A ‘Speriment

I am trying out my GoPro camera as a stills camera rather than the video camera most folk use it for.  I wanted to the see the quality of the photos (not bad) – it has a wide-angle lens which I am not used to.

Obviously, I chose my subjects wisely.

GOPR9854 GOPR9855

So, this afternoon Floss and I went out for a ride, taking the dogs on a walk as well.

(the phone pole doesn’t actually bend in real life but it does look very odd)

GOPR9864 GOPR9870

The Go-Pro gives Haakon a neck like a thoroughbred (not a bad thing!)


BeAnne is much slower these days.  She is 10 years old now and seems less keen on coming out with us.  I had to go back for her a few times. I think she was hoping I would let her ride too.  When she gets too old to come out, I will put her on Waffle and she can ride him. He would love to go for treks (my dream).


We didn’t go far.


Anyway, I am pleased with the results. The Go Pro was much more useable hung round my neck on a piece of string than stuck on my helmet filming my every move and/or squawk.  I am also terrified I will drop my iPod/iPhone.


We got home in one piece (which is always my definition of a good ride) and met Lambie and Ster.  I have a man with a digger in to dig up and level the sand surface of the school as it is mountains-and-valleys in places.

Note my extensive rug collection acquired over this winter.  One for every degree increase or decrease in temperature.  I have become obssessed, like I knew I would.


2 thoughts on “A ‘Speriment

  1. Linda

    Hey, maybe you could try some Salvadore Dali-type photos?!

    (We have coats for every conceivable temperature, why not the horses?) 🙂

  2. Linda K

    Very interesting perspectives. I like the last photo of Haakon. Perhaps BeAnne could sit in one of those baskets that the ponies use. I think you posted a photo once of those baskets on Fivla.


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