A Bargain

A few days back my OH came home from town telling us magical tales of things he had found.  He even took photos with his phone – and I honestly didn’t know he knew how to do that since his phone is mostly purely ornamental.

OH had found a secondhand Peli case (waterproof hard case) on wheels with a handle.  He had the measurements for us but we didn’t believe it would fit a large Icelandic saddle and poo-pooed his find.

Today, however, I saw Kappi’s saddle and it suddenly looked smaller than I remembered so I made Daisy drag it indoors and we measured it.

I phoned the Shetland Home Co, asked them if they still had the Peli case (they did), if they would to set said case to one side for us (they would) and so Daisy and I drove into town.

We took the saddle with us and IT FITTED!

Being one of our favourite shops, we dumped the saddle and had a quick peruse.

There is an excellent selection of everything – our mahoosive four-speaker stereo that resides in the indoor school came from this shop.

We paid (a total bargain – about a fifth of what they sell for new) and drove home.

The case is now residing in the porch and I have bought OH a bottle of whiskey to watch the World Cup with to apologise for dissing his brilliant find!

I love a bargain and this Peli case will be perfect for carting Kappi’s stuff around Europe with him.  I have  smaller version for my camera.

7 thoughts on “A Bargain

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Ha, ha, ha……….despite all the comments (and bless OH) regarding your great purchase of the Peli case, I was laughing because your door looks just ours! We have to have it repainted about 3x a year and it’s really funny because it’s open almost all the time so Chip and Chandler can come and go. They’ve a dog door to use that goes out on the back deck, but do you think they use it – oh, no……….The front yard is much more fun because things are always happening – cars/people/dogs go by and there’s always something to bark at, even if we can’t see it!


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