Brat Camp

Ah yes.  Brat Camp.


And it is at Thordale.


Sent by their parents were Gwendolinda, Lyra, Carina and Zoot.  They need to learn how to lead nicely, run up and stand for the Show as well as their future.


Life is not just standing in a field and looking pretty.  Oh no.  Time for work.  Hard work.  We are not asking for rocket science, just for some basic manners.


We spent some time in the school today working on leading nicely and reading body language.


Zoot had another groom to get rid of her last remaining winter coat (Anna’s job – we have been saving it for her on request).


Daisy is building her relationship with Lyra, who is very happy to cooperate.


And Anna is doing the same with Zoot.


I worked with Carina and Gwendolinda who were being a pair of arses, quite literally.


At the moment I feel like taking BeAnne into the ring.  At least she walks nicely and listens to me occasionally.


I want to scream.


Oh Charles (said with a sigh)

Since putting the boys together with The Minions, I am happy to report that they are all settled together and now a calm little group (so proud, sniff) with no low-flying teeth.  Nuncles Charles and Andrew are happy to babysit and Hammy’s IQ has quickly reverted to the lowest common denominator.


I try to make a point to talk to them every day so the Minions don’t feel I just dumped them to grow up.  Talking to them every day keeps them tame and catchable.   I wandered into their field avec camera and Charles was looking rather dreamy eating the flowers.


I was trying to capture a wifty-wafty dreamy picture of him.


and failed.


Unhelpful is his middle name.  Charles Unhelpful Buttons Esq.


If I asked him to stop pigging, he looked up and did his famous idiot-face.


So I gave up and left him to it.  Maybe another day.  His nose was happily deep in the trough.


What we need are some fairies to flit about in the flowers.  Sadly they were busy too.


Hammy, Charlie and Andy’s Turn

Andy was fitted for his harness – all the pieces had to be let down many holes as he is a bit *** cough *** fat.  Anna wants to drive him while she is here and he would love to do something apart from eat.


Next it was Hammy’s turn.  Hammy has err, filled out.  His britching does not fit but it will do for training now.  We will swap it for Andy’s which has more room.


Anna long-reined Hammy in the school while Waffle came in to point and laugh.


Hammy remembered he had been long-reined before and he happily pottered around with Anna.  Meanwhile, Daisy had this notion to ride Charlie.


So Waffle had to “help” her as well.  Daisy learned to ride on Andy and Charlie, though Charlie was always the speedier of the two.


Does anyone have a saddle we can borrow for Anna that will fit Andy, a 42″ (height and probably width) Shetland pony?  It would just be for a few weeks.

BN2A7825 BN2A7836

The girls want to go out on a trek at some stage.

BN2A7866 BN2A7893

It was a very good experience for everyone.  The Minions were totally bemused by these antics.  They have never seen such things and they watched everyone with eyes on stalks.


Eventually, they were sent out in true cowboy fashion.

BN2A7901 BN2A7905

Anna and Daisy rode their Shetland ponies like gauchos!


Who says adults can’t ride Shetland ponies?

Guess who is back?

Guess who arrived by ferry to Shetland this morning?


Everyone is very pleased to see her and she brought the fine weather with her too.


Zoot is happy, happy, happy.  Anna is her all-time favourite person.

BN2A7675 BN2A7676 BN2A7677

Lyra was in heaven with her Daisy (as always).


I left everyone hugging, chatting and sitting in the field together….


…. and occupied myself with my camera taking happy snaps.

BN2A7657BN2A7694 BN2A7696

So our summer has now officially begun.  Andy and Charlie are looking forward to being ridden, Hammy is going to be trained to do something useful plus the youngsters (Zoot, Carina, Lyra and Gwendolinda) are going to the local show with Daisy and Anna.

Well, that is the plan anyway.


Anna says it feels like she never left.


So smiles all round.

Welcome home (your British home, that is) Anna!


“And now to consume our body weights in Pimms and prawn-cocktail crisps. In true summer style.” – said by Daisy and Anna.  Not me, I am a Cheese and Onion girl!


All Quiet on the Westside Front

All is quiet on the western front here at Thordale, well quiet-ish.


Andy, Charlie and Hammy know which way their bread is buttered (we don’t do margarine in this house, ever) and are being nice to The Minions.  I am very pleased with them so it is carrots all round and a huge relief.


I think the threat of Taktur was enough to terrify them into submission.  While we were out riding, Taktur managed to push his way through a gate this afternoon.  He was standing by their fence and, on our return, we could see everyone was very pleased that we quickly removed him.   They are much more of a group now.


Sadly, Taktur’s love remains unrequited so his mood is somewhat difficult.  Still, he does have good manners when the headcollar is on and leads nicely.  Mostly because I am busy reading recipes to him that involve pieces of him if he starts barging.  I hate bargy horses.

Back to the real world.  I went out this afternoon as I see such photographic potential while I am taking Taktur backwards and forwards everyday down the road (4 miles) to Sandness.  I can never stop when I have him tap-dancing in the back of the trailer so I took the car out for a little drive instead.

BN2A7463 BN2A7464 L1100359BN2A7469 BN2A7470 BN2A7480 L1100368BN2A7482 BN2A7488

I particularly like this Shetland ram.  He lives, with his friend, by our gate that leads into the scattald (open hill).  His coat is wonderful.

BN2A7614 BN2A7594

~~~~~~ The End ~~~~~~


(see what I did there – geddit?!)