All Together Now

An early blog today as I have a riding lesson this evening with Hamish Cameron – very excited.

Anywho, yesterday I took a deep breath, stopped being an over-protective mother, and let The Minions join The Big Boys in the large field.


I was waiting for explosions and politics and there was absolutely none.  Nada.  Not a dicky bird.

The Icelandic horses just looked up, gave them a nod and that was that.

So much for my worries.


I went out to see everyone this morning especially to see if The Minions still loved their dear old mum and yes, they did.  Phew.  I would hate them to change (back to my over-protective status).

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That is my hat that was having its usual investigation.


The boys are still testing and playing….


And everyone seems very tolerant of them.


I am sure The Minions are much better off in one big herd.  There are 11 horses and ponies in this field now – a mixture of Shetland ponies, Icelandic horses and a Welsh Section A.


If you are wondering where Taktur is, he is busy with Hetja.  Yup, the wedding was finally consummated and now they are living together in married bliss.  

I don’t think anyone is missing the frustrated bachelor, to be honest.


One thought on “All Together Now

  1. Linda

    Glad to see everyone is one big happy family now! (and kudos for the tactful update on the newlyweds…)


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