Town & Country

My weekly flute lesson was this morning.  Afterwards Flossie and I went into town to do some messages.


I visited a lovely little shop that sells my photos as cards amongst many other gorgeous Shetland gifts.


It is always great to see my work in print and apparently the cards are selling very well.


And then we spotted Fivla as a jigsaw puzzle (and I think they have other ones too but they were on re-order due to their huge popularity).


This afternoon, once home, I went to Sandness for my other task I had been meaning to do but keep forgetting – to put Sudocrem on Hetja’s poor sunburned nose.  Every time I see her I remember and then instantly forget to do anything about it.


Hetja and her friends were at the top of a 130m hill called The Spinner (so that was my exercise for the day – here is the view).


I lugged my camera with the pot of cream in my pocket.


Hetja was not very impressed with her cream and rushed off in a rage but I intend to treat her daily until her sunburn calms down.  I hope she comes down the hill occasionally.


I had brought her a carrot but she had left before I could give it to her.  Funnily enough, a friendly little Shetland pony arrived so I wiped my hands on him and gave him the carrot to say thank you.


Once Hetja and Hjalti had calmed down, I managed to take some photos of them.


Hjalti is very gorgeous and his nosey looks unscathed by the sun.  I doubt I would get cream near that.


Not My Day

Today, imagine if you will, that I took superb photos of Taktur loose lungeing with Storm around the school (oooh).

Then, onto Sandness to watch some stunning black Shetland mares in a very impressive Shetland landscape meet up with another mare.  They ran majestically together across the horizon, stood and faced us with their manes blowing beautifully in the wind (aaah).

Afterwards we went to see Hetja and Hjalti.  He was asleep and Hetja allowed me to approach him. This was the closest I have ever been to him.  Hjalti then got up trotted, tölted lightly, legs high and dance daround us like Nureyev.  I snapped away happily (cor).

And I think it was at this stage that I noticed I had no memory card in my camera…….

(I may have said a rude word or even two or three).

So imagine, if you will, because you aren’t going to ever see the ruddy photos.

To make up for this terrible situation (which will never happen again as I put a memory card in every car glove compartment just in case), here are some pathetic photos of the Northern Lights that I took a few nights back.  I would like you to know that I suffered for these photos.  The midges were out in force. I had also drunk copious amounts of Maotai that rendered me utterly useless – even with a memory card in this time, it was no use as I had forgotten how the ruddy camera worked.

BN2A1384 BN2A1385 BN2A1387 BN2A1388 BN2A1392 BN2A1393 BN2A1395

Is that Mars in the sky (or is Venus)?


And the Plough (I always like to find it as it is the only star constellation I know!)


And so to bed as the Aurora vanished, the effects of the Maotai wore off and suddenly I remembered how to focus and set my camera.




The Secret Life of Storm

Storm has a secret life.  He invented it all by himself – a regular Walter Mitty (obviously the Danny Kaye, Virginia MayoBoris Karloff version and not the new one – there, I’ve said it!)

Everyday Storm waits patiently with Taktur and I let them both out of the field, feed them Handsome-Prince food (I remain deranged but optimistic for Storm), and they go into the Fat Field – the one with lots of grass.

Obviously, this is not enough for Storm.  No, he wants more.  So everyday, he crawls under the fence into a huge field full of thick lush green grass.  But being a pony of very little brain and, because he can, Storm crawls under another fence via the burn (stream to you) into this field.

I have no idea why he does it but he does.  He stays here, happily stuffing, until I call him and with that he comes trotting enthusiastically up.


This is his silly-billy face and hairdo.


And this is his concentrating face.  He will be using this one if he ever gets near a show ring (no chance).


And so I open the gate back into the field where there is less grass but more friends.  Being Storm, he takes provisions because you just never know.


Being Storm, though, he is easily distracted by a small piece of rope.  Like I said, a pony of very little brain.

BN2A1739 BN2A1740 BN2A1742

Eventually, Storm remembers why the gate is open and goes through to the field with less grass but where the Fatties live.


Storm is such a darling little character, he doesn’t instantly bugger off and we have a nose kissey en route. I tell him he is very speshul every day.


Having established just how special he is, Storm then armed with confidence and derring-do, makes his way carefully to find the rest of his herd.


Everyday, it is the same routine.

Eriskay Ponies in Shetland

When I was a-trippering a few days ago with my friends, we came across a small herd of Eriskay ponies on a hill.


They caught my eye and imagination and I wanted to find out more about them.  I phoned their owner and asked if I could go and take some photos.  Permission was given (I always ask, never assume) so I thought I would pop along this morning by myself and take a few pics.


I know nothing about Eriskay ponies apart from the fact that they are rare and now there are 2 mares, 2 foals and a stallion up here in Shetland.


Armed myself with my camera, I did the usual – climbed carefully over the fence, found a suitable dry flat rock and sat down.  I would not assume to go up to a herd – I like to wait for them to come to me first.


The stallion immediately clocked me but took his time before he wended his way down the hill to talk to me.  We exchanged the time of day and I noted he was a gentle soul and yes, I kissed his nosey.  He was that type of chap.


I will definitely go back, if I am allowed. I liked these gentle ponies.  They gave me the same feeling as Icelandic horses and Shetland ponies.


There was definitely a similarity in the way they thought.  I could see that.


Anyway, enjoy the photos – this is just a small selection. As always, I took a few.

BN2A1607    BN2A1585 BN2A1549 BN2A1542 BN2A1532    BN2A1706

Storm in a Teacup

Yesterday, after sitting outside with Lambie and Lambert, we went inside to escape the midges and make a cup of tea.

Then I thought, for some miracle reason, that the midges were not going to be as bad in the pony field so, taking our tea (Lapsang Souchong no milk no sugar, thank you for asking), we went and sat down on some flat rocks and waited.

Pretty quickly two of The Minions appeared – Waffle and Storm.

L1180120 L1180122

They took an inordinate interest in our tea.  Mandy offered some of her’s to Waffle.


And I offered some to Storm (I love his face).


Waffle liked tea and wanted the whole cup to himself.


While Storm went a bit silly because, well because he could! Caffeine Buzz?


Hard drugs, dontcha know!


So I sent him over to Mandy.


Meanwhile Silver wanted to see what all the fuss was about.


He drank most of my tea very happily and finished it off just as Storm returned to annoy.


So I gave Storm the empty cup to play with.

L1180151  L1180157

I suppose that is where the phrase “Storm in a Teacup” comes from!