Dreich Day

It was a dreich day in Lerwick.

Having first checked everyone was ok – Lilja was fine and almost part of her new herd; thank you all for thinking about her – Daisy and I went into town get some supplies.

We trudged up and down the high street almost on our own.  The place was deserted probably due to the miserable weather.

I bought a few crafting things for my models – wire, pipecleaners, sticky dots, etc.

Feeling very uninspired with the whole day, Daisy and I bought ourselves lunch and ate haggis and chips in the car.  The view was good looking over to Bressay, an island across the Bressay Sound.

There was one highlight, however……..

The local feline celebrity was in residence upstairs in Boots.

He is called Tommy and he has his own Facebook page about his adventures around Lerwick.  It was nice to meet him. We left him sleeping happy in the knowledge that he wouldn’t be disturbed and no one minded.

Back With Mum

Today, we put Lilja back with her mother, Hetja, and friend, Brá.

First, Daisy and I constructed a good solid electric fence to stop the fence by the road being pushed over or jumped.

Then we drove over to Hetja and Brá’s field, caught them and lead them to their new field in the pouring rain.  It was the kind of rain that soaked us through within a few minutes.

After that, we walked down to Lilja’s field (which is opposite the new field), easily caught Lilja and led her up to her mum’s new field.

Lilja was intrigued to see her mother and Brá again.  They were less generous.

In fact Hetja was a cow-bag.

Poor Lilja.  I am ashamed of her mother and friend.

They were arsey old mares who know better.

Anywho, we left them with Lilja trying to make friends…..

….. and the matriarchs having none of it.

I am just praying to all the Gods that Lilja doesn’t get pushed or jump over the fence onto the road to escape the old bags and that things calm down.

Of course this lot are not helping.  There is much shouting for Lilja to come back home.

We will see.  Maybe things will have calmed down by tomorrow.  Worst case scenario Lilja can go live with the Minions again but I was rather she was with the Icelandic mares.

Lambie, Lambie, Lambie

Daisy and I worked all afternoon packing vegetables for Transition Turriefield.  Always a pleasure, never a chore with lots of chat and laughing.

Feeling guilty that I hadn’t taken any photos for the blog all day, I made Daisy drive home while I occasionally shouted “stop” so I could try to capture something.

This is Foula while the Autumn Shetland sun is setting.  Not a bad view for a drive home.

Once home, I “did the gate” so Daisy could drive the car in and unload our massive box of veg.  While I walked up our track to the crofthouse, I saw the sheeple were in their field with the gate open so, with camera ready, I shouted “Lambie, Lambie, Lambie” and waited.

My little boy (and his friends) all came running. Luckily Turriefield had given us a special bag of carrots labelled “Lambie”, so I distributed them fairly.

I love coming home to a sheeple welcome.  It makes everything good.

Rather Tired

I really didn’t feel like getting up this morning.

None of us did.  We were all exhausted.

Monster had spent the night alternating between the bed and the floor trying to wake up my OH so he could be fed.  Think Simon’s Cat.  It is uncannily similar!

I think OH and Monster argued all night.  Monster would jump on OH, OH would wake up and put Monster on the floor and Monster would then jump back up.  Ad infinitum. OH eventually caved at 05:00.

Note:  I have just purchased an electronic automatic feeder.  Maybe this will solve the problem.  Everyone is rather tired including Monster who was “up all night”.


Monster spent the day in his “wee nook” snoozing.  Lucky thing.

To wipe away the cobwebs, I went for a ride out on Haakon in a very bracing Shetland westerly wind.  It certainly woke me up.

Daisy and Kappi came along too.  As Haakon and I are old and slow, we each did our own thing.   We can’t keep up with the youngsters anymore though Haakon and Kappi spent the beginning of the ride hurling filthy looks and barging past trying to cut each other off!  Daisy and I just laughed at our two dinosaurs.


All My Icelandic Boys

An Autumnal feel to today’s photos of my Icelandic boys in their field.

Everyone is looking well (some a bit too well, even).

The winter coats are coming in now.  It is the beginning of the Season of the Woolly Mammoths.

Klaengur is looking forward to his owner, Flossie, my youngest daughter, coming home from China on Monday.  He has had a two month holiday, with all his shoes off plus a visit from the dentist.  It will have done him good.  Everyone needs a holiday.

I expect upon her return, Flossie and Klaengur will return to being the formidable speed team that they are.

Taktur is back in training having had his summer holidays with the laydee-girls.

Now he is living with his two sons and his friends.  They are a settled herd now.  Thankfully all the bad feeling has vanished and they have sorted themselves out.

Kappi is back in work.

Daisy rides all her horses most days.

The little ones are growing up far too quickly.

Little Dreki is Big Dreki now.

All eyes will soon be on Hjalti when he starts his training proper next year.

So that’s the boys.  They are an easy little bunch.  To move them, we just opened the gate and shouted.  They all cantered over the hill straight home!

I ❤️ Icelandic horses (I need a car sticker!)