Boys will be Boys

First there was Waffle and Tiddles.

Like some storms ….

…. it didn’t develop into anything.

Then there was Newt and Tiddles (seeing a theme here?)

They had great fun annoying each other.

“I bite you.”

“No, I bite you back.”

“So I bite you again.”

“and so do I.”  Ad infinitum.

These two were went along like that happy enough at the minimum level of “ferocity”.

And lastly Albie and Storm.  Surprisingly, Storm did not start it, which is unusual.

Storm was being the sensible adult while Albie chewed at his face.  Since when did Storm start being sensible?

I stayed with the boys for a while watching them annoy each other and then it started to rain, so I tucked my camera under my coat and went home.

They are good photos, though.  I love seeing them play – it means everything is alright.

Another Little Film

So I bought some essential gear from Fleabay and Flamazon.

  • A studio light with a diffuser thingy on it, which I managed to successfully, after a few attempts, construct myself (/feeling proud).
  • An ipad mount for my camera tripod.
  • A teensy-tinesy shutter remote which I thought I had lost for a while but was actually in my pocket.

I set up my “studio” in the stable and dug out of storage the girls’ stables for their Breyer horses.  Their father made it many years ago and I wanted to use it as a set.

Obviously, my “Best Girl” was on hand to help.

As were my muses.

And so I made Another Little Film.

Along the way, I learned not to stand in front of the camera and keep on taking photos.  I do not have an invisibility cloak and had to retake a whole section minus myself.

I also have to find out why the film was out of focus sometimes since I didn’t touch the camera once.  Most odd.

Afterwards, I took my actors home as I didn’t want any resident stable mice to get them.

My “Best Girl” had gone to sleep.

This is home for the sheeple.

And this is home for Teddy and Her Maj.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my paltry efforts.  I am learning and it is fun.

A Lesson

Hjalti is always first up, offering to do something, anything.  He is such a williang happy chappie. So, today, we took him up on his kind offer.

We also decided to take Iacs along, (as a support vessel) – but the headcollar we had brought for Hjalti was too small, so we did a quick swap and had to casually sling a rope around Iacs while we led him out of the field.

Hjalti was apprehensive to leave his best buddies but now was the time for lessons to begin.

The best buddies just stood and watched with interest.  What was Hjalti doing and why was he leaving them?

While Daisy went to fetch a headcollar for Iacs, I told Hjalti what was going to happen and what I expected from him.  He listened carefully.

Hjalti was going for a walk to see the Great Big Outdoors.

Iacs and Daisy accompanied us.

Hjalti was thrilled.  He loved the idea of seeing new things.

We worked on his speshul skill – that of leading nicely and not barging in front of me (like this).

And very quickly Hjalti was leading and, most importantly, listening to me while we walked along the road.  We met one car and we only went a little way but Hjalti was a good boy.

He was happy to go back to his field, though.  His friends had missed him, apparently.


On one of my recent solitary physiotherapy walks, I noticed the plovers were home.

The birds arrived as “a stand, wing, or congregation”, depending on your vocabulary.

I am going with congration as the plovers congregated beautifully.

Of course they quickly spied me and my huge camera.

And were off!

I am not very good at hiding.

But I love watching the plovers.

The birds took off, as one, into the sky.

They flew about for a short while waiting for me to go.

I know this because the minute I moved away, they all came back and settled where they had been.  I am nothing to them. Just someone with a camera who must be avoided.

All I wanted was to watch these beautiful birds as a “stand” of plovers or as a “wing” of plovers.  Here in Shetland, they are called “Plivvers” or “Pluvialis apricaria if you want to be posh in Latin.

Anyway, the plovers should be relieved that I am not Monster who is bringing wildlife home on a very regular basis.  About two items a day.  This is not encouraged but cannot be stopped.

The plovers don’t stay long.  They will soon be off south to warmer climes, I think.

I am Wondering

I was wondering whether there is a market for a Shetland pony meet and greet experience.

(And/or Icelandic filly too who happens to live in the field at the moment.)

Would folk want to come and meet the Minions and the famous Fair Isle sweater wearing old ladies, Fivla and Vitamin?

Would they like to experience being loved?

And surrounded?

It could be as little or as much as anyone wanted.

I realise not everyone wants to sit down amongst eight Shetland ponies.

But, I think, there are some out there who want to do just this but don’t know where to go or who to ask.

And that is the one thing I can offer.

Gentle, well brought up, non-bitey or kicking Shetland ponies who love visitors.

It could be as hands-on as anyone wanted it to be and folk could stand by the fence if they preferred and just watch.

I just know that anyone who meets my Shetland ponies (and Lilja) adore them.  They love the fact that the ponies have good manners, appreciate people and are very loveable.  So, is there a market for a Meet n’ Greet?  Nowhere in Shetland can you do this.  Yes, you can see them from the side of the road but you can’t go in a field and be hugged.