The Tiddles Attachment

Tiddles is a very contented little chap.  He has his routines, knows how to behave, including leading and standing still for his rug change.  He does love his rug when the weather is vile.  He has changed hugely since he arrived and is a confident boy now.


Tiddles and Storm are the best of friends.  Storm goes nowhere without Tiddles diligently following, albeit fairly slowly.  They are both not brilliant on their legs so manage to keep up with each other.


Storm loves having a disciple.  He has purpose and meaning now and thinks he is obviously a Very Important Pony as he has an entourage (albeit only a small fluffy one).


When everyone else used to escape under the fence, they would leave a miserable Storm on his own but now he has Tiddles to keep him company.  They do everything together.  You have one, and then you have the other always close by.  This is just what I wanted for Storm.


Tiddles still loves his cuddles though.  He is always going to be a Mummy’s boy.  Storm thinks he is above all that but needs me when things are bad just to tell him he is my Best Soldier.


They are both funny little lads.  I couldn’t be without them.

Pregnant Hetja

I went to visit my pregnant mare, Hetja frá Skeiðháholti (pronounced Het-yer).


According to my calculations, she is due at the earliest on the 22nd(ish) of June or even later.


Poor Hetja has that face – the face of one who is very pregnant and beginning to feel it.  I know this feeling – it is uncomfortable but a necessity.  She will be thrilled when her first foal arrives.


Anyway, Hetja is beautiful in her pregnancy.   She is a gorgeous mare who will make the best mother.  She is so loving and takes other horses under her care if they need her.


She did this for Esja who was a yearling filly when they all came over from Iceland in 2012.  Esja found travelling stressful and Hetja stepped in as her Mum and looked after her all the time  She still does. Esja remains very attached to Hetja.   We will separate them before Hetja’s foal arrives.


Esja may start her training too if she is mature enough.  She will be 4 years old this year.


Exciting times ahead.

UPDATE: The Mare with Hyperlypæmia

I thought you would appreciate an update on the Shetland pony mare who had hyperlipæmia last week.


She is now out all day in a field stuffing her face with green grass (a very rare commodity here in Shetland this time of year).


Her name, by the way, is Roseblossom and she is 14 years old.


She is one of the lucky ones – she made it!


The vet came to see her yesterday and took blood. He said there were no traces of hyperlipæmia in her blood anymore which was the best news.


I did not realise this but “The condition has a high mortality rate of between 60 and 100 per cent,” Management of Equine hyperlipaemia by Anna Hammond


So we did well, very well and between us, we fought the odds.  Poor Roseblossom was put through hell.  The treatment was constant interference by us.   I remember her lying down to die on the floor with her head in my arms on the Sunday night.  Her owner and I were willing her to live with all our strength while we waited for the vet to arrive.


Roseblossom still has a long way to go (both mentally and physically) and I think she will be different pony from this huge experience.  It has affected us all in some way.


But we did it and she is still here.  That is all that matters.

A huge thank you for all your prayers, thoughts, vibes and help – it gave us the strength we so desperately needed.

I Am Exhausted

Today I am tired.  Very tired. I think all the excitement of last week has finally caught up with me and I can barely muster any enthusiasm let alone keep my eyes open.


The boys came up from their field to finish off the bale. They didn’t need asking twice.


I think it is our last sunny day for a while so they might as well make a clean plate and Jo, very kindly, delivered another one.  Her horses have given up eating it but my lot are still very enthusiastic.


The little boys are very happy mixing with the big boys.  No one minds and they squeeze in to help themselves to all the food.

BN2A4386 BN2A4367   BN2A4361

Storm and Tiddles are inseparable and spend every hour together.  They are delightful little boys and I spend hours telling them ho


So I spent the afternoon having a rest with BeAnne and went to sleep.  I need to get my strength back.  There is so much to do now that Spring has finally made an appearance.


Lyra and Daisy, yada, yada

Daisy is due to go away on Friday (boo, hiss), back to St Snotters for her last semester and her final exam.  She has been invaluable to us all these past few weeks, especially to me, and she wanted to see Lyra Lyra Pants-on-Fyra before she went.

Lyra, who only loves Daisy, was of course thrilled to see her.

BN2A4236 BN2A4240

While they were having their hug-in, I went for a wander around the rest of the field.  Vitamin never took her eyes off her beloved daughter all the time.


Vitamin approves of Lyra’s relationship with Daisy but she is still very attached to her much-wanted baby.


Delia has wintered much better than we expected.  She remains a bit saggy but that is her age, more than anything.  She was pleased to see me and I gave her a scratch and a kiss.


Back to Daisy and Lyra.  Daisy will tell you she is not a huge mare/filly fan but Lyra is very special to her.  This is a relationship Lyra has with no one else.  Daisy is her everything and always has been since she was a little foal.

BN2A4257  BN2A4279  BN2A4320

BeAnne does not like any attention taken away from herself.  She is always the Queen Bee but even she can see that she cannot take on Lyra in Daisy’s affections.


It is just always Lyra and Daisy.  That’s the way it goes.


For those of you who are interested, Lyra is half Berry and half Wells bloodlines.  She is Indy’s half sister.