Off Again

My daughters and I are going south again for Floss’ graduation.  We are staying with my mother for two nights and then off to Oxford for the ceremony – a full gown and mortar board job.

I am trying to pack but I keep being diverted.

I know we are only going for a few days but you try telling that to some.

We are back on the boat Saturday night arriving Sunday morning as there are no flights to Shetland on Saturday afternoon – ridiculous.

So hopefully we won’t be missed too much.

OH is very kindly holding the fort.

Now, off to iron all my clothes as I will be judged if I don’t!

Sorry this is short, and there won’t be anything again until Sunday, but I haven’t even begun to pack and we off at the crack of sparrows tomorrow.  Ugh!  A 05:00 start.

When you come to visit

When you come to visit, this is what happens.

Please expect to be dragged out to meet everyone.

Whether you want to or not.

Please proffer nose-kisseys, which will be gracefully accepted.

Please walk around if you want to talk to everyone as some are busy eating.

Then, please ask to see The Minions.

Please expect formal introductions to be made.

Please hug, if appropriate.


Please bring carrots.

As they are always gratefully received.

But, most of all, please be prepared!

We love visitors.  We all do!


Our 2017 HestFest – last of the photos

Well, here we are with the last of the photos from The NorthEast of Scotland and Shetland HestFest 2017, (though there may be a blog post about the many hair-do’s of Taktur).

This batch are rather random and I chose them as snaps that made me smile.

😀 🐴 😀 🐴 😀 🐴 😀🐴 😀 🐴 😀 🐴 😀 🐴 😀 🐴 😀 🐴

The judge and her writing-down-person

V5 – Four gait final – deciding on the winner, who I then managed to miss off the end of the photo – no room!

I am not going to show you all the riders doing their thing – that is not fair on them. I do not have their permission but if you want to look at all the classes, head over to Facebook – The NorthEast of Scotland and Shetland HestFest.  Don’t forget to Like the page!

My daughters, however, are fair game!

This is Flossie and Klængur in their tölt final class, going like the clappers

And this is a huge achievement – cantering for the first time ever in the school.  Flossie and Klængur canter beautifully outside but this is rather a big deal all round – ie, controlled (ish).

Daisy and Taktur did their own thing – in different classes.

(he is very handsome, just sayin’!)

There was a prize giving, announcing the winners.

Rosettes and prizes were given out.

Some were happily surprised with their achievements!

The horses took an interest too.

Everyone received a score sheet with the judge’s comments.

The food was obviously delicious and inspired – by Moshi-Mo

There was an incredible cake, well actually three, to honour Eurovision and Icelandic horses – a perfect combination.

We took the chocolate (middle layer) home with us and it was heaven.

To be perfectly honest, I am seriously regretting that we didn’t manage to snaffle the lot!

The Winning Smile

Wool Week 2017 is about to commence here in Shetland and today, we had a visitor.

A fan of Minions and Boyzenberries, no less, who came bearing gifts for everyone.  She brought Lambie a bag of his favourite delicacy – Cheesey Wotsits!

BeAnne “helped”, ie she cleared up the ones that fell on the ground.

A little known fact – Lambie is very fussy and point blank refuses to eat anything that has touched the ground, apart from grass.  Today, he managed to stuff in as many Wotsits as he could fit in his mouth.

‘Bert and ‘Ster investigated the blue and yellow bag of delight but decided they didn’t really understand this love of the Wotsit!

And Lambie was certainly not going to come up for breath or share with ‘Bert.

Once he had finished the bag, Lambie came indoors to see what else was on offer.  He loves the rustle of a carrier bag.  So much potential!

He made friends with his devoted fan.

BeAnne was less than impressed.

All attention by rights (and it is probably The Law) should be on Her Maj.  Everyone knows that.

After a people lunch, we went outside to find Lambie waiting.

And then the boys practiced their Winning Smiles.

And I think you will agree that Lambie has perfected this art.

When you can see a little row of teefs, you know he is doing his Winning Smile!

I did offer the organisers of Wool Week 2017 the opportunity of Lambie doing a Meet & Greet in Lerwick but this was hastily refused.

Their loss.  He would’ve been fabularse, Darlinks!

More from the Weekend

Here are some more photos from the weekend.

Everyone outside waiting for their turn to be called in.

The organiser, Shona with a knitted-thing who apparently had to have its’ photo taken on a horse so I duly obliged.

Despite trying hard, I just could not get Shona’s horse to look enthusiastic about the “knitted thing”.

All the riders and their horses.

As it was such a wide group, I decided to split them up into sections.

From the right, Daisy, Fossie, Gwen and Dorothy.

Liz, Kim and Catriona.

Delia, Lauren, Moira and Shona.

The Shetland contingency – (from the right again – Daisy, Flossie, Dorothy, Gwen, Lauren and Jean or Taktur, Klængur, Kristall, Orri, Esja and Hörður).

And from Houlls Horses and Hounds – if you come up to Shetland and want to ride an Icelandic horse, this is the place to go.

Flossie and Klængur having some quiet time.

One of last year’s participants who was sadly on crutches visiting for some horsey-time.  I really understand that.

Getting to know everyone else’s horses because Icelandic horses are very addictive.

I am slowly ploughing my way through the photos.  I wish it were this time last week *** sigh ***.  It was fun.