Hmmmmm….. Not Sure!

I accompanied Daisy and Taktur out for a hack.  They went off training while Haakon and I pottered along at the back.

He was not himself at all.  Very slow and tail-swishy when asked for anything else.  Usually Haakon keeps up with the best of ’em, but today, he decided he didn’t want to.

Odd things I noticed:

Efstur (with the joys of Spring) was trying to mount Haakon while I led him out of his field, which greatly pissed him off as he couldn’t retaliate as he had a head-collar on.

It was hot, for Shetland, and Haakon still has some winter coat on – he had a sweaty chest.

Haakon has been working hard all week.

So, I am not sure what to think.

Haakon didn’t even canter off with me on the way home. He always does that  – no manners and I forgive him.  So, to not do it means something is going on.

After the ride, instead of putting Haakon back in with the guys, we took Iacs out and let the old men have a break from the young bucks.  Haakon is the leader of the herd.

So the “young bucks” waited by the gate for their leader to return.

It is hot.  The sheeples are all suffering hugely too.

(Even I am in a t-shirt!)

So I am not sure what to think. As his rider, trainer and owner of 20 years (Haakon is 23), he felt like he wanted to do a big poo and then everything would be alright.  I gave him a probiotic and will reassess tomorrow.

I worry. He is getting old.  He has to last forever.  Not like Haakon not to bugger off home with me.  Please God don’t let there be something wrong.

He is eating fine, however.

Swimming at Lyradale

There is a lovely warm shallow loch at Lyradale.

It is perfect for dogs.

And perfect for teaching a deaf little Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (or Toller, for short) puppy, how to enjoy swimming in a safe environment with her friends.

Little Zee needed to learn this special skill.

The others are all very good at it, but Zee has been reluctant to learn.

But learn she did and, after a slight tentative start, she loved it.

It was great to watch her gain her confidence in the water.

Her dog family already know what to do.  They swim and retrieve beautifully. You just chuck the dummy and it is brought back.  If it is missed, you point to it and they go and find it.


But, it really was BeAnne who helped Zee the most.

BeAnne was transfixed by the plastic floating water dummy.

She wanted it more than anything.

And openly covetting the dummy made Zee want it too!


BeAnne would steal it, if she could.

Others were better at sharing!

After lots of swimming, retrieving and best behaviour from everyone (which was lovely to see – I was very proud of BeAnne;  she was a star, no filthy language), we walked the dogs past the ponies and back to the cars.

The little deaf puppy was on a lead as certain Shetland ponies have been known to take advantage.

But, again, everyone behaved beautifully.

It was a lovely afternoon.  We must swim again. I will not be teaching the ponies, though.

First Named

We are struggling with names but after much discussion and research, we have come up with one – for Brá’s black colt.

Meet Dreki from Thordale.

Dreki means dragon.


He will be our Dragon.

So there it is, sorted.  He will grow into his name.

Today, Dreki was the other side of the burn, trying hard to work out how to get over to join his mother.

He didn’t panic.  He thought about his problem.  His little brain was working overtime.

But he made his decision…..

… some of his legs cooperated….

And then he was happily back with his loving mother, Brá.

Meanwhile, we still don’t have a name for Dreki’s elder half-sister.

It will come.  Her name will find her.

But Dreki it is for the colt.  He is our beautiful black dragon.

We think it suits him.

And Another Arrival

I woke up at 02:00 this morning.  I had a feeling.

Looking out of the window, I could see one dark coloured horse on the horizon standing up with possibly another.

So, wellies on, a coat over my Minion jimjams and, armed with a torch, I went out to check on Brá.  The birds were singing beautifully and it was just starting to get light.

She had her foal and they were both up and running.  Perfect.

I found the afterbirth – it looked fine.  So I left them all to it.  Hetja and her little one were one end of the field and Brá and her new bebbie were at the other.

I would find out more in the morning.

And so, this morning, after all chores were done, Daisy and I went to see who the storks had brought.

Brá is a shy mare. Over the past months, I have spent many hours working with her gaining her trust.  We have an understanding.

So, leaving Daisy and my camera behind, I approached, talking her language, gave her a carrot and had a quick check of her foal.

A beautiful colt and he is gorgeous.

We are truly blessed.

Little one does not have “The Ears” but he does have “The Legs” and moves like a dream.  Again, it is likely he is five-gaited and he is very, very black in colour.  Much darker than Hetja’s bebbie girl.

A certain someone is desperate to talk to her new half-brother.

I can’t wait for them to meet.  It won’t be long.

Any Minute Now!

Brá is ready to burst now.

Any minute now.

My money is on either tonight or first thing tomorrow morning there will be an new set of hooves arriving.

She says her foal could not come a day too soon now, please, thank you!

Meanwhile, in the Maternity Unit, all is very well.

Hetja looks like a supermodel.

And Bebbie’s ears are ridiculous!

They are very out of proportion and rather noticeable.

As someone who spent her childhood worrying about very sticky-out ears (my own), I can totally relate to bebbie!  Loving the in-between-ear tuft too.

Perhaps Bebbie will grow into them!

Mother and daughter obviously adore each other.

Little one is stretching out now and working out what her legs do.

Methinks she has some kind of pace (very exciting to see, this early).

I love the way she copies her mother as they go up the hill.

Step for step.

In perfect synchronisation.

So, the “midwives” are on hand.  Ready, waiting and always helpful.

I doubt I will get much sleep tonight.

(I’ll keep you posted!)