I have it sussed

I think I have it sussed.

I have one handsome baby-sitter who needs green grass.


The Minions are happy with my choice and, as long as they don’t eat the babysitter’s mane or tail, they can stay together, get fat and ready for winter.


The field is big and has a burn (stream) that runs through it.  After some recent heavy rain, the burn has changed shape and thrown up a large clod of earth which has entranced Storm.  He decided to eat it.


It didn’t participate much so he dug a bit at it too.


He discovered that he now had a mouthful of earth.


It didn’t taste nice either.


Silver wanted to see if he had something nice.


They love this field.  It is big and they can run and play.


And then the babysitter has to go rushing after them. Its his job after all.


Sadly, the fatties looked on sulkily but as I said to them today, they are each the size of a small bus and until some of the wobble shifts, they are staying where they are with an electric fence to stop any leaning over.


Taktur does visit and they discuss the latest news.


I want the fatties to get thinner and the rest to keep the weight on or add to it.  Look at that little munchy scrunchy bottom – woof!




You Cannot Be Serious!

Some very kind friends sent me a variety of tea bags from America and amongst them was the most yummy tea I have ever tasted.

Chocolate mint oolong tea by Stash.  Yum.  I thoroughly recommend.  If After Eight’s were a tea, this would be it.


Having finished my tea selection, I decided to buy myself a box as a reward for my “lifestyle change” – 18 whole tea bags instead of alcohol, butter, refined sugar and reduced carbs.


Relatively easy you would think….

….. until I saw the postage.  Holy cow!  So I phoned them up to ask if they could perhaps reduce the charge and use Royal Mail who just charge a blanket rate no matter where in the UK.

I mean does a tea bag seriously need a courier and yes, I did ask this question.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 18.13.42

Apparently it does.  Well, surprisingly this internet company lost the order and probably many more.

To get over my abject disappointment, I popped over to Bergli Stud to take some photos of their gorgeous Shetland ponies.  I did the posh stuff and then enjoyed watching the little curries bounce about!


Delicious and what movement!


I fell in love. Sorry, but I did.  He was soooooo handsome!

BN2A6892 BN2A7050

I love it when I capture them flying too.  This little lady moved beautifully.

BN2A6790 BN2A6840

So I am still ranting about the postal charge.

*** grumble, grumble ***



Diet Dilemma

I split up the herd yesterday into fatties and non-fatties.


The fatties were left in a smaller field with less grass and they hated it. They missed their friends (and grass).


I caved in this afternoon and reunited them in the smaller field, which is not that short on grass anyway.


My dilemma is not dissimilar to the fox, wheat and the goose on the boat going back and forth across the river.

Ok, this is Iacs (19yo) = fattie, fairly fit and never going to get his youthful manly figure back.


Next up is Haakon (20 yo) = fattie.  Fit, if not more, as Iacs, his cousin.  It is his build.  He is the old-fashioned Icelandic farm horse type.  Built for function.


Then there is Klængur (11yo) = fattie – He arrived much thinner, had 2 years off and turned into a Suffolk Punch when I wasn’t looking.  His weight worries me.


This is Kappi (10yo) – Bjørn’s horse = fattie.  He needs to lose weight.  He is a very good doer.  He is worked daily and no weight is dropping off.


And then there are the not-so-fatties. This includes The Minions and Taktur.  The Minions are a good weight, they are happy, bouncy and going into winter just right.

BN2A6223BN2A6213 BN2A6219

Taktur, on the other hand, has daily hard food and is ridden daily to build muscle.  He is well covered but needs to get back into condition.  I don’t want to starve him as he needs his grub and is prone to slim down.


So what to do?  They all want to be together.  If The Minions are left with Taktur, they will probably eat his mane and tail and Taktur likes being with the big ones more than baby-sitting.  Kappi is the main baby-sitter and if he is in Fat Camp then he can’t be with them.


I told you this was a dilemma.  I hate splitting up the herd.  My answer so far is to keep them all together in slimming field.  Watch like a hawk anyone losing weight (yes please fatties) and feed Taktur and/or Minions if they look like they are losing condition.  Then, when filthy weather arrives, move them into grassy field so they can eat and burn fuel keeping warm!

Murdering Mushrooms

On the world’s slowest dog walk (for Jack), I saw hundredsof mushrooms and/or toadstools.  As the walk can be done in pigeon steps and I would still be faster than Jack, I took some photos of the fungi for identification purposes later.


I would be very grateful if anyone could add their tuppence worth as to the fungi id so that I know what is murderous or not.

This year, I have seen very few field mushrooms – we usually have sacks of them and I make endless soup bases (aka Euthanasia soup!)

Some of this lot look worthy of a mushroom omelette made for Snow White by her Wicked Step-Mother!

L1120227 L1120229 L1120234 L1120235 L1120236 L1120237 L1120241  L1120247  L1120249

Clavaria fragilis, commonly known as fairy fingers, white worm coral, or white spindles, is a species of fungus in the family Clavariaceae.  I have never seen it before but today it is everywhere and looks like someone dropped a bag of bean sprouts!

L1120248 L1120252L1120253 L1120255 L1120257 L1120263 L1120265 L1120267 L1120270 L1120271 L1120272 L1120280 L1120281

Blackening Wax-Cap (Hygrocybe conica) ?


Meanwhile, I have split the herd into those that don’t need to go on a diet…


And those that do –  Kappi and Klængur, who are not happy but I have to be cruel and may even add Haakon and Iacs into the mix as well.  But I want The Minions and Taktur to put on weight and be well fed all winter.  We will see.  Nothing is written in stone.


Hey ho, on with the fungus identification.  I will search t’net and The Collins Wild Guide of Mushrooms and Toadstools as well.


I was not required for babysitting duty this afternoon so I made the most of my time off to try out a new photographic experiment.

I had ridden Klængur and Taktur and lunged Kappi in the morning so was feeling like doing something completely different and un-horsey.


So I went out with my camera, an unhelpful tripod and tried my best to take photos of the water droplets on the cobwebs.  They are everywhere at the moment and not easy to photo.  I think I will keep practicing as I like the results but want more focus and clarity.  .

Anywho, this is the best of the bunch and they came out better than I thought they would.

Them spiders are very clever and like their cobwebs, this is work-in-progress too. I have more time tomorrow and, weather permitting, I will have another go if they are still around or new ones have been made.

BN2A6181 BN2A6182 BN2A6183  BN2A6188 BN2A6189 BN2A6192 BN2A6193 BN2A6197