Arrived Safely

After a lovely peaceful ferry crossing from Lerwick to Aberdeen, we arrived at our destination safe and well in the early afternoon.  We only had one detour.  Personally, I blame the Sat-Nav who was not ready for the new Queensferry Bridge and subsequent road layout.

This is the van after 20 hours travelling.   Waffle insisted on tipping over every bucket of water he was given.

Kappi and Waffle are living in a lovely enormous cowshed where they can see other Icelandic horses, a bullock and one Shetland pony.

Both the boys are seasoned travellers and they took everything in their stride.   We checked they had water, gave them a big pile of food and they will be left alone for the next 24 hours to rest and stretch their legs.

It is lovely here and we are now happily esconced in our hotel just down the road.  Although the boys will be left alone, they will be checked regularly.

The locals are nice too!

5 thoughts on “Arrived Safely

  1. Sam

    Glad you arrived safely even if Waffle wanted a wet trip. The picture of him with a mouthful of hay is delightful.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    So pleased you had a straightforward journey (apart from the ‘blip’). I hope the weather stays fair for the rest of your trip.

  3. Carol E

    I think Waffle must have thought there was more gay hiding under the water buckets — he looks like he’s making up for lost time! That’s impressive face-stuffing.

    I hope you two also get to rest and stretch your legs and have your own mini-break.


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