are both fairly well matched and hopefully it will keep them warm.  I am still not talking to them but I don’t think they care!

The weather is revolting today – a northerly wind, 7 degrees Celsius with sporadic fierce rain.

Lilja was happy, though, and that is all that matters.  As I drove past, she even recognised the van and thought she would come up and say hello.

Beastly Waffle

Brá and Hetja (Icelandic mares) have come home to run with our stallion, Taktur.

So we put Lilja (Icelandic filly) and Fivla (Shetland pony) in with the Minions.

Sadly it did not go well.

In theory the Minions were pleased to see Lilja.

But the worst was Waffle. He was hateful.

Poor Lilja was desperate to make friends.

But Waffle made it his business to to be vile to her.

Fivla, who has been Lilja’s “step-mum”, for the past few weeks totally ignored her “baby”.

So Lilja ran around the field very worried and stressed out.

The others then joined Waffle in at chasing Lilja out of her new herd.

It was quickly descending into chaos.

I felt really bad for Lilja.  She did not deserve this.

The problem was not going to sort itself out.

Waffle was horrid and never gave up. Lilja was now threatening to jump out.

I was furious with Fivla for her total lack of caring or involvement while Lilja’s situation rapidly deteriorated.

So, in the end, Floss and I caught Waffle and Storm as he was beginning to be a prat too. We put them both into another field, further away.

This meant Lilja could make friends without being chased away and begin to be accepted into the herd.

Meanwhile, in the Naughty Corner…….. well, they can both rot in Hell.

Friends and neighbours are checking Lilja regularly.  She is more settled now so that’s encouraging.

Many to Thank

It was a long haul but the boys are fine.  We made it home safe and well.

Last night’s crossing was, well, interesting for a couple of hours between Orkney and Fair Isle – Force 8 gusting 9.

When we got home, I dropped Daisy and Kappi off at the top of the track while we took Waffle on to join the Minions.  He galloped round and round his field with his friends.

I have so many folk to thank for all their effort.

OH held the fort (and even painted the bathroom!) admirably.  While we were away, BeAnne went into a decline, barely eating.

Apparently she spent most of her week outside waiting for us to come home.

The Monster was thrilled at our absence as it meant he had OH to himself (mostly showing his appreciation at 03:00).  He also enjoyed BeAnne’s decline into her Slough of Despond.

There was a white cat at the showground who we considered an omen.

Who else?  Thank you to Karen for looking to the horses and ponies in Sandness.  Knowing Karen was counting legs, checking nose-kissing abilities and topping up the water was a huge relief.

Thank you to Northlink for their sponsorship and real help.  They found a cabin and space for us and the horses when we decided to go a day early.

Northlink also carefully positioned our van last night in the dead centre of the boat so that the horses had a comfortable journey despite the fiersome weather.  Awesome organising skills, there.

A huge thank you to Pentland Hills Icelandic Horses who gave the boys the best livery.  Without them, we wouldn’t have gone.

During our stay, I seriously coveted a beautiful dun Icelandic gelding.  He caught my eye and if I could’ve fitted him in the horse van (swap for Waffle?), I would’ve taken him home.  If you want a good strong well-brought up Icelandic horse – go visit. I dare you to leave empty handed.

Thank you to everyone at The Allan Ramsay Hotel in Carlops where we always stay. I love this hotel.  The food is superb, we were comfortable and made to feel very at home.

I highly recommend all the food!

Mr and Mrs Aitken at West Tarf for hosting the IHSGB Summer Festival and British Championships.

And to the organisers – wow!  Just wow!  A logistical nightmare perfectly executed.

(Judge and writer dancing along to The Village People YMCA!)

Who else? – Flossie.  She fetched, carried, tacked up, groomed, did everything asked with a smile.  What can I say?  She was truly awesome.

To everyone who supported Daisy and Kappi. Team Shetland is a force to be reckoned with!

It was great to see everyone again.  Same time, next year, I hope.

And lastly the biggest thank you to Bjørn Roar Larsen, FEIF Riding Instructor/Trainer Level 3, who made our success possible.  Without him, we couldn’t achieve this.

Sniff, sniff – I love you guys!

IHSGB British Championships – Day 3

It was the Finals today.  The weather had slightly improved, ie no raining but the midges were trying.

Daisy and Kappi’s first class was V2 – the Intermediate Four Gait Final

She had to show slow tölt




Fast Tölt

Daisy and Kappi came 1st.

A few hours later, it was the T3 Final – the Intermediate Tölt class

We are all thrilled with the results and many congratulations to Daisy and Kappi – they make a great team.

Home tomorrow, please, if the weather Gods are being kind.  It has been an amazing weekend.  Daisy and Kappi have worked hard and in the background Flossie has slaved and Waffle has been the best companion.  We couldn’t have done of this without them.