Her Kingdom

The Minions were in the furthest field away today.  Vitamin was standing on a bank of the burn (stream) enjoying the sun on her back even though it was a brisk northerly wind. She was surveying her little kingdom.  Vitamin is still boss mare.

Floss and I talked to everyone, and were nibbled by some!

There is always a nibbler.

And one who pulls a silly face for the camera.

And that, of course, would be Storm – he is multi-tasking.

Fivla was looking *** cough *** robust!

Albie, as ever, was close by.

Sóley is nearly as big as Lilja now.  Shocking. This time last year she was a little foaly.

They are the best of friends.  Sóley has grown up in her head, as well as physically, these past few months.  Lilja is a good influence.

Waffle is busy maintaining his summer beach body.  It is 24/7 all this eating.

And dearest Silver didn’t look at all like Silver. An odd expression for him.

It was a lovely morning, if cold (that ruddy north wind) and raining now – too dreary.  But the grass will grow and they will all get fatter and fatter and fatter…….

Happy Holidays

I went to visit Newt and Tiddles in their “hotel” where they are keeping another little Shetland pony, Festus, company for a few weeks.

(Meet the extremely beautiful Festus)

Newt rushed up (ears flat back which he probably learned from Albie) to come and see me, followed by Tiddles. I was most surprised.  Usually I am just known as “the one with carrots” and I hadn’t brought anything but they wanted cuddles and kisses despite my lack of calories.

For once, my little boys were genuinely pleased to see me.  Awwww.  (*** sniff ***).

At this hotel, everyone is brushed every day as well as being given breakfast.

This, I think, is rather a shock to their systems (the brushing, and possibly the breakfast) but still they look very beautiful and their holiday is suiting them.

I am now wondering whether I could just swap two Minions into the field every day so they all get brushed and cleaned up without me making any effort!

Sadly, Newt and Tiddles were not being very nice to wee Festus while in my company.  They let the side down and I told them to pack it in.  I was quite suprised at this behaviour and, when I offered to remove the bully (today it was Tiddles – I watched him. Disappointed much), I was told that they were all fine and took it in turns to Rule the World.

Today, it was obviously Tiddles’ turn with the crown.

Tomorrow it will be Newt and he will bring his “leetle book” to write names down in.

Anyway, it was lovely to see my boys while sort of funny to see them in a different field from where I usually see them.


Newt and Tiddles had better not get used to this way of life. I am not brushing every day!

What are you doing?

I was getting into the car to visit Albie and Newt in their five-star hotel down the road when I saw a small group of reprobates looking very dodgy.

Daisy had started the annual ragwort pulling marathon.

And Efstur and Dreki were “helping”.

Helping in the only way they know, ie sniffing, getting in the way and generally being, well, unhelpful.

They had to investigate everything because you know Daisy could be pulling up chocolate cake and then hiding it in her wonderful crunchy-but-possibly-scary black bag.

The pursuit of knowledge is obviously a two-horse job.

While Taktur was observing.

Dreki was the braver of the two.

But this is the one perk of the job.  You get wonderful nose-kisseys.

New Pond

We have a new pond!  The ducks are not very sure as they have always been very keen on sitting in the purple bucket when it is full of water but I am determined they will love this new-to-us pond.

So I upturned the purple bucket so they could use it as a step.

It took a while for the ducks to take an interest.  We moved the pond (luckily very portable when empty) nearer to their feeding area so they couldn’t possibly miss it. Silly ducky-wuckies – they are always very suspicious of anything new.

They started by drinking out of it.  Ducks drink like they are tasting a fine wine.

So if one has a go, the others follow along.

But they weren’t swimming, just drinking and I wondered if the height of the sides might be a problem.  I rummaged through our wood pile and found some old fence “stabs” and made a neat little runway/step up to the pond edge.

And that worked a treat.  They are taking it in turns to have a good swim, diving and cleaning themselves up.  I know this because a) I have seen one swimming and b) the water is filthy now.

A huge thank you to the person who gave us the pond.  You know who you are and we are very grateful.  We have very happy ducky-wuckies.

All By Myself….

‘Ster was separated from the Boyzenberries so was shouting loudly and complaining.  Feeling kind, I went into his field and tried to show him how to join ‘Bert and Lambie – an easy maneuver – but he said he couldn’t so I left him to his misery.

He wasn’t exactly on his own, anyway. The Girlzenberries were very close by in the same field.

Madge has suddenly grown. She is much bigger than her mother, Edna, now and you can really see her cross-breeding coming through.  There is no doubt she is not a pure Shetland sheep.  Part tank, part sheep.

And not-so-little Missy is huge.  A leg in each corner type of sheep, I think.

Here she is next to her Mother.  Yup, huge.

I like to think Edna is living her best life with us.

She is such a kind old lady.  Why anyone would dump her on the open hill is a complete mystery to me.  Madge is less of a mystery. She is prone to thinking, which is never wise.

Missy is still a character.  She comes up and chats, nibbling anyone and anything as she goes.

She not the shy type at all.

Missy’s theory of life is if it stops moving, eat it which might explain her size!

The Icelandic boys were nearby too.  So I can’t honestly see why ‘Ster was complaining about being all alone in the world.  He followed me out of the field and I opened the gate for him to join the Boyzens.

And then we had peace and quiet.