We ride, we train, we work, we eat.

Bjørn was training my daughter’s Icelandic stallion, Taktur, last night in the indoor school.

For a five year old horse, (six, this summer), Taktur is doing very well and we all adore him.


Taktur is our perfect stallion and, while he was in training, I had to bring Iacs in to keep Haakon company.  There are some herd politics going on – Haakon and Kappi are arguing so Haakon now lives separately in the indoor school at night with Iacs and I had to bring Iacs in before it was completely dark outside and everyone started to be either unhelpful or exploit the situation (I told you it was complicated)


BeAnne, on the other hand, likes riding too.  She begged and begged so I threw her up onto Iacs to shut her up.  She quickly settled.


With everyone now happy, we all stood back to watch Taktur train. It is a completely different and educational world to the one I am used to and the Taktur/Bjørn together were awesome.


BeAnne and Iacs together, however were not even faintly awesome but they did watch with interest at the professionals.  You could see Iacs thinking he would never do that and BeAnne agreeing!


And so they went, round and around the indoor school, while we all picked our jaws up from the floor.

BN2A1413  BN2A1450

Meanwhile, Haakon gave his complete attention to a pile of hay.  He was neither interested nor impressed.  That hay was not going to eat itself.  Someone has to do it and Haakon was happy to selflessly volunteer.


And to those that want to whine on about Bjørn not wearing a hat – I reckon Bjørn is old enough to make decisions for himself.  I have told him so don’t bother telling me (I may have had wine as I write this!)

Lovely Sharing

We have in our house a thing called “Lovely Sharing”.  I can hear the echo of my two daughters groan at the thought and yes, they did lovely sharing after a fashion.

Even though the girls are far away at university, “Lovely Sharing” is still encouraged.

Loki has to share his house with Wussums.


Now this is a first – Wu feels he can walk very slowly through the sitting room.  It has only taken 18 months, but, for us (and probably Wu), it is a huge achievement.


Haakon’s hooves alternate between which one is lame every day.  I am hoping we finally have everything sussed now. I have kept him off the wet ground and Iacs offers daily to keep him company and they manage to force themselves to eat hay.


Awww, bless them for trying. Such troopers.


Haakon is so used to being in the shed now, he doesn’t even mind doing “Lovely Sharing” with the hens.


Iacs is really enjoying Haakon’s illness.  He is playing a supportive role with a hopeful Academy Award nomination.


There is even “Lovely Sharing” with The Minions, who are hanging around (they keep asking to come in).


This lot have free access to the silage bale too.


It is a little known fact that the silage bale is bigger than Tiddles.  He has made it his own personal mission to eat his weight and height in silage.  No one is stopping him.


It doesn’t dawn on any Minion to get narky with each other and to not do “Lovely Sharing”.  They think as one and are one when it comes down to food, housing and, well, anything really.  I have never seen four ponies just get on without question or discussion.


Haakon, on the other hand, sometimes forgets about his “Lovely Sharing” ability.  Occasionally he has to be reminded.


Run Runaway!

Wednesday morning at five o’clock as the day begins
Silently closing his bedroom door
Leaving the note that he hoped would say more
He goes downstairs to the kitchen clutching his hankerchief
Quietly turning the backdoor key
Stepping outside he is free ……

Ok, so it didn’t happen quite like that.  OH came back from Lerwick and, while he was opening the gate to drive the car through, Storm nipped out and unhelpfully trotted away with a hint of a giggle and a silly-billy buck.


OH came into the house in rather a flap saying Storm was free and on the hill.  My reply was “Just leave him.  He’ll come home”.


Only, of course, being Storm he did not come home.  He stayed on the hill happily eating and enjoying his new environment.


So I went out to chivvy him back in and he sulkily went, grumbling all the way.  I heard snatches of words like “big boy now”, “free spirit” and “no one understands me” but I ignored them and said Tiddles was missing him.


Once inside the perimeter fence of his jail (obviously), Storm stood and pined for the fjords.  Not that he knows what a fjord is but he thought he should pine anyway.


He also made sure I knew just how cruel I was, as his jailer, but Tiddles was very happy to resume his role of Storm’s devoted disciple.


Luckily, Storm managed to perk up when he remembered there was a rather tasty haynet hung on the shed door with his name on it and maybe life here was not that bad after all.


I must get him a red and white spotty hanky and tie it to a stick.  He should have the right uniform for the next time!

BeAnne’s New Noble Steed

BeAnne has been looking for new small pony to ride.  Now that Indy PingPong is not here, she needs something more her size.

I previously put her on Storm who was horrified and immediately bucked her off – don’t worry, it was only a little buck and she jumped first before she was pushed.

Waffle has had BeAnne on his back a couple of times before while he was standing still.  We let Waffle become accustomed to his new employment before we did anything else.


And then they set off!


I have great visions of this in my and BeAnne’s dotage – me leading her on her pony when we are both too old to walk anywhere!  That or a bath chair being pulled by a Shetland pony.  Think Queen Victoria.


Jo was riding her new Icelandic horse, Tór who, like all good Thordale horses, was completely unphased by our new madness!

I think BeAnne and Waffle are made for each other.  Neither minded while they were walking round and round the school together.


Things only went slightly wrong when Waffle could not keep up with Tór’s bigger walk, so thought he would trot on.  He then felt BeAnne stand up and bounce so he did a little buck and she bounced off!  They were doing so well until then.


Obviously it is early days and once Waffle and BeAnne both have confidence in each other, I hope it will be a good match.

I think BeAnne’s perfectly formed bottom may be too big for her basket saddle, though I will get it down and see whether we can wedge her in!  Waffle might prefer that as she keeps still and just sits there enjoying the scenery.

We will be (all fingers/toes crossed) a Grandmother!

Please keep everything crossed for a successful delivery and healthy foal in late June!

Yes, Hetja is pregnant – we had a blood test done and it has been officially confirmed.  I am trying very hard not to be over-excited as there is a long way between now and June.

Here is some technical bumf, most of which I will admit means very little to me as I nodded off when we did genetics in Biology at school.


But, from what I can see and workout, there is a 71% chance that the foal will be five-gaited (please please) and a 50% chance it will be chestnut, though Daisy is crossing everything for a bay.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 14.13.22 Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 14.13.34

I am thrilled as we were beginning to wonder whether Hetja was in foal or not. She is not showing any signs of being a different shape, although we kept telling ourselves it was early days.  However, she did get narky when Jo touched under her belly, when trying to have a look, which is not like her at all.  Hetja has perfect manners as befits the lady she is.


We also wondered because everyone hated each other when introduced last July and this is a first for both Taktur and Hetja.  So they evidently seem to have worked out which bit went where.


(OMG, remember that?  Summer – with grass, flowers, no mud – I feel faint).

Hetja will be a wonderful mother.


She is that instant maternal type and has been Esja’s surrogate mother since their arrival in Shetland.


A bebbie – I can’t wait.  What a gorgeous mix of Handsome Prince and Loving Gracious Lady.