Wot We Did Today

“Wot I did today by Frances…..”

Daisy rode Klængur because I wanted a second opinion on how he was going after all my hard work.

Daisy said ‘Klængur felt calm, safe and willing to listen. A dear boy – that he is”.

Success.  I am feeling very pleased.  Hours of just walking, bending and talking to each other has paid off (yes, I do talk to horses).


Floss had a riding lesson on Iacs from Anna.  She did brilliantly,  learned rising trot, steering and worked on her balance. Thank you Anna.  Hugely appreciated because it wasn’t me.

BN2A9111 BN2A9118

Wu was, just Wu (in case you are missing him).  We luffs him and feed him fish. We are his servants, obviously.


This afternoon, I took Haakon over to Jo’s have a wonky shoe removed as I didn’t want it to damage his feet..  Afterwards we took him and dogs for a walk on the beach.

BN2A9202 BN2A9227 BN2A9251

The tirricks (Arctic Terns) were on very good form and I enjoyed taking photos of them.


Anna decided to swim in the sea.  We decided she was mad and left her to her 4 minutes (how long you have to live in the water).


What?  Did you say 4 minutes?


So then Anna had this idea to take Haakon swimming.


He thought she was absolutely mad!


He smiled (to be polite, because he was brought up proper) and then dragged her out of the sea.


A strange but fun day – we all laughed and that is all that matters.

Luke, I am not your Father!

My handsome boy is home.  Indy Ping-Pong is back from his ladies (he was away visiting).


The herd rushed down, eventually, to see him.  All of them knew Indy, except for Kappi and The Minions, who were intrigued.


Indy went round every single horse/pony, politely introducing himself and there was not one argument, difference of opinion or anything.  The odd squeal but that was about it.

The minute The Minions set eyes on Indy, they were in love and decided en masse to make this handsome stallion their hero.

BN2A8642 BN2A8658 BN2A8678 BN2A8696

Waffle was particularly taken with what he obviously thought was just a bigger version of himself.  Waffle is Indy’s “Mini-Me”.


He followed him around everywhere, whether Indy wanted it or not.


Indy, ever the perfect gentleman, let Waffle play games and responded gently.


I think he will be a very good influence on these three little rescue ponies.


Lord knows, they need someone to look up to who is utterly gorgeous, charming with perfect manners.  Hammy was not exactly an inspiration.


So Minions, may the horse be with you!  (ok, technically a pony, but did you see what I did there?  Geddit?)


Lateral Lessons

Lateral work is the foundation for everything equestrian.  Last week, Hamish Cameron came up from the mainland to teach.

I booked three one-hour training sessions for Daisy, Anna and me.

We all had specific needs and rode different horses and Hamish gave us very different lessons.

Daisy went first on Kappi, Bjørn’s horse.

Hamish liked Kappi very much.  He was very impressed with his movement and Daisy’s way of riding him.


Meanwhile, the “creepy neighbour” watched.


Next up was Anna on Daisy’s Iacs.  She had him going very nicely and Hamish was a huge help to them both.

BN2A8330 BN2A8335 BN2A8336

Lastly, there was me on Klængur.  I asked for help with bending and relaxing (both him and me).  Hamish addressed all our problems and I really felt that Klængur had achieved great things (by our standards) and we  had much to practice in the future.

BN2A8441 BN2A8446 BN2A8469

I love riding lessons.  I will never stop having them and never think I don’t need one if anyone offers.  As long they understand my horse and me (wonky feet with little or no feeling), then we will get on fine.

Hamish did exactly that.


Love’s Young Dream

We went over to see how Love’s Young Dream was getting on.

BN2A8474 BN2A8528

I had left the pair of them alone together for the past week as it is meant to be a holiday for Taktur from people and also a chance for him to learn how to live nicely with  his lady, Hetja.


They seemed to be happy together.  Both were interested in seeing us and had also reached a mutual agreement, i.e. wait until you are asked rather than just going for it.


Suffice it to say, both of them seemed very tired and there was much yawning!

BN2A8484 BN2A8495

Hetja is the boss of Taktur.  She watches his every move and she tells him when he steps out of line.


Taktur listens to Hetja and he cares hugely that she approves of him, always. This is important to him.


He continues to do the stallion-thing, and you can see her observing him all the time.

BN2A8518 BN2A8521 BN2A8526

Taktur did ask to come home with us but we had to tell him that he had to stay for a few more weeks with his wife.


Please – Vibes for being pregnant.  Vibes for being pregnant.  Vibes for being pregnant.  Vibes for being pregnant.  Vibes for being pregnant.  Vibes for being pregnant.  Vibes for being pregnant.  Vibes for being pregnant.  Vibes for being pregnant.  Vibes for being pregnant.  Vibes for being pregnant.  Vibes for being pregnant.  Vibes for being pregnant.  

I Heart The Minions

We have been busy for the last few days swimming.  Yes, it has been a chore but we endured it stoically. Someone has to!

So today, for me and my grotty back, we have had a day of rest.   I spent a good few hours with the Minions in the school (catching, grooming, feet and leading) and then in the field where they reciprocated.  Yup, they groomed me, chewed my shoes and led me to a spot where they could be hugged some more.

Hammy is a token Minion.  He is their mentor – heaven help them and they actually get on very well, which is sweet to see.

L1100695L1100692 L1100693   L1100713 L1100720 L1100731 L1100743

I have had many animals over the years but I think I have never been so loved by The Minions.  They are the most darling three boys (and Hammy) ever.


Silver, who found getting to know us difficult at first, has made a huge amount of progress.  His learning curve is steep but the reward of being loved by him and his friends is probably the best therapy ever (for me).


These guys have given me so much – I may have had gin and feeling very soppy now!