OMG! OMG! OMG! I saw a foal being born!

Mother was eating but she was ready to go.


She rolled a few times


She took herself away from the herd to be by herself.


Her tail was elevated (we had put her in small old drystone walled garden).


We hid and watched through the holes in the wall as this mare is not a people-person.


She lay on her side and the feet started to emerge.


She pushed and pushed.


Despite the pushing, nothing much moved.

BN2A1143 BN2A1145 BN2A1147

She knew she needed help so Bjørn, her owner, went in.


The mare worked with Bjørn and together she had contractions, while he pulled.


Bjørn cleared the bag from the foal’s mouth so it could breathe on it’s own.


A contraction = Bjørn pulling the foal gently out inch by inch.  He needed to be there to help the foal out.  A big foal who would have resulted in the mare being exhausted trying to give birth to it on her own.

BN2A1171 BN2A1173 BN2A1178 BN2A1179 BN2A1184

And there he is.  A little palomino and white colt foal has arrived into this world.

BN2A1186 BN2A1187

Bjørn backs off and leaves mother and son to become acquainted.

BN2A1188 BN2A1190 BN2A1193 BN2A1197

Cleaning up and imprinting.

BN2A1199 BN2A1202 BN2A1205 BN2A1207 BN2A1220 BN2A1227

The little colt’s first attempt at standing.  Nature dictates that he tries to stand almost immediately.

BN2A1235 BN2A1238 BN2A1245 BN2A1247 BN2A1262 BN2A1264 BN2A1265

A few more uterine contractions and “the bag” will be expelled as well.

BN2A1266 BN2A1267

I returned 3 hours later and the bag was on the ground, the colt foal was standing and mother was very proud of her foal, ie no one going near him.


I will never forget watching this foal being born.  Totally magical.


You know me, I took lots of photos so I will try and make them into a mini film when I have some time.


Hello, little foal.  You are truly beautiful and I love you already.

The Maternity Unit

This is the Thordale Maternity Unit.

Two Minions and Little Himself, Mrs Himself and Haakon (who was being tacked up when I was taking the photos).


Ok, so I realise Little Himself is not really weaned but so what.  Hetja looks fab and everyone is fine.


Hjalti  doesn’t mind if mum is around.  He is very happy and settled playing with the two Minions left behind from going to The Fat Field and they adore him as well.  Hours of fun and entertainment had by all.  Storm and Tiddles are well up for the job and ok, they may have no mane but their show career is not looming so I refuse to be worried.  They give as good as they get and never stop laughing.


Hetja is purely ornamental and really there for Brá if she needs a sensible mother around. Hetja will be perfect in this role and is one of the best mothers I have worked with.


So this is the maternity unit and I hope I have made the right choices.  We will see.  One hint of nastiness and that horse is out.

The proof really is that Brá is very settled and relaxed.  She comes up for her bucket feed (Mare and Youngstock),, spends time if she wants around the house eating the new grass and then potters back to be with the others, at her request.

Meanwhile, I am crossing everything I have, filling up my Karma allowance and praying to every God I know of for a successful foaling.

Foaling vibes please, foaling vibes.


Fat Camp II

I went up to Fat Camp II, ie Sandness hill apportionment to see how the fatties were getting on as it was Day 1 of their diet.


They seemed very pleased to see me and I gave them their statutory one carrot each.


There is loads of space up here.


I believe this field is over 30 acres big!


There is some grass.


They just have to look for it and they will be fine.


As usual, in these types of fields, I have supplied a superb view!

BN2A1007 BN2A1009 BN2A1010 BN2A1016 BN2A1024

There are water pools all over and a spring that runs through as well.


To be honest, no one hung around to chat.  I checked that all nose kissey buttons worked (they did, phew!).


And off they all went, sussing out the huge field.

BN2A1034 BN2A1044 BN2A1057 BN2A1058

The boys will be checked regularly and I am hopeful they will lose some weight.  If Waffle got laminitis, I would never forgive myself.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Now I just have to work out where to put Taktur and Hetja this spring.  I am thinking of putting them to Sandness where there is a lovely field called Gardens.  Taktur will love talking to the children on their way to and from school!


I am exhausted.

Today I moved 5 ponies/horses to their new homes or fields.

Esja has gone to her new home.

Klaengur, Iacs, Waffle and Silver are now in a hill park with less grass in Sandness.  When Silver and Waffle asked who would kiss them nunight, I felt awful, though slightly cheered when they galloped off into their 30 acre field to find Klaengur and Iacs.

I am exhausted.  I have run out of steam now and my back hurts.  Some loaded better than others and I have driven here there and everywhere distributing Thordale horse and ponies  into various parks.  There is an impending gale tomorrow so I have also put away any potential aerodynamic objects and/or missiles.

So, to make up for the lack of photos of my lot being relocated, here are some photos of this year’s foals from Bergli Stud. I took them yesterday.  It was love at first sight.

I made friends with these little ponies yesterday and even got to kiss noseys if I avoided eye contact, rounded my shoulders and made ho-ho-ho noises. Ooof, the deliciousness of them.

There is nothing better than being investigated by a little Shetland pony foal.

Night night xx

BN2A0893 BN2A0898 BN2A0900 BN2A0907 BN2A0909 BN2A0917 BN2A0919 BN2A0924 BN2A0927 BN2A0928 BN2A0930 BN2A0936 BN2A0939 BN2A0940 BN2A0960 BN2A0961


Vitamin Goes To Fat Camp

This morning I moved Vitamin to Fat Camp.

Six acres of this!


Vitamin will have a fat friend (not this mare but a fat gelding) who is of similar proportions.


I have the made the right decision and although she is leaving her dear friend Delia, we will have hopefully averted any potential laminitis attacks.


Vitamin may not be very impressed with my decision but she will thank me for it later when she doesn’t get laminitis and has a svelte new figure instead.  Just one attack of laminitis can affect the rest of their lives.

BN2A0848  BN2A0851 BN2A0858

Anyway, Vitamin has a nice view to look at!


Raw Deal, on the other hoof, was very upset when Vitamin left.  She shouted continuously for her old friend and BeAnne howled to keep her company.   Together they sounded pathetic and I felt cruel, mean and awful.  I talked to Bjørn at Bergli Stud, and he offered to take Delia and her with his standard Shetland pony mares.

I took Delia over and she instantly perked up.  She told everyone what she thought of them and became head of the herd so now has 5 other mares to rule.  When they have finished the bale of silage in their field, then she and a friend will come back to mine.