Water Fun

Waffle has been working hard trying to get more food from his bucket (part of Daisy’s ‘speriment for her Dissertation).


So afterwards, while I was topping up the water bucket, Waffle discovered the hose.


Being The Waff, he began to investigate immediately.


He liked the water on his nosey.


But most of all he liked to play.


And flick it sideways at anyone like Hammy who might be scared – Hammy can be a bit of a girl about anything new.


Hours of entertainment for Waffle.


After that he had a little roll.


(ooh, just that spot there).


Don’t you just want to tickle that fat tumbly?


An Incredible First

We caught three horses – Kappi, Iacs and Haakon.

We each tacked up our own noble steeds – Daisy helped Flossie.


She also helped her onboard.


And then The Day of Days – I went out riding with my two daughters.  I have never ever done this before.  Never all three of us on board separately with no lead rein, tears or shouting!  This is a first and a great day for me.  Probably never to be repeated but even so, a real tears-to-eyes moment.


Of course, their horses behaved perfectly while Haakon did his best to be miles ahead in front and generally unhelpful.  But as long as everyone else was calm and enjoying themselves, then that was all that mattered.  I kept Haakon vaguely under control (he seems to have lost the art of walking) and we argued in silence like a married couple at a public event.


Daisy was riding Kappi and his job was to remain calm and relaxed.


Flossie rode Iacs whose job was to look after my youngest above all things.  He was a good boy and followed without question.  Floss even remarked riding was easy as you just sat there and did nothing!  (I bluddy well wish – tussle, fight, tussle – Haakon FFS!)


All was going very well when I looked behind me to see a certain small fur person running down the road after us……


BeAnne Duvet.


So she joined the ride and took the lead in an officious way.  She hasn’t been on a ride for ages – so I don’t know what brought that spurt of energy on.

IMG_1722 IMG_1726 IMG_1727 IMG_1738 IMG_1741 IMG_1742  IMG_1775

So that was us.  A perfect afternoon before everyone goes back to University (Daisy to Scotland and Flossie to Beijing).  I shall remember today forever.  It was a first and something I have wanted but never dared to suggest for many years.


I will remember this day when they are all away again.


❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Sniff ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤



Daisy, my eldest daughter, is about to start her last year at St Snotwort’s University.  She has to write a 7000 word dissertation about something to do with Biology.

So she has umm-ed and ahhh-ed these past months and decided on something equine.  I am just the photographer and vague observer.


I set up a camera for her on the tripod.


The horses and ponies came down to the paddock to investigate.


For some reason, Klaengur had forgotten how to use the gate because he has only walked through ita  hundred times this summer.


The Minions were the last to turn up.i


But we had fun observing everyone while Daisy filmed and made notes.


The Minions were, of course, ever the clowns in this matter.


Storm offered to help.  He is good at this.


And has a new skill now – we added “camera four-pod” to his cv.


Payment for his invaluable services was a hug.  He loves being hugged.


In return he ate Daisy’s hair.


I am not sure this is part of the experiment.  Don’t worry – the camera had been removed first.


If you ever wondered what a tripod was for – obviously it is for scratching on.


Or eating.

BN2A2536 BN2A2544

The Minions like experiments.  Don’t ask me what this one is about.  All I know is that everyone was involved.  Some more than others.


Horses, Raptors and Minions

Horses, Raptors and Minions – what more could you want?

Daisy and I started our day by riding Kappi and Haakon.  The aim was to keep Kappi calm so we went for a lovely plod outside.


Mission accomplished -  it was a lovely ride.   All very relaxed and happy.


Next it was Iacs and Klængur’s turn.  My mission was to keep Klængur calm and to repeat his ride of Friday (the one where we turned 180 degrees in one leap) without the spook.


All was going well until we reached the place where Klængur had his previous meltdown and he had it again, just less dramatic.  He planted and huffed but we still are none the wiser and have no idea what boggart lies beneath.


But we got home safely, in one piece and with relative serenity afterwards.


And so, as the weather was good, we went over to Sandness.  Daisy wanted to meet Jo and Robert’s Harris Hawks.  They were practising with the lure and also hopping from fence post to fence post (Harris Hawks, not Jo and Robert and I am sure there is an official word for this which I don’t know).  Anyway, as usual, my breath was blown away at their incredible beauty and power.  I took many photos of the sky but also managed to capture a few of the tweet-tweets!

BN2A1736 BN2A1689 BN2A2212 BN2A2101

And then we came home to be hugged.

BN2A2373 BN2A2386

Life is good. Another perfect day.

Home Again Home Again Jiggedy Jig

Yesterday saw me in Aberdeen with Daisy who was home from her European travels.  As it was her 21st birthday too, I had decided to go down to meet her and then we could spend the day killing the credit card.

The first thing we noticed were the trees which are always a subject of conversation in our house as we have very few in Shetland!


After purchasing one of the important 21st presents, we hit The Disney Store.


I will admit that I did almost seriously think of buying 6 pairs of these cute shoes and putting them on The Minions.


Daisy tried on dresses.  We decided on the Frozen line.


Being 21 she could still fit into a 11-12 years size!  Now is she best as Anna or Elsa?


Next off to the Apple Store in Union Square where we were disregarded by cliquey groups of unhelpful assistants.  Luckily, after being professionally ignored for 10 minutes (you get the feeling they are sneering at the “country mice”), we found an assistant (Peter) who was lovely and helped us purchase the other part of Daisy’s present.


Next off to M&S where we stocked up on goodies for the boat and home – we were beginning to feel a little over-laden now.


And onto the boat to come home.  I might’ve mentioned to a lovely Northlink lady that it was Daisy’s 21st and waiting in our cabin was a complimentary chilled bottle of prosecco and choccies.


Daisy’s face was a picture.  She was thrilled and I think it made her day.  Well done Northlink and thank you.


Drinks in the bar followed by a delicious supper with our prosecco.  I had Orkney steak and it was superb.


This is our view from our table.  All perfect.


The crossing was fine.  We got home safely, went out for a ride and then a post-birthday snog and hug.

BN2A1596 BN2A1654 BN2A1619

Glad to be back.