And Off We Go!

Lists, packing, shouting out things to remember,

Everything is coming together now.  This is the pile to get into the horsebox.

Note, the big purple box is a very large pile of chocolate.  Yummy chocolate.  Essential.


Anywho, Daisy is in charge of sorting out the horsebox and its contents.

She has been planning and sorting now for a few days.


Nothing has been forgotten (she types hopefully) and thought of everything (she types even more hopefully).


Obviously, she has help.  Perhaps just not the type she wanted.


Lambie has appointed himself Feed Monitor.


He takes his job very seriously.  None shall pass and he is doing his winning smile so that we will take him with us. I so wish.


He has a little helper too and, together, they spent most of their morning hopping in and out of the van when Daisy wasn’t looking.


They rearranged and tested as much as possible.

(BeAnne is obviously Quality Control Monitor).


Daisy tried to explain that they were more hindering than helping.


So they moved their venue and started to “help” in a new spot.


Helping is exhausting, as we all know, so they had a little rest.


I love the way these two are such good friends.


Ok, so now we are packed.  I am sure we are missing something.


Ah, that’s it.  Kappi and Taktur.

Note, Taktur’s haynet is for someone who doesn’t bolt their food while Kappi’s is the complete. I wonder why.


The van is now on the boat, the horses have been fed and watered.  We are in the bar and we are on our way!


Yay (I am drinking water – un-yay!)

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