Christmas Begins

Happy days.  Christmas can now begin.  I have both my lovely daughters home and I am happy, happy, happy.

After the initial hellos, Floss wanted to see The Minions, especially the new one.  As my daughter, she has her priorities in the right order but then my daughters both know what is important.

Floss was amazed at how big the original Minions had grown and how well (*** cough *** read fat) they were.


BeAnne said What Ho!


Like every Minion, Tiddlypom took his time to suss out the newbie, ie Flossie.


He is always very fond of BeAnne (I mean, who isn’t.  What is not to love?)


But he soon realised that Floss was a soft touch.


With magic hands that could find The Spot and that was that.  Another victim, sorry, friend.


The Christmas tree can now be decorated.  That’s the girls’ job and for a change, no arguing.


I am very happy.  Everything is right now.  One more trip to Lerwick for the final ingredients and that is us.


Let Christmas begin.


Minion Training

I have noticed, recently that there has been a distinct lack of Minion manners.  They had their feet trimmed the other evening and, I am ashamed to say, were fairly unhelpful and downright rude.  Not good.


So today everyone was groomed, had their feet lifted and led nicely round the school in both directions.


Little Tiddlypom watched fascinated by this work.


When it was his turn, I picked up his feet, tried to teach him to lead and gave him a wuffly hairdo!


I think he is beginning to be a better shape now. – more covered and a happier eye.


Leading is an important skill to learn and it is never a bad thing to remind folk how to do it.

BN2A5220 BN2A5223

I am a great believer in animals teaching animals.


Big hugs all round.


And then I put a new rug on Storm that fitted beautifully (a huge thank you – you know who you are and Storm and I are very grateful).


And a new rug with padding for Tiddlypom.  Interestingly, later this afternoon, I found him lying down for the first time in his shed, fast asleep.  I have never seen him lie down before so he must be feeling warm and wumfy.


A Spot of Riding

Riding is not all about going round the school as fast as possible.  This is probably the most important thing you can do for your horse.  WARM UP!

Daisy started her day by riding Kappi, Bjørn’s Icelandic gelding, who she helps to train.  Daisy and Kappi get on very well and he was glad to see her home.


Next up, was Mr Bimble, aka Iacs (pronounced Eye-Ax).  Daisy was given Iacs when she was 9 years old and 12 years later on, she has still not out grown him.


HOYS soon for BeAnne and Iacs as well.  They are a remarkable team.


After Mr Bimble’s efforts, Daisy rode Taktur.  She said he was, as ever, wonderful.


While Daisy was doing her riding workout (3 horses – apparently she aches), I was dealing with Haakon and his hoof.  I am not sure if he is lame or unbalanced because he has no front shoes on.  Haakon is not a horse who can be unshod, ever.


And, after all that, I had a shot on Klængur.  I haven’t ridden for a while, as my back has been very owie.  It was nice to get back on board and we just stayed in walk, concentrating on bending and a relaxed effective outline.  He was a good boy and I enjoyed myself (God alone knows what my leg position is – ignore, say nothing.)


A great horsey day.


Duly Smitten

We said goodbye to the refugee reindeer.  They are going back to their original home, well rested and happy.  I am sad to see them go but it will be good to get back into riding again, especially now Daisy is home (yay!)


And Daisy said hello to The Minions and our newbie, Tiddlypom.


As you can see, everyone was very pleased to see her.  Crushing Daisy to the wall is a way of showing love and appreciation.

L1130712 L1130713

Tiddlypom is still obsessed with BeAnne.  I am so glad that none of them chase her.  She doesn’t mind any of them as long as they don’t over-step the mark.


And then Tiddlypom turned his attentions to Daisy and they made friends.  She was smitten.


They made very good friends.  This is what Tiddlypom loves most – his bottom being scratched.  He will sit on your knee.


They all had their feet done as well and mostly behaved (we will be working on this “speshul skill” in the near future. I was carefully watching Tiddlypom with Daisy and with the others – I think he has changed in the last few weeks.  He is far more confident in his own space and is beginning to be one of The Minions rather than being on the outside.

The Dreaded “C” Word

The dreaded “C” Word is Cleaning and I am not very good at it or very enthusiastic about it.

I have been doing cleaning because No 1 daughter, Daisy, is coming home from St Snotters for Christmas.  Her last exam was yesterday and she is flying in tomorrow morning.

BN2A0051 copy

So I cleaned the house, well bits of it, well I put clean sheets on her bed, ok, I dabbed about ineffectively with a duster having sprayed polish in the air to give the impression of cleaning and turned the radiator on in her bedroom.

I found if I do housework without my glasses on, there doesn’t really seem very much to do!  My back does not like housework at all.  I pay the price afterwards with some nasty twinges/muscle spasms.

BN2A4612 copy

I think there will be a queue of fur-people who will be thrilled to see Daisy.

BN2A1209 copy

She has been missed….

BN2A7275 copy

… and I think she has missed us too.

BN2A1589 copy

We have much to do for Christmas preparations and may need a few willing volunteers who happen to be outside offering their services.

BN2A1448 copy

I can’t wait to see Daisy.  Christmas can sort of start to begin in our house.  Floss gets in on the 20th, all being well and then I will be properly happy.

L1060372 copy

Anyway, the house smells cleaner.