Arrived Safely

(sorry, no photos)

I am too hot to think or write anything.

I arrived safely after many hours travelling, waiting and more travelling.

Tonight I am staying with my sister in south London and all I can hear are distant aeroplanes  constant traffic and ambulance sirens. There is faint birdsong but I couldn’t tell you who they are.

Tomorrow, bright and early, we go to see my mother in the Home Counties.  The weather forecast says it will be between 20-24 degrees.

I think I will sit in the sink pouring cold water over myself.

4 thoughts on “Arrived Safely

  1. Linda

    Be brave (I remember having to go and see my mother in Los Angeles in August), and count your blessings. (Personally, I just kissed the ground when we arrived back home to Washington state…)
    Good luck!

  2. mandy

    we left Shetland three years ago to move ‘home’ Yes it is hot here. Too much traffic. Too many aircraft. Lovely chemtrails. No shalders. But we have trees…… Do de keen?

  3. Judith Garbutt

    Feel for you! I struggle with too much heat, noise, crowds, cities! Hopefully, seeing family members will make it worthwhile and bearable.

  4. Evelyn Wilcock

    Poor miserable Frances. We spent yesterday in South London too. Welcoming summer at last. Morning gardening – I counted 22 different plants in flower in our tiny back garden. Bees, both honey and bumble bees – all over. And the ever watching Robin. Wedding anniversary lunch in the garden with English asparagus and organic lamb. Walked to town for some Gap jeans then to an Italian cafe sitting on the Thames riverside terrace for ice creams as a treat – Chocolate sundae for husband and for me Coffee affogato is bliss, and our neighbour happening to be sitting with his friends at the next table. A really happy day.


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