A Walk on the Beach

I have put myself on 24 hour vague bed-rest so that the steroids can concentrate on their job.  I also didn’t sleep very well last night so am still feeling rather knocked out.  Tomorrow will be better.

So these are the last of the photos from when we had a visitor (a rare sight these days).  After her Minion mauling, we took Willow, the black labrador, to the beach to say sorry.

Willow didn’t seem too scarred by her Shetland pony experience.

She loved the sea and had brought a bally-ball with her.

Being a labrador, she has all the right training for retreiving and she loves water.

We walked along the empty sandy beach enjoying the view.  The haar (cold sea fog) was lurking.

There seem to be much fewer seabirds around this year.

We found a lovely beach sculpture too.  Very clever.

And then home for a well-earned cup of tea.

The Boyzens (‘Bert was with a couple of tarty rogue hill ewes who have got in) were very intrigued by Willow.

I would almost go as far as to say their eyes were on stalks.

I love the way Lambie is utterly bemused.  I forget that they are just used to our little family.   I take it for granted that everyone will just be peaceful.

In the end the horrid flies drove us indoors and Willow was put back in the car in case Monster decided to attack, which has been known. He is not a fan of dogs.

My nursing staff today.  He is like a coiled spring – apparently!


3 thoughts on “A Walk on the Beach

  1. Sam

    Few things better than a Cat Heating Pad. Little Miss Maine Coon also does not like dogs, or rather she does….with BBQ sauce. Love the beach sculpture! Had a good giggle over the Bozenberries’ reactions to Miss Willow. Hope the back is easing up.

  2. m. Colleen McNamara

    Be sure to lay low and take care… Mind your feline and canine nursing staff.
    The beach sculpture was wonderful. Are the stones really those beautiful pastel colors?
    (no need to answer right now 😉
    Take care. Sending healing vibes your way.


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