Minions meet girls!

Jo and Fiona came over with the trailer full of Esja, my 3 year old filly, and Hreyfing (Fiona’s Icelandic mare).  It was not the weather for riding outside.

Although we are not going to back Esja yet, Jo wanted to do some work with her.  First she trimmed Esja’s feet and then she gave her mane and tail a good brush.  It all needed doing.  Hair and nails.  So important.

Afterwards, Jo did some work with Esja on the lunge, teaching her the basics, like standing still when asked and generally start learning body language.

BN2A0795 BN2A0797

I love Esja’s face saying “did I do ok?”  Yes, you did.


I let The Minions, who were hanging around outside, in to meet and greet.  They have never met ladies since leaving their mothers.


They were intrigued but everyone behaved with respect and good manners.  My boys have been brung up propa!


Next, Fiona practiced leading three minions together.  They need to practice this for a job we have tomorrow (more about that once it has occurred).


The Minions did their best not to get Fiona in a tangle.


I would even go so far as to use the word co-operative.


The Minions were co-operative.  There, I’ve said it.


Tomorrow, they may be less.  Is that plotting I am seeing? It had better not be.


So What Next?

Firstly, a huge thank you for all your messages of concern and kind wishes.  They are hugely appreciated and I am sure Indy et al felt the wave of love and affection as they sailed south.

I received a lovely email from their new owner and I thought I would share it – “All arrived safely and they’re wonderful. They’re exactly as I had hoped and I love them already. Indy is absolutely magnificent …… Hammie’s a wee star and the girls are fabulous.”

So, what next?  Well life doesn’t stand still at Thordale.  We still have 16 horses and ponies loafing around.

Fivla and Anderwoo are on loan with a family and are happily teaching their little girls how to ride.

BN2A0144 copy

Charlie has a new job.  He is a Handsome Prince now.


Esja has fallen in love with him and they spend hours playing together. She follows him everywhere.


Esja is 3 years old but will not be started this year. I don’t think her head is in the right place.  She is still a a very friendly large baby.


Hetja is hopefully pregnant or fat!  I am hoping for pregnant.  She is not ridden now – I think she would be uncomfortable and it would not do her any favours.

BN2A0776 BN2A0779

Hetja and Fákur are a couple.  He is enjoying semi-retirement and escort duty.


Raw Deal (Delia), Lyra and Vitamin are together in a huge field.  Delia is ok (ish) but we will see….. (sucks teeth).   Zoot is staying there too.

The Minions are happy with my herd of Icelandics – Haakon, Iacs, Taktur & Klængur (plus Bjørn’s horse, Kappi).

Next year, God-willing, we will have  a new foal.   So something different for us.  A new path to tread (though I am still rather numb after yesterday).

End of an Era

This was not a decision made lightly but today I said goodbye to 7 of Thordale Stud’s Shetland ponies, basically our breeding stock.

Threapwood Velia
Muness Melinda
Thordale Gwendolinda
Thordale Carina
Millhouse Verona

And then Millhouse Independant and his best friend Hammy.

It was the right time for us.  My back is not getting better.  I am not going to pretend and there were countless other reasons.

Jo and I sat down and wrote down why we should sell the foundations of Thordale Stud and when we reached 20, we decided to go ahead.

For those of you who understand Shetland pony politics, then you will know why we made this decision.  There were really so many last straws that we kept forgiving and nothing changed.


They are going to a first class home south and the fact that Hammy is accompanying Indy as his best friend, speaks volumes to me.


I could’ve split up the Stud but they compliment each other very well as a breeding herd and that was what was asked for.


I will miss Indy’s smiling face but this is the best for his future.


Everyone loaded well and we packed their metaphorical spotted hankies with some protexin probiotic for travel and kissed them all goodbye.


They are in safe hands with Eric Gillie.  That lorry was like a hotel on wheels.  Beautiful.


So goodbye and be good my darling ponies.  As I said this decision was not taken lightly but we realised that when you stop hitting your head against a brick wall, it suddenly stops hurting.


Anyway, we still have The Minions, Lyra, Vitamin, Raw Deal, Anderwoo, Charles Buttons Esq and Fivla – they are family.  Zoot will stay with us until her new owner takes her.


End of an era.  The ponies were lovely, make no mistake,  it was just the rest of the crap.

Do they know?

Most odd.

I was having a rest on my bed this afternoon as my back was a bit achey and weird.

BeAnne followed me upstairs and plopped herself down next to me as per usual.

Next thing, there was a scuttling noise above and Wu appeared.  He comes into our room via an open Velux window and uses the roof as his safe passage to and from the garden.  Safe as in even Loki can’t get him up there.

Love and affection are very much on Wu’s terms.  He is not a huggable cat but he likes to be made a fuss of until he loses patience and goes for the throat.

So in comes Wu and jumps on the bed too.  He wanders up and down surveying where he is going to sit.  His normal spot is the bottom left corner by my feet.

But no, today he marched up to BeAnne, sniffed her firmly on the nose for a while and then sat opposite her.  He has never done this before.  This is not a Wu thing.


BeAnne was a bit non-plussed too (and me!)


(this is their interpretation of the famous Abba look!)


I almost feel Wu is psychically giving BeAnne a telling-off – reminding her how worried we all were that night.  Is it me, or does it look like BeAnne is listening and looking like someone who is on the receiving end of a bollocking?


A funny cat, our Wussums, and I would almost think he knew that what was going on and what’s more, cared.  He is not a huge canine fan at the best of times these days thanks to Loki’s continuous war effort.


Most odd.

Anywho, the horses and ponies are all fine.  They have got the hang of the food thing, which is good.  Three small Minions galloping enthusiastically up is a delight to see and Taktur shares beautifully.  Not many stallions would.

IMG_1976 IMG_1979

The Next Day

The last 48 hours have taken their toll on BeAnne.

She is a different dog – nervous, worried and worst of all, she has lost her terrific sense of humour and bare-faced cheek.  It was a very big deal emotionally for her and I am hoping that the whole outside experience will soon be forgotten and we will soon have the old BeAnne back.

We both have huge separation anxiety – her and me!


I took BeAnne and Loki for a slow walk this morning and she stayed beside me except for a quick dip.  That is the first time I have seen her tail up and happy.  It is just beginning to wag too.


Nothing like a good roll afterwards.


Then she helped feed the horses together.  I called the herd up to see how they had faired in the filthy weather.  The fatties got hay.


They were not very impressed to be honest.


While the thinnies (or potential thinnies) had a good hard feed mix of soaked beet, mix, barley rolls, carrots, conditioning cubes and bruised oats.


Basically The Minions had the same as Taktur so they could all share.


It started off with four bowls but everyone regularly changed their minds and wanted to see if another bowl had anything better in it.  I love the way Taktur just shares.  It does not dawn on him to say no, go away small Minion.


Storm was lovely and toastie under his rug.  He is getting on with it very well and the boys have stopped pointing and laughing.


I have ordered two smaller rugs with detachable necks for him from Dinky Rugs and when they arrive, I will fit each Minion.  Always good to have them for emergency weather though I doubt Storm will ever want to take his off!