Better Pasture

I am determined to move the ponies to better pasture at Leradale.  They are determined to stay in the same place.  Their field is huge and they just remain in the same place all the time.  There is lots of grass on the other side of the valley.

Armed with a bag of apples, Daisy asked them to follow her.


Except for Silver and Vitamin.  They wouldn’t jump the stream.

However, the others were very keen – it could’ve been Daisy or it could’ve been the apples.

Eventually, after much neighing, Vitamin and Silver decided they would go round rather than across.  I love the way these Shetland ponies work out a problem rather than give up.

Silver eventually arrived, so Daisy bit her remaining apple in half.

Silver had his fair share.

Lyra was very pleased to see Daisy.

They had a special moment together.

This is a wonderful park.  It is perfect for photos.  Lots and lots of photos (sorry – be prepared, maybe make sandwiches, something for the duration).

Meanwhile, Vitamin decided to stay put and shout at everyone.

Fivla did answer and tried to get her to join the herd.

In the end Vitamin realised that if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

She was not happy but she arrived.

The preggie ladies in the next door field are very happy.

They are both looking very pregnant, espcially Brá.  She is vast!  Very wide.

Lots of photos next – you were warned.


Training Breakthrough

So very proud of my little boys today.

Daisy and I went to catch them for their in-hand training and we managed to bring the wrong headcollar.  A small one.

So, I walked up to Efstur and put it on him.
First time ever!

Yes, we practiced a lot this summer with Mr Headcollar but we never actually achieved.  The only time Efstur has let me put a headcollar on him has been in the stable or once in the school, the other day.

What a little dude.

(Daisy went back for Hjalti’s headcollar and we led them through the garden (the shortest route, but don’t tell my OH) and into the school.

We tied them both up.

Efstur worked out that he is required to just stand there and not prat about.

Today’s main lesson was about feet.  Efstur has had his feet trimmed before but it is a necessity that he gets used to having his hooves handled.

Efstur was fairly good.  He didn’t have to lift it so high (his choice) but he has to learn he can never snatch it back or kick out.

After a bit of gentle persuasion, Efstur understood what we wanted and we will now incorporate this into his training.

After feet, next a walk.

Praise the good and ignore the bad.

Efstur was a good boy.  He tried very hard.  He wanted to understand and concentrated on this.

The dressage whip is not used as a whip – it is more for guidance.


And then hardfeed in his new bucket.  I think purple suits him.

We are starting to get to know Efstur now.

This is the bit I like the best.  I will probably never ride him, but I will help teach him his manners.

Equine Explorers

My turn to pop over to Leradale today to check on everyone there.  I took the dogs with me.

As instructed, the preggie ladies had an apple each.

They expect it.  Thems are The Rules (apparently).

I had also brought a pocket full of carrots for the smaller ones.

I duly dished them out as equally as possible.

And then on with the dog walk.

Storm decided he was coming too because I could be dropping carrots, Hansel and Gretel-like all the way round.

When Waffle and Tiddles turned up, he quickly lost interest in me.

So the dogs and I continued with a lovely walk around the field of Leradale.

They loved it – so much space.

Lots to explore.

BeAnne even went for a little paddle!

This then gives her the perfect excuse to roll in as many disgusting smells as she can find before I turn round and shout at her!


On our way back, the ponies spied me in the distance and I shouted for them to come over.

They spend far too much time mooching around in the same spot and never explore the rest of their huge field.

First Lyra, Waffle, Storm and Silver walked over.

They followed me nose to tail in the row behind me and then branched out as they remembered there was actually more to this field and it had potential.

There was a whinny and Tiddles appeared feeling left out. He had decided that staying with the old ladies (Fivla and Vitamin) was boring.

In the end Vitamin and Fivla followed because their herd had suddenly vanished!

I left them all exploring and I hope they find there is more to their 30 acre field than just standing watching two pregnant mares eat!

We will see where they have got to tomorrow.

Hjalti and Efstur’s Turn

The Orca Autopsy is featured under the heading Orca (at the top).

Today, and I am not sure why, I decided was a good day for Efstur to start to learn to lead nicely with a headcollar and rope.

I caught Hjalti in the field and Efstur followed him nicely into the school.  I tied up Hjalti and went to reintroduce Efstur to Mr Headcollar.

Bearing in mind I can count on one hand how often he has worn a headcollar, Efstur stood quietly in the big indoor school and let me put it on without any discussion or worry.

Then I took him for a short walk, teaching him how to walk listening to and watching body language and then so did Daisy, while I took photos.

The dear little boy tried very hard and enjoyed the rewards.

(that’s his “did-I-do-well” face!)

Then Efstur was tied up so he could learn that special skill.

Next up was Hjalti, who had been tied up, waiting patiently for his friend.

He had his headcollar and walking-nicely lessons last year and still remembered them.

Walking with Hjalti is very strange as he is a smaller version of his mother, Hetja, with all the same mannerisms!

Efstur was still trying to get to the grips of this standing still lark.

He eventually mastered it – he was tied up for about 5 whole minutes.

Rewards for all in the form of a bucket of grub each, which they shared, despite there being two buckets!

These two really are joined at the hip which is good because working with them will be double the fun!

We won’t do much – probably 5 minutes each a few times a week.  Nothing huge, nothing mind blowing, just general being caught and led with the odd picking up of the feet and standing nicely while tied up.

The Last of the Snow Photos

Lambie welcomes you to his home!  He loves waiting in the porch because you just never know who will turn up, preferably with biscuits – his latest new love.  Rich Tea biscuits, please.

The snow has all melted now and I am spending time working on a long blog post which I hope to put up tomorrow – the Killer Whale autopsy!  Yes, we were invited to attend and it was fascinating.

Meanwhile, you can have another day off from the potental blood and gore while I show off the last of the photos I took when it was snowing.

Within a day, the temperature jumped ten degrees celsius and we are back to the endless mud and slush.  The snow was pretty for a short while.

Lambie enjoyed the snow.  He hates mud with full-on loathing.  His can barely bring himself to walk through it.

I love the way his coat is efficiently designed for this weather.

(a little Winning Smile – he loves his Muzzah)

‘Ster and ‘Bert were contentedly sitting together.

Everyone was nodding off to sleep.  Despite the snow, it was very warm as there was no wind.


Then onto the bigger horses.

Snow in Iacs’ frilly.  Such a magnet!

The winter coats of the Icelandic horses, again, are designed entirely for this kind of weather.

It was a beautiful light to to take photos in.

Everyone was in a lovely happy mood, enjoying the snow and the sun.