Normality, I Think

I am working hard on my felted creations (I need a better name for them).  The first batch was posted today and I am really enjoying making them.  I find this craft very rewarding. I love working away in my little studio and I think I am actually getting better at it too – this rotund little robin flew my nest to go to his new home south and I like him very much.

This afternoon, Daisy and I went to work at Transition Turriefieldan independent social enterprise growing fruit and vegetables for the Shetland community.

We work as volunteers and we weigh, pack and label vegetables for their very successful veg box scheme and distribution to local shops.

When we returned home, I made the executive decision to let Haakon out for a little while to enjoy the last of the evening Spring sunshine.  This is the first time he has been out since his abscesses burst.  The vet popped by yesterday and examined Haakon.  He agreed that perhaps it was not laminitis, which is a huge relief.  I think if Haakon reacts to eating this grass, it will confirm that he has laminitis. He has been on a low/no sugar diet for the last few weeks.

I could see Haakon was happy (and ready) to go outside for a little while.  He is wearing Back on Track hock boots for his stiff hocks that were sent post-haste by a friend from America.   These therapeutic boots are designed to stimulate blood flow and thus improve circulation which promotes healing and relieves joint tension.  Well that’s what their website says.  If it helps Haakon, then I am forever grateful.

This is Iacs, who is happy wherever you put him.

So normality is returning, I think. No, I pray.


For the first time this morning, Haakon barged out of his stable to eat his breakfast.  Usually he either stands or lies there while we work around him.

I think, having spent the night with these two, albeit in separate stables, he had had enough.

These two, aka Silver and Waffle, had successfully trashed their stable – two water buckets flung around and trampled on.  They then looked around to see what else they could get and chewed on some boxes kept in storage.  No one in the whole history of the stable has ever done this.  Little fiends.

I had a quick feel of Haakon’s hooves and they were all cool for the first time since we started on this journey. Even so, Haakon had his usual daily hoof soak, because we are by no means out of the woods, and he ate the last of his breakfast.

So we evicted Silver and Waffle as Waffle had showne absolutely no signs of illness the minute he came home.  I know, I know I said I would keep him for a few days but I honestly don’t think Haakon, or my stable, could take much more.

Storm was thrilled to see his old sparring partners back and was the first to come cantering up.

Even Lilja was pleased to see her “stallion” home.  Waffle lies through his teeth on that score but Lilja is too young and believes his every word and chat-up line.

Meanwhile, back at home, Haakon let out an audible huge sigh of relief as Iacs was brought in to keep him company.

He then went back to his bossy ways by demanding first dibs of everything.

Now Waffle

Flossie very kindly checked the Minions for me as she was out and about with the car today.  When she came home, she immediately mentioned that she thought Waffle was not his usual self. They were all in the grotty poor part of the field loafing around the fence – not high up in the hills where the good grazing is.

He was happy to eat his carrot, but not grabby (“like a Minion should be” according to Floss), then lay down while she went to feed Fivla who was away from the herd.  Waffle stood up again when she came back to look at him but lay down very quickly trying to roll uphill (failed), only to be jumped on by Tiddles which made him have to stand up.

Floss’ waters churned, she took a couple of photos and reported all this back to me.

Daisy and I immediately jumped in the van with a couple of headcollars and a carrot (to catch Silver, his companion) and brought them both home.  On the way back, he poo’ed in the van and that looked lovely, green from grass and normal (I may be slightly obssessed with poo).

So, now I have two MInions in the stable with Haakon back in his bedroom.

Haakon is seething.

No, Haakon is incandescent with rage.  He will just about tolerate a Minion but to have them neighbours is “BEYOND WORDS!”

Meanwhile, Waffle is much recovered from whatever it was or wasn’t.  He and Silver are happily munching hay while Haakon throws them filthy looks.

For entertainment, Waffle goes and stares at Haakon through the only gap in his gate. It winds him up a treat.

So, I don’t know. We will keep an eye on Waffle for a few days. It won’t do him and Silver any harm to be inside for a while.  See if anything becomes apparent.

Poor Haakon (and Waffle).

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

And I just wanted to say you guys have had me in tears with your generosity.  Words fail.  A huge relief.  You have no idea.

Any Interest?

I have been going round and round in my head with this situation.

The bills are beginning to pour in for Haakon and his illness.  I was not expecting and did not budget for this.  I have a vet bill (two visits plus blood tests and meds), a hay bill (the poor lad has to eat something)) and a feed bill (again, when we thought it was laminitis, the poor lad had to have a special diet which he is still eating because low sugar is not a bad thing and I don’t believe in throwing anything away).  All are fairly hefty.

So would anyone be interested in having one of my little felted creations in return for a donation to go towards these bills?  I am enjoying my new hobby and work hard every evening while waiting to turn lights out for Haakon and Taktur attempting to make a little sheep or bird.  That seems to be my repertoire at the moment.

So, here we go:

1)  The (military) Robin.

2)  Flappy Penguin

3)  Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah (Mr Bluebird on my shoulder)

4)   Curly Ringlet Sheep

5)  Big Nose Sheep with grey legs

6)  Grey Brown Slightly Worried Sheep


7)  Wonky Big Ears – Derpy Sheep (who is impossible to photograph!)  He is actually very cute in real life but those ears got out of control.


8)  Pretty Little White Sheep

9)  Puffin – who is not for sale.  I made him for my mother but I can make another if anyone is interested.

So that is them.  I am actually very proud of what I have achieved and if you are interested in anyone, please let me know – . They were made with love.

Obviously these bills are my responsibility and I am not going to shirk them but any help would be hugely appreciated and I would not say no.


And Another

Here are the boys this morning.  Both on good form, both ate half a carrot each and both bicker like an old married couple.  I like watching them together. They make me smile.  You can tell they are related.  There is definitely a family resemblance.

I told myself that today was Haakon’s last hoof soak as his abscess is healing nicely and dried up now.

So I had a quick feel of Haakon’s hooves to see if they were still warm and, guess what, I found another ruddy abscess had blown in the other front hoof.  I was feeling round and touched on what felt like a Rowntree’s Fruit Pastille attached to the coronary band. I picked it off and then the smell. My fingers were wet with lovely pus.  Ewww but good, in a weird way if you know what I mean.

So out with the bucket of hot water and salt (run out of Epsom Salts but will get more tomorrow from the Co-op) and off we go again with the soaking routine.

Haakon was a good boy. He is used to this now.

Iacs was supportive (read annoying).

Helpful would be better.

So now we have matching hooves and to be honest, I am not surprised.  When all this first started, Haakon was hopping on his front left, resting it and barely weight-bearing.  The reason has made itself clear and I needed to know.

So we keep on keepin’ on.