A Perfect Winter’s Day

We went for a ride this morning.

Daisy rode Klængur to get him ready for Floss’ return (early December, I am so excited).  I rode Haakon.  We tölted along (black-and-decker black-and-decker) up to the canter track and beyond.  All was good.


Before lunch, Daisy and I restacked the winter hay bales (I desperately don’t want them to go fusty – pronounce foo-stee) onto pallets and made them Iacs-proof.  He tends to nibble if he happens to be in the area.

After lunch (yes, homemade soup – I am truly awesome), I took BeAnne and Loki with me to check on the Sandness herd.

Foula was looking mysterious, as ever.  I love looking at this island.


Rain and sleet were in sporadic patches.  We successfully dodged.


And then onto the beach.  BeAnne took to the water – in winter.  She is one tough cookie!


Yes, I took my camera.

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Loki was pleased to be there.


I brought entertainment for BeAnne – an American bally-ball.  Her favourite toy.


I love taking the dogs to to the beach.


I did not cross this stream as I did not want to fall in with an expensive camera and I could feel the sand give way.


My darling precious heaven.


I luffs her.  She is my constant companion.


We met a jellyfish.  I put him back into the sea feeling guilty for how we used to throw them for fun at each other as children.

Perhaps not A Good Thing.

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And then we went home, via the Shetland ponies – I gave them carrots.


A good Shetland winter’s day.  Riding, walking the dogs on a deserated beach and then giving carrots to Shetland ponies.  What more could anyone really want?

7 thoughts on “A Perfect Winter’s Day

  1. Judith Garbutt

    What wonderful picture, Frances! Is BeAnne fully recovered? She looks really well. Loki is gorgeous, too. I love lurchers.

  2. Rebecca Final

    What a perfectly lovely day. Your photos are just wonderful. The photos of BeAnne are just adorable. Thanks for sharing

  3. Terri

    Luffly, luffly photos! So happy to see BeAnne looking so good and enjoying life! Not to mention Loki, who wound up with the perfect family! You feeling any better?
    PS A book of your photos is a great idea.


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