A New Recruit

Recently, I have noticed that Storm is not really one of the boys.  It worries me.  Silver and Waffle have perfected the art of leaving Storm behind with the boring big boys.  He doesn’t say anything but I can tell, as his mother, that he minds.  Also, Storm would like to live in his shed, but the other two want to go and play with the others.

Storm is the Tiny Tim (Dickens’ Christmas Carol) of the Shetland pony world and that makes me worry even more.

I was thinking about finding Storm a friend, when I was offered Stardust – one of this year’s foal who was given away by his breeders as he had a blue eye and was due to be put to sleep.

Stardust is a mini.  Apparently, he has always been very subdued and never plays.  So who better than Storm for company?  Storm plays a little but usually falls over when it gets too rough.  He prefers a quiet life and no one really gives him that.

So, today, they were introduced to each other for the first time.

BN2A2799 BN2A2803 BN2A2807 BN2A2815 BN2A2827 BN2A2830 BN2A2834

Suddenly Storm stopped looking like Tiny Tim and instantly appeared bigger, fitter and healthier both mentally and physically.


I led Storm to his shed and Stardust automatically followed without being asked.


It was interesting to watch them together.  Storm shot into his shed where a huge pile of hay was waiting and vanished from Stardust’s view.  Stardust whinnied, as if lost, and Storm came out of the shed, buffed Stardust on the side and shot back indoors.  Stardust followed and I left them both eating hay together.


We will see what happens.  I want Stardust to start trusting people through watching Storm, who would follow me to the ends of the earth.


Early days, I know, but Stardust is very cute!  A new recruit and a project for me this winter.  I want him to look up to Storm and I want Storm to rise to the challenge.

Say Nothing to my OH!

OH was on the roof of the shed doing stuff.

The front door just happened to be open.

L1130495 L1130497 L1130500 L1130501

Storm is looking good, isn’t he?

L1130502 L1130503

Look, Waffle fits beautifully through the door.


A little bit of a pile up in the porch.


But BeAnne gently showed them the door.


I think the boys are rather pleased with their achievement.  Silver was somewhere else and not interested in this escapade!


Always worth another shot.


This time I did say no, thank you to the double grazing sales pony.


But how could I resist this little face?


and this?  They are such darlings.  And no, there were no presents left behind.


(Is it wrong that I wish they could live in my house?)

OH is going to have a fit when, or if, he sees this blog!  I must start practising my sorry face.

Esja grows up

On our left, ladies and gentlemen, we have the aged Fákur and on our right, we have Esja who has been making friends with Jo’s newly white-washed stable walls.


This is a chrysanthemum bottom in the making.


And here are the ladies who lunch (very often if they had their way).


Darling Esja, all growed up but still a baby in her head.


You can see her relationship with the whitewashed walls.  I still haven’t forgiven her for unpicking the knot, opening the gate, taking a bite out of each silage bale and then, to add insult to injury, she opened and ate the 25kg bag of build-you-up food bought and reserved for Delia, who actually needs it.


There is no excuse.  Just pure greed.  It is not as if she is a waif.


And, worse of all, she is still waiting for any opportunity to do it all over again.


That is not going to happen.  Not on my watch.


Essa is going through her “Kevin” phase at the moment (see video below).   Ho hum, hopefully, like all other horses, she will grow out of it.



New Addition to the Herd

Jo’s been shopping.  He arrived today off this morning’s boat.  As he is a foreigner, he is in sort-of quarantine with Delia and Minnie.  The others are keen to meet him but realise that he is very shell-shocked.


So, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Tór frá Velli II.  He is my Taktur’s little half-brother.  They share the same Mum, the gorgeous Tíbrá frá Hafnarfirði and his Sire is Flipi frá Litlu-Sandvík.

Poor Tór has run up light after the long trip south and was very upset coming off the ferry, poor love.


Tór is 3 years old and has been lightly backed.  He has all winter to relax and get to know Jo.  There is no rush for anything and it will all be done at his own speed.  The trip was stressful and draining especially if a horse is travelling on his own – Flight, 2 boats, endless lorries – it all takes its toll.

BN2A2728 BN2A2730 BN2A2740  BN2A2744 BN2A2753 BN2A2761 BN2A2763 BN2A2766 BN2A2775 BN2A2777

Minnie and Delia will look after him as well.  He can relax and eat.


Minnie is quite taken with Tór and thinks he is very handsome!  There is lots of gazing dreamily in his direction.


We will give him time.


He has all the time he needs now in his new home with Jo.


So welcome to Tór, Jo’s new horse.  I wonder what Taktur will think to meet his half-bro.  They have never met before.




My Shetland Nominated for Haynet Blogger of the Year!

I received a lovely message the other day:

1365703567   Haynet Admin

Congratulations! You have made the finals of Haynet Blogger of the Year 2014! Big well done! Here is the information about voting and details of the award: http://www.hay-net.co.uk/haynet-news/7520/haynet-equestrian-blogger-of-the-year-2014—vote-now

I am thrilled.  This is the third time I have been nominated and it heartens me to know that, despite my endless waffle, appalling grammar, weird use of italics and spelling mistooks, folk out there like to read and look at my photos.

So now I am asking you to please go to this website and nominate my blog – My Shetland


I can offer you in return for your vote endless ramblings about The Minions along with ridiculous photos taken from absurd angles!

(They’ve got their “Best Behaviour” faces on today, specially for you)

L1130415     L1130488L1130403

I am also planning my online Advent Calendar too – yes, it is a bribe.


Failing that, I am sending the boys round!


Please vote and I promise to continue to bore you about all my animals and my life in My Shetland.


Pretty please?


I would hate to be disappointed!

Just sayin’