Random Recent Photos

Loki and Wussums’ bro-mance is still going well.

(I wish this photo had been better as Wu is smiling so sweetly at Loki)

One mile-long cat.

So, today the weather forecast was saying it was going to rain and rain and rain.

But Kappi needed his exercise (all part of his training) and Daisy wanted company.

I went along too on Klængur – aww, he is just so orange and he behaved beautifully.  He is very fun to ride.

It was a good fast training ride and we tölted forever.

Next up, was Taktur.  He is now back in work and so Daisy rode her dreamy black stallion.

I rode Haakon.  Again, it was a lovely ride out – different, though, mostly walk with a quick canter up the track to let off steam. Taktur was very happy to back in work again and to be going out past some ladies!  He looked very handsome.

The rain began, as promised, and so I have had a lazy Sunday afternoon playing with my camera.

Desk View

Sitting at my desk on my laptop this morning, I glanced up to look out of the window.

(gosh that window needs a good clean – inside and out – one of these days – Mañana, mañana)

Delia and her two small charges, Albie and Newt, had taken up residence in Lambie’s little house-and-garden.  I had given them an alfalfa block to play with.

(If you are wondering who those bobbly things are on my windowsill, I shall explain – they are ‘Bert, ‘Ster and Lambie made for me by a very clever friend).  My own little “legitimate” indoor Boyzenberries!)

A little later, I looked up again – Is there anything better than a little fuzzy Shetland pony butt in your line of vision?

I mean, seriously, is there?  All 26″ (Newt has grown) of it.

After lunch, this was the view from the kitchen window.

Everyone had moved around the tiny garden and Delia was now baby-sitting while the little ones rested in the sleet/snow/rain (the weather is very cold today but yet they all prefer to lie outside when they have a lovely hay-filled shed).

She is such a good old lady.

A real friend in a dragony-give-me-my-food-now way!

Albie woke up when I tried to creep around him to take a good photo.

Newt was more laid back about things.  Oof, I love the way he sits with his hooves all tucked up out of sight.

They both are very kissy boys.

Later, I came home from the daily Lyradale visit to find the little ones were now hoovering up the spilled silage next to the big ones’ field.

Not long boys, not long!

I just wish the weather would warm up.  Grow grass, grow.

Daily Task

This is my daily task – I refuse to say chore (because it isn’t something I mind doing).

The water in Hetja and Brá‘s field has dried up. Apparently, it always does this time of year.

But, no worries, every day, I take about 50 litres of fresh water and put it in their buckets.

Pregnant ladies need fresh water.

They also have a mineral lick (no sugar) bucket which they make regular in-roads into.

This is their second bucket this winter.

The girls are doing very well.  Soon they will be moved – just got to finish the second silage bale at home, move everyone and then they can come home.

Brá has “that” look.  The pregnant and I am now really fed-up look.

Hetja loves being pregnant.  You would barely know.  She could’ve just done very well this winter (please God let there be a foal in there and not a massive diet looming).

I did the other daily routine –  small carrot piece offered and given, headcollar on with no fuss, gooby eyes wiped, leftover carrot received as reward for this immense task.  Let’s just say we are getting there and Brá trusts me enough to do this.

Pregnancy suits Hetja (and it is only now I notice she is sticking her tongue out!)

Les Minions are all fine. Today was not their day to be hugged.  Just counted.

And Daddy?  He is back in work and doing very well.

I made this video as an experiment.

Can i just say that lugging all this water is killing my back.  Just sayin’.

Feeding Efstur

Every morning Efstur is fed extra hard feed.

After dishing out the daily silage, I call him and he leaves the others to walk into the garden and have a bucket of grub.  This will make him big, strong and hopefully a Handsome Prince too.

(The Others eat their silage – they have learned not to bother trying to get the hard feed.)

The Spring grass is now beginning to show – slowly, as it is still very cold.  After their silage, a bit of a rest, they then go off a-wandering looking for the new growth.  The mud is also drying up now.

Efstur is such a good boy.  So easy going and I don’t even need to use a headcollar.  He just brings himself through the gate, eats his food and then I put him back. All with just by guiding him with my hand on his chin.

I love horses like that.  Efstur completely gets it.  He understands what is required, doesn’t panic, takes it all in his beautiful stride, and does as I ask.

Life would be very easy if they were all as nice as Efstur.  Very easy indeed.  The Gods smiled when they sent him to me.

He is going through his gangly nearly-one-year old phase – the giraffe phase, at the moment.

Preparation and Training

Daisy and Kappi are busy training and preparing for the IHSGB (Icelandic Horse Society of Great Britain) British Championships which are taking place on the 23-25th June in Spalding, Lincolnshire.

I have just finished working out the logistics.

Hannibal crossing the Alps had nothing on us.

I spent most of the morning on the telephone sorting everything out and, much to my shock and consternation, the ruddy ferry was almost fully booked. We have the last cabin going down to mainland UK.  Imagine that, two months ahead and the boat is full!

But, phew, we have a cabin and a place for the van – full of a Kappi and a Waffle.

Two months to go.  Only two months.  So little time.  I must start to pack!  Now, where is Waffle’s toothbrush and what colour pyjamas does he want to wear?  Bob the Builder or He-Man?

Exciting times ahead.

(PS – I defy Waffle not to enchant everyone at the British Championships!)