Tatty is Beautiful

I was asked to go to see and photograph some of last year’s fillies from Bergli Stud.


They were enchanting, grubby, tatty, wild but beautiful.


Everyone was in a mad gallopy spring (I just can’t say it is summer yet) mood.


They happily hassled and barged each other.

BN2A3327 BN2A3423

At one stage one filly walked into a small pond in the field to stand up to her belly water.  We looked on in astonishment.


And then she jumped out and off they galloped again.


Anywho, I am feeling a bit grot today so I won’t rattle on but please enjoy the photos of these lovely little girls.

BN2A3455 BN2A3471 BN2A3486  BN2A3840  BN2A3872 BN2A3892 BN2A3923   BN2A3619

As usual, I fell in love and met a very special girl – Dimma.  She had the most hypnotic eyes and perfectly sculpted face.


Suddenly we looked at the time and it was way past what either of us had thought and so we had to leave.


Sheepie Boys (update)

The Sheepie boys (Lambert and Lambie) are doing very well.  They remain the best of friends and the same size.

Lambert’s wool is very tight curls while Lambie looks rather unravelled.  I don’t know why.  They are also both growing horns.  We are trying to wean them which is not easy.  The lunchtime feed has been dropped and the boys complain very loudly about this.


The lads have been moved into a small garden shed attached to the house so they can come and go as they please.  There is an old vegetable garden attached which they have the run of.  We let them out to go anywhere they like during the day.  Mostly they try to come into the house or Lambert takes Lambie on adventures!


Lambert is an excellent friend for Lambie.  He has taught him to eat grass and they are still very tame and loving.


I love my boys.  Lambert uses the Land Rover to scratch his back and is the comedian.  He plays with BeAnne and she is very happy chasing him around while he butts her in return.  Hours of entertainment, though there is always an eye kept on BeAnne.


Lambie is a bit of a wet and a weed and still wants his cuddles from his Mum.  He would really like to be carried about everywhere.


They are both a wonderful addition to my little crofting life and even though they do not behave as real sheep, they are very loved (if you sit down outside and read a book, they always sit beside you).


Tomorrow, I will tell you about these lovely ladies.  Scruffy, wonderful and beautiful.  I have not give up on Shetland ponies – there is always a place in my heart.


(I just thought you would like an update on Lambie and Lambert!)

Best Mother Ever

We visited Hetja and ?♂ today.


Hetja would have nothing to do with us last time but today she came storming up to us demanding payment if we wanted to talk to her beautiful perfect son.


We had stupidly come empty handed so, after a cursory sniff of us, she stormed off again taking her boy with her.

Note:  Next time bring carrots.


I went and stood in the field by myself and Hetja soon returned.  She approached me slowly and cautiously, pretending to eat but never actually taking her eyes off me.  I, in return, kept my shoulders sloped and looked at the ground, hopefully showing her I was no threat to either of them.

L1170188 L1170189 L1170192

I was rewarded for my patience and she brought him back although we did not talk.  The little colt is very inquisitive and I think it won’t be soon before we make friends.


I have always thought Hetja would make the best mother.  She adores her son and he knows this and takes a few liberties like walking underneath her and rubbing his back on her belly!


We didn’t want to outstay our welcome, so I put out a bucket with a Himalayan salt lick (only the best) and left Mother and Son to it.



Exciting times ahead……

Graduating from St Snotwarts

Daisy graduated on Wednesday, 24th June with a BSc Hons in Biology.  Four years of hard work and we are all very proud of her.


The Graduation Ceremony was full of tradition.  The graduates are allegedly tapped over the head with a piece of very old cloth by the Vice Chancellor, thought to be from the breeks of John Knox but since proved otherwise (now the cap bought for the graduation of Sir John Arbuthnot in 1696. He went on to become private physician to Queen Anne).


Despite not being John Knox’s breeks, it was still a wonderful ceremony and I was full of pride.


I also sat next to a very nice assistant and we quickly made friends (yes, I did ask first).


Afterwards we all met up on the quad of St Salvator’s for photos, etc.  It took a while for us to find Daisy amongst all the other graduates and their families.


We found a suitable background for the “official photo” (one for the local newspaper).


We were with Daisy’s housemate and her mother and we had previously arranged our own celebration at home away from all the riff-raff. So we went back to “Sallies” (St Salvator’s) to return the gowns, but not before I asked for the girls to indulge me.

I was going for the academic bat look!  It was all a bit Harry Potter really!


And to think, when Daisy stayed at Sallies in her first year, she had Kate Middleton’s famous room – A34 (yes, go and look that up on Wikipedia, tis all true).


A good day full of success and a huge amount of relief for all that hard work over the last four years.  If you think university life is just party, party, party, then think again because it isn’t if you want to actually achieve something.

Daisy achieved and I am probably the proudest parent on this earth.

***** sniff *****



We’re Home!

We came home to a surprise!


Hetja had her foal while no one was noticing.  A beautiful red dun colt foal.


He is utterly perfect and has his grandfather’s (Hugi frá Hafsteinsstöðum) face markings.


Hetja is, like I thought, the most perfect mum.  She adores her little boy and they have been moved to a separate field where they can be together with no hassle from the teenagers.


The night before the colt’s birth, three expert opinions reckoned she was not going to give birth as there was no sign of a good udder and there were some that even wondered if she was in foal at all!


So when OH received a phone call saying there was a foal in the field, there was a certain pause while we decided who it could belong to!


Anyway, this is a lovely colt foal who moves beautifully and has a lovely temperament too.  I can’t wait to meet him properly but will wait for Hetja to introduce him to us when she is ready.


There is so much to write about – the IHSGB 2015 British Championships with our results as well as Daisy’s graduation from St Snotters.


It has been one helluva week and it is great to be back home. BeAnne has sat outside every day in all weathers waiting for us to come home – I missed her desperately.

Lambie and Lambert are huge!