A Precious Summer’s Day

Some days, I just need to sit in a field with a little orphan foal.  Perspective is important in my life and talking to Brisk gives me so much.


I constantly check everyone but, most of all, I need to know that little Brisk is alright.  He had the deck stacked against him and we are continually hoping for a positive outcome, ie a home for life where he will be loved and appreciated.


So Floss and I spent the afternoon just talking to Brisk.


He sees no love from Tor or Camus and I think it is very important that he knows he has self-worth and value – not pounds, shilling and pence value but value of himself.


Brisk has had to learn this lesson far too early.


Sometimes life is not fair.


We have made a point of not letting Brisk rely on us for his identity.  He must not be a mummy’s boy.  It will do him no good.

So, we are pleased to see that he is learning independence while not depending on other ponies or humans.

Brisk is a darling little boy. He is so gentle and has so much to give.  Not a mean bone in his body.  He just is not that kind of guy.

This is a very rare Shetland pony.  I can count on one hand how many Shetland ponies are like him.  Fivla is one – gentle, kind and never pushes the boundaries.  Just happy to have folk around.  If I had more space, I would keep Brisk in a heartbeat.


4 thoughts on “A Precious Summer’s Day

  1. Cris Smith

    OMG, it’s so sad. He’s such a lovely boy. I’ve followed you for a long time and know how dedicated you are. I don’t have any land or ponies but was wondering if a donation towards his milk/food would be of any help?

  2. Darby

    I can’t imagine that such a beautiful and sweet pony would not find a loving home. hugs from across the sea little Brisk.


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