Bouncing Shetland Ponies

The daily Shetland pony check up is always enjoyable.  Today I took my big camera for a few snaps.

Vitamin and Waffle – you can see how small Waffle is in comparison to Vitamin.  He should be as tall.  Both his parents are “up-to-height”.  Waffle’s aims for “up-to-width” to make up for his lack of height.  This he can do.

And he takes the job very seriously and thinks about it how best to achieve this.

Meanwhile, do not ever come between Vitamin and her carrot/apple.  I possibly look like this when there is a bottle of gin nearby so I do understand.

Fivla remains ever the fairytale Princess pony (but with a yellow tail).

She has taken Albie under her wing now.  She can’t help herself.  He wants a mother and she has always been the maternal type.  Fivla is pretty wonderful like that but she has to remind Albie often that she does not play, never will play and he can give that thought up now.  Albie is not the brightest star in our firmament.  However he remains optimistic.

Storm is all for games.  They are his raison d’être.

Silver might not be in a silly mood, but that is not going to deter Storm.  He was feeling wicked!

Oh no.  He can annoy like pro.

Meanwhile, Newt the utterly Cute just eats.

And eats…..

And eats….. (awww, still the hairy yak look)

And…… ooh, is that a nice bit?

Yup, he eats and ignores the world around him.

Actually they are all stuffing their faces.

I had a lovely time sitting on the bank, being occasionally chatted with by anyone passing.

Best view ever – I have lots of those but this is always a good one.

x ❤️ x Happy fatty little Shetland ponios who I love x ❤️ x


Photo Overload of Gorgeousness

I don’t think I can actually take too many photos of Moonpie at the moment.

She is my very definition of enchantment.


She has a very knowing look about her.

She studies everyone and everything very carefully.


We are always being watched.

And the her little floofy beard.

It is just the most beautiful floofy beard in the whole known world.

There is no denying it.  Big sister, Lilja, is a tad jealous but she is also desperate to talk to Moonpie.  To meet her sister.

Hetja is having absolutely none of it.

And then Lilja forgets The Rule (that would be “None shall even look at Miss Moonpie.  Not now, not never”) and we all duck!  Hetja means serious business.  You believe that face.

Of course Moonpie is totally oblivious (she pretends) and takes no notice ruling Hetja beautifully.

She is into cantering around the field at the moment and poor Hetja has to go too.

Hetja won’t let Moonpie out of her sight.

This the face of a mother who has been dragged everywhere by her small daughter.

Brá looks on but like Lilja is not allowed to talk to the precious.

This afternoon’s photo is a huge advancement, however.  For one, Moonpie has managed to cross the stream.  Her flat refusal despite Hetja’s urgings yesterday resulted in everyone staying one side of the field.  It was amusing watching Hetja give in and walk back over the stream while Moonpie cantered off triumphantly.  Seeing them all together now and fairly close is also very interesting.  I hope Hetja lets her precious talk to the others soon, if only to get some rest.  She is far less foal-proud than previous years and those potential baby-sitters could come in useful.

Nature’s Garden

I am exhausted. I rode two horses today – Klængur and Iacs.  My back aches. I am cooking a Sunday supper (roast lamb, say nothing) while I type this.

This time of year, the sun shines all day only to vanish briefly in the night.  This was taken at 22:30. Still daylight. You could easily read a book, drive a car or go for a ride!

So here are some photos from today of around and about my croft in a hope that the beauty of Shetland’s wild flowers will somewhat make up for my lack of enthusiasm and writing. The wild flowers are just beginning to appear everywhere now in their full glory.

It is a stunning time of year in Shetland especially when the sun shines.  That blue sky is perfect.


(A wild patch in our garden – the colours are wonderful)

So that’s me and I am sorry for not writing much but horses came first today and they were the kind of rides that I couldn’t get my camera out as I was either busy staying onboard an enthusiastic tölt or trying to accompany while keeping the situation calm.  Both important jobs.

Naming Moonpie

Well, all seems peaceful on the mare/foal front.  Hetja has resumed her reign with little Moonpie at her side.

We are feeding Hetja antibiotics in a handful of food twice a day.

So that Hetja can eat peacefully, I look after Lilja who would love the attention, the food and anything else on offer.

Moonpie is divine.  She comes up to chat and is made up of silky fur, nuzzly muzzle and total love.  We all adore her and are completely smitten.

She has not been allowed to talk to anyone but us hoomans so we feel very lucky.

Brá is coping and that’s about it.  I can see she minds hugely but there is little she can do apart from be a good aunt and babysitter if Hetja allows.  We talk, I can see the hurt in her eyes and I feel utterly useless to her.  I also know she is going on the mother of all diets come winter time.  I can’t split her from Hetja at the moment. I think she would lose her mind.

Anywho, the naming of Moonpie.  We translated her nickname into Icelandic only to get “Tungl Baka” which is not very catchy or pretty.  We cannot register Moonpie with the Icelandic Horse official stud-book (WorldFengur) as her name must be permitted by their naming committee (interesting Horse & Hound article about Icelandic horse names).  Foreign names or poor grammar are a no-no so, we need to think of a suitable name for our new little one.

Something along the lines of midnight sun, chestnut girl with a stripe, sweet chestnut, little chestnut, Shetland girl – but all in Icelandic, of course.  All ideas will be considered.  Moonpie will be registered (Icelandic name) from Thordale.

Over to you then.





Placenta Panic

Well, we had our fair share of worry these last 20 hours.  Hetja had a retained placenta.  This is a medical emergency.  You don’t muck about in this situation.  We put her and baby in the stable.

The vet visited last night, examined Hetja (and baby, now known as Moonpie because she is nummy nummy) and despite all his best efforts, the placenta was not coming out.  He started Hetja on regular, first hourly and then two-hourly injections of Oxytocin (plus daily painkillers and antibiotics) through the night.  Still nothing in the morning so the vet doubled the dose.  By midday a bit of placenta was beginning to show and I knotted it (vet’s request).  At 3pm finally it had fallen out.  It was gathered up and I took the bucket of now-smelly gloup to the vet for examination.  Hetja may need a wash-out in a few days.

So that was last night and today’s drama.  Hetja was a good patient.  Moonpie does not follow her mum (Daisy used her infinity scarf) but is very very tame and I could tickle her all day.  She has stretched out more and enjoyed being in the shed to dry and sleep last night.  However, the best place for a nursing mare is eating green grass.  Once the placenta had dropped out, my concern really was to get Hetja outside as she is not that keen on the stable and was not eating much.

We initially put her and Moonpie in Lambie’s little paddock that no one has used for a while but Taktur insisted on pratting up and down two fences away shouting and Hetja was very upset by this.

Add Lilja and Bra yelling as well over another fence and we quickly saw this would not work.

So, I led Hetja, Daisy with Moonpie and Flossie on gates, and we bit the bullet reuniting all the ladies.  It was tense to start with but Hetja waded in giving out “the look” and everyone retreated respectfully.

So it all seems calm again and hopefully we have done all the right things.

I need my bed.