Can I Share your Bucket?

If you are fat, you get nothing.  Sorry, nothing.  It is The Law.


If you whinge about it and argue, you get BeAnne on your schnozzer (and she means it).


If you are meant to have a daily feed, you get to eat it on your own.


If you are small, hairy and rather rotund, you just get grass and you can play on it or eat it…. your choice.


If you go purposefully up to the stallion to steal his food, he might have an opinion (but he probably won’t because he is the perfect gentleman).  Even so, I will come and flick your nosey and make you leave him alone.


If I am feeling nice, I might let you have a handful of food in a bucket but you are going to have to share.


If you share, you share nicely.


If you have finished the bucket with the handful of food, you can roll with your head in it.


And I might tickle your tummy while you smile sweetly to say thank you.


And just because you think you are a “mini-me” version of the stallion,


it does not automatically give you the right to ask him for his food.


Oh sorry, yes it does.


PS.  I think I know why Storm has little or no mane!  The finger points.



I met this today.


It is revolting.


It is, what my mother calls, “a guttersnipe”.


I think she could be right.


I don’t really know what to do.


All it did was rain last night.


Storm really doesn’t care.


The others are fine, beautiful even.  But I suppose they are already dirt colour.

BN2A8482-2 BN2A8504

Even Taktur, who had a large bird poo stain on his bum, managed to retain his regality.


Some have it.


Some don’t.


Still, don’t mention the word BATH!


❤ ❤ Luckily, I still luffs him.  Such a Beebie ❤ ❤

(a great name from one of his No 1 fans!)


Ickle Pickles

There is something about The Minions.

I’m not quite sure what it is.


Is it their silly expressions?  – Storm especially looks like he has swallowed a button!


Their little round tummies and perfect bottoms?


The way they smile?


or how they always want to stand next to you?


Their kissy little soft velvet noseys?


The fact they need someone older and wiser?


Or that they need a 24 hour babysitting service?


How they never stop talking to anyone who will listen?


They are always together.


I dunno.  I think it is because I just want to spend as much time sitting with them as possible.  They surround me, sit on me, kiss me, tread on my toes and laugh at each other.

And Storm is obsessed with BeAnne and she doesn’t mind him at all – that is über deliciousness in my book.


Indoor School

We built the indoor school when folk wanted to learn to ride.  When we discovered they just wanted a baby-sitting service or a method of killing themselves and blaming us, we closed a few years later (when insurance costs escalated).

I still have the indoor school and it is very very useful.

I ride in it most day and today, with my back screaming, I rode my beloved Icelandic horse, Klæengur to remind him to bend.


Bending is good and I love this little horse.  We are a team and he would give me his last breath (Note: I am not responsible for those feet. They do not belong to me!)


Jo and Fiona popped by with Fákur and Hreyfing (from left to right – oh heavens, the width).


Jo offered help to Fiona and I left them to get on with it.  I needed to feed Taktur and snog a Minion.

BN2A8041 BN2A8046

I left my camera in the school and apparently they “did” poles to promote bending.

BN2A8057 BN2A8059

Then, as it was very windy, Jo, Robert, Freyja and Vi arrived.


Having had gin, I felt brave and decided I wanted to see what this bird thing was all about.


It was, and I hate this word, Awesome!


Robert’s friend, David, also had a shot. He seemed a bit more professional about it all (so jealous).

BN2A8231 BN2A8234

Today was different but fun.

A Day of Weather

The view from the window by my desk.  Wind gusting 41knots SWW with great big blasts of rain.

Suffice it to say, I am not going outside in that and the dogs didn’t want to either.  OH tried to take them on a walk and they all got as far as the gate (about 100 yards before they all ran back without him).

I have recently been over doing it with my back and I hurt so I decided not to go outdoors and to catch up on website updates/office chores as penance for my laziness.

So photos today are indoor ones of the complainants.

It is still WW3 between Wu and Loki.  This is not a battle any of us are winning.  Wu happily lives on the stairs and goes outside via a velux window to the roof.  He spends many hours gazing down at the dogs, in particular Loki, giving him the evils.


He has our bed to sleep on and his daily timetable worked out.  Basically he goes out when the dogs are in.


Loki will not give up and it is all about his territory.  Nothing else.  He can’t help himself and knows it is wrong but worth it!



BeAnne is busy trying to Rule The World.  At the moment she features on Channel 4’s Dogs:  Their Secret Lives, about 22 minutes in.  Unfortunately they call her a male Yorkshire Terrier.  We will sue for libel. In her 10 seconds of fame, she is teaching Snati not to jump on her head.


Jack, is well, Jack.  He goes in, he goes out, he goes in, he goes out like a recalcitrant Dalek.


Doors remain  a mystery.


He has dramatically slowed to almost stop but show him a biscuit and he is whippet-like in response!