My Old School

Many years ago, in the dim and distant past, I went to school here.

Set deep in the heart of Jane Austen country, was Daneshill School, Dogmersfield Park, Hampshire.

I truly liked that school.  Although I was only there for year, it was the best. I went to four schools so I feel I can speak with some authority as to what makes a good school.

The school has since moved to other accommodation, after burning down (nothing to do with me, I swear) and the house is a very beautiful hotel, one of the Four Seasons group.

We drove over this morning and had a little look.  The staff were very kind and helpful.  They said I was the first ex-pupil to visit.

This was our library where we did our homework in the evening.

The stairs to the classrooms.

Mum sat in the gardens while I explored outside a little.  There was nothing much I remembered. I was only 11 when I was a pupil.

After our explorations, we popped into an antique barn on our way home.

I might have made a couple of purchases.

How could I not?!  Home tomorrow.

Much Walking

As you can imagine being south is very different from my usual Shetland life. I will admit that, at times, I struggle.

My therapy is to walk as the sun is going down and the light is fading.

Obviously I walk only in safe places that I know and grew up around.

I get to see another world that I used to belong to.

Walking is good for me.

It may not be Shetland, but still, south has its own beauty.

These are photos from walks the past few days.


Today I spent my morning “crafting” or, as we say, trying to make a hedgehog.

I struggled.

I think it was the prickles. I just couldn’t get them right or how I wanted.

So in the end I used cocktail sticks which then squished my poor hedgehog flatter so he looked like a Rowntree’s Fruit Pastille decorated with sticks!

To be perfectly honest, I am not convinced he is my best work.  I need a jolly little hedgehog for the films that I will make in my new shed.

These are just the best of many of my attempts.

I had to go for a long walk this afternoon to get over the stress of trying to make a hedgepig.  It was all too much for me. I am not cut out for “crafting”.

A Little Red Coat

The rain was pouring down this morning.  Mum and I woke early to walk Teddy, Mum’s Miniature Schnauzer x Yorkshire Terrier little boy.  Teddy is not a huge fan of rain so Mum put him in his lovely pillar box red waterproof coat.

Teddy is very amenable to wearing his coat. He puts it on without a struggle or argument, unlike some.  Her Maj adopts the sit-down strike attitude to all clothing so we don’t bother anymore.

And he looks super smart in it too.

The walk was vile.  There were no redeeming features and we all got very wet.

Dear little Teddy got off fairly lightly, though, because of his superb coat.

Once dried and breakfasted, my sister came round and gave Ted an excellent Christmas-esque toy to annihilate.  Twenty minutes is the record for anything with a squeaker.  It didn’t take long.

I am a huge fan of Teddy.  He has a lovely smile.

He also suffers from chronic terrier pretend deafness or, as my neighbour used to say about mine, “he listens to his own voices!”

There and here

This is my world, at the moment.

Luckily not too crowded but all very Christmassy.

Meanwhile, back in my home world, the shed is coming along beautifully.

Now I have a lovely big window.

An excellent front door.

Next week, I might get an insulated floor.

Exciting times ahead.  Onwards and upwards. Xx