Two Little Boys

Seriously, can Newt get any cuter?  I don’t think he can.

The boys were having a little bit of a sit in the Shetland winter sunshine.  It was nice this morning, ie no rain.

I managed to sneak out with my camera to take photos, but Albie had got up before I reached them.

Just before the storms a few weeks back, we had moved Albie and Newt to the large field which is marginally drier and they can have access to a little stable too, which we open at night for them.  It took them two weeks to realise the gate was open and they could go and explore.

Obviously I went out armed with carrots. It is only polite.  I think, secretly, the Albie and Newt are quite enjoying being by themselves, together and not having to wade through endless mud and push and shove to get their fair share of silage.  Not that the others were nasty to them, but food is food and some like it at all costs (*** cough, Kappi and Haakon, cough ***) and if you are only 28″ high, it can be very hard work on a daily basis. It gets to you.

In this new field, they are considered to be the biggest, by not much, though.  Flossie said she saw them chasing each other and playing around the field the other day, so they must be happy.

The sheep share this field during the daytime if I can successfully shove them in and are happy to share with the Shetland ponies, which is good.

(Sometimes I go in and sit on a rock and see who comes to talk to me – today it was ‘Bert who smiled and wagged his tail while I scratched his back – happy sheep do that!)


This is my last day of bedrest post epidural steroid injections because I read somewhere that the steroids can do their job better and remain more localised if I stay still.

So, I have been delegating all tasks to my poor family from the comfort of my bed, though I did get up to take an interest in Haakon who is lame, move him to a drier field and to retrieve two errant sheep from the scattald (open hill that surrounds my little croft).

That would be ‘Bert and Ernie (formerly known as ‘Ster) here who made a bid for freedom while OH took the bins out yesterday.  They had a night on the hill with the floozy hill ewes.

Meanwhile, Lambie and his Dad were homebods.

I honestly think Puzzah is smiling in this photo!

Puzzah and Lambie were perfectly happy in each other’s company wandering around together.

Obviously there was the optimistic lingering around the front door.

Perhaps it is hereditary?

I took these pics a few days ago.  Lambie looking divine, as ever.


Anywho, this morning when I went out to see Haakon, there was a large moorit sheep outside the gate, so I called him over and with the lure of the visible carrot, he came home! ‘Ster followed later after I had waved a bucket.

During my down-time, I have been thinking about my photography.  Your kind words have been inspirational and I am still deliberating the best way forward – getting costings for various projects that may well come to naught but I do want to try.

Some Questions:

Q1: If you could buy one of my pictures (for example, useable for a 4×6″ postcard) for a pound or a dollar would you and would you buy them often.  They would be a download.

Q2: Calendars?  Dead in the water or not? A Thordale one or a Shetland pony one or an Icelandic horse one?

Q3: Notelets – apart from me, does anyone use them?

Wu’s Diagnosis

I have been wanting to write this since Wu died as I am asked whether Loki finally got our beloved and much mourned Wu.

He didn’t.  I promise you he definitely didn’t.

I received a lovely card from my vet saying that “the pathology was most likely that of a haemangiosarcoma of the spleen”.

From PetMD“Hemangiosarcomas are fed by the blood vessels and fill with blood. Because of this, the tumor can rupture, leading to sudden and severe hemorrhage, collapse, and rapid death. Often, owners do not realize their cat is affected until the sudden hemorrhage or collapse.

Hemangiosarcomas of the spleen and liver are highly metastatic and malignant vascular neoplasms (blood vessel tumors) that arise from the endothelial cells, which line the interior surface of blood vessels. It begins as a large mass that develops in the liver or spleen, spreading rapidly through the blood cell routes, most frequently to the liver from the spleen, or to the lungs from the spleen and liver.”

I asked my vet over and over again, in as many ways as I could think of, if  there was absolutely any evidence of bruising or any trauma to Wu and I was promised that there was none and this horrid disease had nothing to do with Loki.

There was nothing more we could do and I am glad he passed away peacefully and without half the symptoms listed in PetMD.

This is the first time since 1986 I have ever lived in a house without a cat(s).  I find it very difficult but while Loki is with us, there will be no more cats, kittens or puppies.  It would not be a wise decision.

But this time, Loki was not to blame.



I Don’t Know

As I type, I am propped up in bed, sharing a bag of cheese n’ onion Hula Hoops (payment) with my supportive furry Staff Nurse, aka BeAnne Duvet Soufflé.

I had a batch of epidural steroid injections this morning NOT under anaesthetic (and also not by choice, I can tell you!) and now I properly hurt.

Anwyho, recently, I have been trying to think of ways to make some money from my photographs.

When we had the Shetland pony stud, I used to love taking photos of our mares, foals and beautiful stallion.

We also used to buy Shetland ponies train to harness and then sell.

So there were always plenty of Shetland ponies around.

I think my photos of Shetland ponies are different from the usual style out there.

But how to make money from them?

As you can see, from the “shopping” adverts on the right hand side of the blog, (Redbubble and Zazzle), I have tried to get my work out there.

On the face of it, these webshops seem ideal, but I get pence for the pounds my images sell for.

Some folk steal my photos – I track them down and, depending on what they are stealing them for, usually send them a furious invoice which of course is seldom paid.

I have looked into a virtual Gallery on platforms like Shopify ($29 per month) which is too much.

Which leads me to wonder whether there is actually a market for my photos.

Would anyone buy a download from my website to use for somewhere like Funky Pigeon  or Moon Pig?

So ideas please?  How can I make money from my photographs?

This is just a small selection of my Shetland pony photography, by the way – I have loads!

Be the Bucket

The daily lunchtime drill.

Floss is on point.

I am shovelling carrots as payment/bribery into Hetja so she won’t notice that she is not having a bucket of food.  To be fair, Hetja is very generous – never pushing or barging.  Just accepts her headcollar, three carrots and waits like the lady she is.  We have nice conversations.

Meanwhile, if we are clever, the buckets are carefully positioned so the little ones can eat in peace (mostly from each other).

Obviously, we do try to colour coordinate – purple for boys and pink for girls!

After a while Lilja and Dreki go and annoy each other.  Whatever happens, they are not allowed to go near Brá.  Hence Flossie on guard duty.

Then they swap buckets.

Lilja has the purple one.

Dreki cleans out the pink one.

Meanwhile, Brá eats her own food, uninterrupted – she is looking better for her daily bucket, which is good and the whole point of the exercise.

The two foals are still not finished and then they argue.

As there is no more food left, they usually play with the buckets.

“There’s a force in the universe that makes things happen……

And all you have to do is get in touch with it……

Stop thinking, let things happen …..  

And be the ball” or The Bucket!

Caddyshack 1980